8th Callie, Gracie, Ma Kenna, Noah


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8th Callie, Gracie, Ma Kenna, Noah

  1. 1. Why People Should Have WHY PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE FACEBOOK!! by MaKenna, Callie, Noah, And Gracie By: MaKenna J, Noah R, Callie D, and Gracie M
  2. 2. A Add friends you want
  3. 3. B Block bad people that you don't want or know as a friend
  4. 4. C Connects you with friends and family
  5. 5. D Gives you something to Do!!
  6. 6. E Have to have a vaild E- mail adress
  7. 7. F Facebook signed up it's 100 millionth member last august.
  8. 8. G Games are fun!
  9. 9. H Have as many friends as you want
  10. 10. I Is fun to look at peoples pictures
  11. 11. J EnJoy talking to people
  12. 12. K Keep your profile private
  13. 13. L Stay on Facebook as Long as you want
  14. 14. M Members can chose level of security
  15. 15. N If you block them strangers can Not get into your profile
  16. 16. O Can remove any One of your friends
  17. 17. P Look at peoples Profile picture so people know who you are
  18. 18. Q Quit Facebook whenever you want
  19. 19. R can Remove anyone you want
  20. 20. S Stop Stockers from getting into your profile
  21. 21. T Talk to anybody
  22. 22. U Some people say that other people say bad things to you, how do yoU feel about that?
  23. 23. V We are extremely sad about the things that eVerybody says
  24. 24. W BroWesing through open profiles is bad why should people still have a Facebook
  25. 25. X because it is eXtremley fun and you can lock your profile
  26. 26. Y what would you do if a stanger got on Your profile
  27. 27. Z you would block them so they can't look at Z profile
  28. 28. We Have Facebook Why Don't You
  29. 29. People should have Facebook because it is fun!!!
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