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Pollwatch2011 National Assembly Election Report

Report of the CODER Pollwatch2011 project on the Nigerian National Assembly elections.

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Pollwatch2011 National Assembly Election Report

  1. 1. COALITION OF DEMOCRATS FOR ELECTORAL REFORMS Report on botched National Assembly Elections (April 2, 2011)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reform (CODER) has been accredited as an election observer for the April 2011 elections in Nigeria. As a non-partisan organization, we are commited to a hitch free general elections. The cancelled National Assembly Elections, which commenced in some parts of the country was fraught with electoral challenges, mainly late or non availability of voting and election materials. Below is an summary of CODER’s observations. 2
  3. 3. CODER’S WWW.POLLWATCH2011.COM is an election monitoring platform setup by CODER for the 2011 general elections. The web platform has been designed for the public as well as CODER observers to send in reports on any election irregularity anywhere in Nigeria. Users will be able to filter the platform based on the various election categories and subcategories and view reports, pictures and videos. The platform also enables the public send updates via SMS, email, twitter and by filling an online form. A contact centre has also be setup to receive calls from the public.
  4. 4. GENERAL OBSERVATION Category Summary Percentage Absent / Late INEC officials 60 reports 34% Incomplete Voter Materials 31 reports 18% Violence 24 reports 14% Voter Bribing 5 reports 3% Multiple Thumb Printing Ballot Box Snatching Voter Names Missing 11 reports 6% Other Irregularities 43 reports 25%
  6. 6. CASES BY STATE – POLLWATCH2011.COM  Note: Verified and Unverified reports.
  7. 7. MAPS All Categories Absent INEC Officials
  8. 8. MAPS Incomplete Voter Materials Violence
  9. 9. MAPS – VOTER BRIBING Trusted Reports Voter Names Missing
  10. 10. ABOUT CODER The Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reforms is a non partisan organization that was formed with the sole aim of improving and strengthening the electoral system in Nigeria. The organization has participated fully in the electoral reform process including:   Submissions to the National Assembly a paper and contributions for the Electoral Amendment Act.   Participated in the march for democracy during the absence of a serving President for medical reasons.   Organized several seminars on the 2011 general elections and the need for election reforms.   Engaged several international organizations on the need for election reforms in Nigeria.