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Online assignment

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Online assignment

  2. 2. K.T.C.T COLLEGE OF TEACHER EDUCATION THOTTAKKADU P.O, KALLAMBALAM,TRIVANDRUM B.Ed Course 2013-2014 semester II Name of trainee:....LIJIYA.J…….. Reg. No:…..13369012………. Year:…..2013-2014…… Subject:….SOCIAL SCIENCE………. Certified bonafide record of ……..LIJIYA.J………. Register No. …...13369012…….. for the year 2013-2014.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION The content of social science is of varied nature. Therefore various methods and techniques are used in social science teaching. These method of social science teaching require and employ supporting techniques and devices to realize the objectives of social science and made teaching process effective and interesting. The major supporting techniques of teachings are field trips, social science laboratory, social science room, social science museums, social science club etc.
  5. 5. SOCIAL SCIENCE ROOM A modern teacher of social science has come a long way from those old days when ‘chalk’ and ‘talk’ where the only aids of teaching. Modern technology has placed different types of instructional aid at his disposal. A part from text books, there are different types of reference books, pamphlets, magazines, maps, globes, charts, projects etc which must be used to make the teaching-learning process effective. A social science room or what a few subject specialists would like to term as social science laboratory ,fully equipped with modern aids, will provide a pleasant social and co-operative environment where the teachers and the learners feel homely. Social science room was must for every school. It has been
  6. 6. recognized that like science also require a specially equipped room or laboratory. This alone can facilitate the use of modern methods and techniques like play way method, problem method, project method and the socialized recitation method etc. Special equipment are needed for utilizing these methods. A social science laboratory should serve the purpose of a classroom, a library, workshop, an amateur theatre, a student club, a stockroom, all combined into one. It may grow steadily and constantly as regards equipment. It should be a place of ‘doing’ rather than of ‘talking’. Social science library is an integral part of social studies. Social science library is an integral part of social studies programme and it helps in making it as living and vital discipline. Social science library is the treasure vault of the store house of ideas.
  7. 7. Social science library provides suitable opportunities to the student to use fact in a creative and productive way to arrive at their own independent conclusions and enable them to grow in enriched knowledge, abilities, skills and interests. Some of the considerations which necessitate the provision of a special room for social science are given below.  providing ‘home of their own’ to social science teachers for developing enthusiasm for the subject and faith in themselves and the students.  creating and maintaining an effective teaching-learning environment.  providing a quick and ready functional environment by making available workroom for the students.
  8. 8.  introducing variety in teaching methods and facilitating the use of teaching aids readily and conveniently.  saving energy and time in carrying round equipment like charts, maps, models, pictures and projectors etc. EQUIPMENT OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCE ROOM The room should be well equipped with adequate teaching equipment so that functional environment is created and the teacher and the students are motivated to work. It should have the following equipment:  Audio visual material which includes epidiascope, film strip, magic lantern, projector, tape recorder etc.  Bulletin boards.  Charts and graphs.
  9. 9.  Flage  Globes.  Maps and atlases.  Models.  Meteorological instruments-barometer.  Rain gauge, thermometers of different kinds, wind vane.  Rock-stones and minerals.  Slide album containing slides showing architecture dancing, music, painting, sculpture etc.  Stamps of different kinds.  Survey instruments-box compass, compass, chain and arrows, divider, foot rule or scale, flage, plane table, prismatic compass, protector, spirit level, survey field book, tape, tripod.
  10. 10.  Time charts and graphs.  Text books.  Reference books.  Unit booklets dealing with a variety of topics ranging from family life and neighborhood to people of other land and places.  Literary materials which include tales of adventure, easy biographies, historical series, travel stories, historical novels etc.  Periodicals and magazines dealing with current events and various aspects of life showing art, literature, music, dance etc.  Pamphlets published by various agencies including central and state governments and specialized agencies
  11. 11. and also by internal agencies like the UNO and UNESCO etc.  Newspapers.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION The social science room is an important one in every social science teaching. There are so many modern teaching aids were used such as charts, graphs, maps, atlases, models, globes, bulletin boards etc. The social science room create a suitable environment for teachers and all students. It motivated all students to do their work. It helps the students to enrich their knowledge, skill and abilities. The social science room is an integral part of social studies.
  13. 13. REFERENCES 1.Techniques of teaching social science Mallela Pitchi Reddy. Digumarti Bhaskara Rao.