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Case study on Telecom


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Tips, Tricks and Case Studies on Customer Engagement in Telecom.

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Case study on Telecom

  1. 1. for Telecom & ISPs
  2. 2. What can customer engagement do for your brand? • Building brand awareness and recall • Drive up online sales (Likes are not sales) • Promote different products • Reach out to wider audience with monitoring • Deliver better customer experience • Build long lasting customer relationship
  3. 3. • Competitive market where technology alone is no longer a differentiator • Adoption among users of data based mobile services is increasing • Telecom players leads usage of social platforms • Satisfactory customer service and support through live engagement • Efficient strategies to maintain life-time value of customer • Cost-saving methods for customer acquisition Domain/Challenges
  4. 4. Telecom leads usage of social platforms! • Launch and release activities for big consumer brands • Promotions and campaigns • Advertisement • Customer service
  5. 5. Customer service challenges • Support activities are traditionally handled by in house systems which aren’t always connected with social • Social media can be a PR nightmare • Systems have to scale to handle both volume and etiquette of social media
  6. 6. Let’s look at an example Airtel is an Indian telecom leader with a wide presence on social media
  7. 7. Advertisements
  8. 8. Promotions & Campaigns Social media makes it easy to get early adopters and increase popularity on new products/services
  9. 9. Partner brand promotions
  10. 10. Customer service Airtel provides instant responses on Twitter to customer queries and feedback.
  11. 11. Community and awareness
  12. 12. Let’s look at an example Verizon is America’s largest 4G LTE network
  13. 13. Advertisements Advertisements get noticed and appreciated on social media and it is also a great platform to get instant feedback.
  14. 14. Promotions & Campaigns Social media makes it easy to get early adopters and increase popularity on new products/services
  15. 15. Partner brand promotions Verizon actively promotes its partner brands thus exposing them to a much wider audience.
  16. 16. Customer service Verizon communicates with each customer in the context of their message and don’t use template messages
  17. 17. What can you do? Customer’s first choice for telecom services.
  18. 18. 3 Step solution • Real-time engagement with customers on all web channels • Automate responses to frequently asked questions or common feedback • Analyse customer reactions/comments on different products and services
  19. 19. How can we help Real time customer engagement. Automated!
  20. 20. Why muHive? • Real-time customer engagement across social and email • Single dashboard view for all data • Flexible and robust to be used for branding/marketing, sales, support, feedback management
  21. 21. muHive Automation Scale to hundreds of conversations. Build in minutes.
  22. 22. Teams, roles & moderation capabilities Powerful automation To create enterprise grade workflows Real time analytics tailored to your business goals. Integration with 3rd party services like basecamp, zendesk, salesforce Built for the enterprise
  23. 23. thank you Write to for more information or check out our website
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