Value of an unusual loaf of bread


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Value of an unusual loaf of bread

  1. 1. ASGN 3: Look at bread in a new way. Create as much value as‘possible’ starting with one loaf of bread
  2. 2. Always starting with silly thoughts!!!• How can I maximize the value of one loaf of bread???Why this loaf has to been made with flour ,water and yeast (since I can choose any type of bread I want) and not made, let’s say, of Gold?? Why bread should be made with the standard basic tangible ingredients?? ( new bread ‘s idea ingredient 1 )
  3. 3. But what are the Characteristics and features of Bread?• Bread is a staple food prepared by cooking a dough of flour and water and often additional ingredients.• High nutritional value with almost 2.500 calories per kgr, vitamins ,minerals and Carbohydrates, providing the necessary energy for being active .• As a simple and adaptable type of food, bread is often used as a synecdoche for food in general in some languages and dialects, such as Greek and Punjabi. There are many variations on the basic recipe of bread worldwide, including pizza, chapatis, tortillas, bocadillo, baguettes, brioche, pitas, lavash, biscuits, pretzels, naan,bagels, puris, and many others.• Finally, the bread is a basic food aid in times of extreme food deprivation ,having, by this way, high political significance.• The cultural importance of bread goes beyond slang to serve as a metaphor for basic necessities and living conditions in general. A "bread-winner" is a households main economic contributor and has little to do with actual bread-provision, for example. This is also seen in the phrase "putting bread on the table".(Data from Wikipedia)
  4. 4. Similarities and Differences in Perceived value of bread•The majority of human population includes various types of Bread in its dailynutritionRelatively cheap food to fill up someone’s stomach, compared to other foods(1-2 $ per kgr on basic types of bread)•Like other foods, choosing the "right" kind of bread is used as a type of socialsignaling, to let others know, for example, that the person buying expensivebread is financially secure, or the person buying whatever type of bread thatthe current fashions deem most healthful is a health-conscious consumer.•For High and average income persons, due to calories control, bread haslesser importance since they use other nutritious and with less calories foods .But what if you are poor or starved, without access to a piece or a loaf ofbread. Then the value of one loaf of bread may be priceless!!!•Of course , most of average and above income people would easily ( I hope!)give a loaf of bread to a poor or starved person. So there are differences in the perceived value of bread , between wealthy and poor-starved people (new bread’s idea ingredient 2)
  5. 5. ‘Ideas’ baking process!!• So, I could easily maximize the value of one loaf ofbread , by giving it to a person who starves and can’tafford to buy one.• Or I could cut the loaf in two pieces or more slicesand give them to more than one person.• Of course even if the loaf had a big size and I coulddivide it in many pieces, I would be able to give them toa small number of persons, because the loaf has abeginning and an end. But why a loaf of bread should have a beginning andan end????? (new bread’s idea ingredient 3)
  6. 6. The new bread recipe• ½ spoon of Why bread should be made with the standard basic tangible ingredients?? ( new bread ‘s idea ingredient 1 )• 1 cup of Differences in the perceived value of bread , between rich and poor-starved people (new bread’s idea ingredient 2)• ¾ of kgr of Why a loaf of bread should have a beginning and an end????? (new bread’s idea ingredient 3)• One full portion of my little kids’ smile – there shouldn’t be kids in the world who don’t smile because of starving (new bread‘s idea ingredient 4)
  7. 7. & the ‘new bread’s idea’ generation!!!What about an organization (non profit ),called ,let’s say, ‘U can share your bread 2’ with a web site showing a virtual loaf of bread.This loaf becomes bigger and of better quality as registered users will give donations(in the value of one loaf of bread), ideas or activist work , for preventing world’s starving. On the other hand, this loaf becomes smaller as it will be sliced and given(the above mentioned resources) to organizations that help poor people or registered individuals that really are in need. At every point of time the size of the loaf and the slicing will be visible(through an algorithm measuring the influence that the ideas, the available working hours and the amount of money gathered, have to loaf’s size and quality, as well as the reduction of these resources due to slicing).
  8. 8. The idea is that everyone entering the web site of the ‘U can share your bread 2’will see ‘live’ the loaf’s size and quality . When it becomes smaller, it will urges people to register or log in and do something to prevent it( by donating or adding activist work hours and ideas (hopefully)). These ‘bakers’ will collect rewards in the form of bonus points .Also distinct web site badges will be awarded to the different categories of ‘bakers’ e.g. for the ‘activist baker’ , the ‘baker thinker’ or the ‘baker giver’. The most active ‘bakers’ will be listed in leader boards showing local and global ranking.
  9. 9. The e-loaf of bread will be sliced (allocation of the resources – money, ideas, working hours) , given to accredited humanitarian organizations which are able to implement the ideas of the ‘thinker bakers’ or to exploit the working capacity of the ‘activist bakers’. Donations from the ‘giver bakers’ in forms of e.g. the monthly bread’s cost or else, could also be offered through these organizations or directly to poor families and individuals (through a mechanism which will certifies the actual needs). Of course all these stories will be visible on the web site for everyone to see that their efforts are realized for a good reason. Maybe each slice could have a little animation, photos and facts from the ‘good’ it created.Awareness for this effort will be created through the collaboration with the humanitarian organizations and with all the available social media(facebook, twitter,google +, etc). For sure more elaboration is needed but I think it’s a start!!!
  10. 10. Thank you and Remember. Always see bread with other view (B – read)y to create!!!!!!