Thinking strategies with Out of the Dust


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I created this to show at our professional development meeting. It demonstrated how we went through all of the thinking strategies as we read the book, Out of the Dust. I then shared this with my students.

What the videos would have been of.

1st- Japan's earthquake

2nd- Jaws theme song

3rd- Spider spinning its web to show that everything connects

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Thinking strategies with Out of the Dust

  1. 1. How will I? Am I?
  2. 2.  Text-to-Text
  3. 3. Text-to-Self
  4. 4. Text-to-World
  5. 5.  Why wasn’t Nebraska a part of the Dust Bowl? Could this happen again? Would we be more protected from the storms today than they were back then? How many people died? How did they end up surviving? Why didn’t everyone just move? If you put all the dust storms together, how big would that storm be?
  6. 6.  Question for each section of the book. How did people react when they saw the starving cows? Why does her mom want her to focus on school instead of the piano? How does their medical treatment of burns back then compare to today? Do Billie Jo ever cry for the loss of her mom? What will happen to Billie Jo if her dad dies?
  7. 7.  What will happen next in each section? Billie Jo’s mom will lose the baby. Billie Jo will run away. Billie Jo’s dad will remarry. Billie Jo’s dad will start planting trees like the President said, and crops will grow.
  8. 8.  Picking out hints from the text to figure out what will happen next. An example from a movie would be…
  9. 9.  “My father has a raised spot on the side of his nose that never was there before and won’t go away. And there’s another on his cheek and two more on his neck, and I wonder why the heck is he fooling around. He knows what it is. His father had those spots too.”
  10. 10.  After running away and meeting a man that had left his wife and children, Billie Jo is thinking of her father. “ My father stayed rooted, even with my tests and my temper, even with the double sorrow of his grief and my own, he had kept a home until I broke it.”
  11. 11.  In order to figure that out… I made you question what it was Make connections from what you saw in this PowerPoint to your background knowledge of the strategies Made a prediction on what it was Therefore combining all the elements of these strategies leads to…