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Git missiontomars 2015-03-10


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Git Mission to Mars - Talk at EclipseCon 2015 San Francisco

Published in: Software
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Git missiontomars 2015-03-10

  1. 1. Git Mission to Mars News from JGit and EGit Matthias Sohn (SAP) Maximilian Kögel (EclipseSource) EclipseCon NA 2015
  2. 2. JGit / EGit 3.3 Mar 2014 JGit EGit symlinks on Java 7 support Apache HttpClient basic symlink support squash commits in history
  3. 3. Symlinks on Java 7 $ cd b $ ln -s ../a a $ ls –l -rw-r--r-- B.txt lrwxr-xr-x a -> ../a
  4. 4. Squash commits in history view
  5. 5. JGit / EGit 3.4 June 2014 (Luna) JGit EGit new layout of commit graph kerberos authentication archive command edit / reword commit in history init in non-empty directory warn on checkout if launch is running
  6. 6. New layout of commit graph JGit gitk
  7. 7. ArchiveCommand: Creating source archives
  8. 8. Multi revert Modify history
  9. 9. Warn on checkout if launch is running
  10. 10. JGit / EGit 3.5 Sept 2014 JGit EGit support .netrc rebase --preserve-merges cherry-pick --no-commit improved interactive rebase new stash menu stash viewer improved push wizards team menu on working set repo menu on resource new logo
  11. 11. Improved interactive rebase
  12. 12. Stash support
  13. 13. Team menu on working set
  14. 14. Repository menu on resource
  15. 15. JGit / EGit 3.6 JGit EGit new ignore implementation improved submodule support aggressive gc security fixes symlink support checkout ours/theirs Dec 2014
  16. 16. New ignore implementation Much faster ** pattern: a/**/b matches "a/b", "a/x/b", "a/x/y/b“ ! to negate rules defined earlier: .a ignore .a files !lib.a but do track lib.a
  17. 17. Improved submodule support Submodules nested under .git Staging View for submodules (in separate projects)
  18. 18. Checkout ours/theirs Available on conflicting files
  19. 19. JGit / EGit 3.7 JGit EGit basics for gitattributes basics for hook support logging via slf4j auto-configure Gerrit performance improvements Feb 2015
  20. 20. Auto-configure code review when cloning from Gerrit
  21. 21. in progress for 4.0 JGit EGit hooks git attributes move to Java 7 Enable try-with-resource (Autoclosable) model merge Oomph setup of dev workspace
  22. 22. Working with Models in EGit
  23. 23. Eclipse Team Eclipse Team EGit Subversive Eclipse CVS
  24. 24. Eclipse Team Logical Model Support Eclipse Team EGit Logical model ext. point Logical model merger ext. point
  25. 25. Eclipse Team Logical Model Support Eclipse Team EGit Logical model ext. point Logical model merger ext. point Provider (EMF Compare)
  26. 26. Demo
  27. 27. Questions ??
  28. 28. Fixing Git vulnerability On case-sensitive filesystem prepare a commit containing: .GiT/config GIT~1/refs/heads/master .gu200cit/config On checkout this could modify files under .git on some platforms ☹ .Git matches .git on case-insensitive filesystem GIT~1 matches .git on Windows (short-name) .gu200cit matches .git on HFS+ (ignored unicode chars) Fixed in 3.4.2, 3.5.3 and 3.6.0+