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Green Slides


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Green Slides

  1. 1. “ I’ve embraced using green cleaning products in my home. I know it’s safe for my family and love how clean it leaves my house.” Stephanie Burgeson Manager, Communications & Events
  2. 2. “ In our recent home remodeling project, we installed low-flow bathroom fixtures and used recycled composite decking material on our new porch” Beth Gillum Staffing Coordinator
  3. 3. “ I use the pulp from my juicer to fertilize my garden.” Paula DiLeo Executive Consultant
  4. 4. “ Our Minivan – 100% more legroom and 50% less fuel than our SUV.”   Charlie Fleet Senior Consultant
  5. 5. “ My town has a ‘green’ cab company that has a fleet of all hybrid vehicles – I always call them first when I need a ride. Of course that’s only when I’m not walking or taking public transportation.” Jill Kathman Senior Consultant
  6. 6. “ Currently, I commute by train. In two weeks, Montreal’s streets will be clean for biking and I’ll be there!” Stephane Locas Senior Technical Consultant
  7. 7. “ We’ve been cutting down on bottled water – using tap and a glass vs. purity in plastic - and, increasing our use of natural gas vs. electricity.” Roderick Wilkins Vice President
  8. 8. “ I have been recycling all paper, plastic, glass and aluminum and I reduce the number of trips in the car by consolidating errands.” Howard Adams Director, Consulting
  9. 9. “ I had my home built with structural insulated panels (SIPs) vs. traditional 2x dimensional lumber.  My home is much more energy efficient and can eliminate up to 3 tons of CO2 emissions to our atmosphere per year.” Chris Wheatley Director, Consulting
  10. 10.   “ I weed my lawn by hand rather than spray it with pesticides.  It's better in the long run for my lawn, and I get some exercise at the same time.” Dave Inglis Senior Analyst
  11. 11.   “ I’m greening it up by bringing my own bags when I go shopping so they I don’t need to use disposable bags.” Dave Inglis Senior Analyst
  12. 12.   “ I try to eliminate as much paper as possible by getting things like bills and magazines on line.” Colleen Wood Business Development
  13. 13. “ I have replaced most of the light bulbs in my house with a CFL bulb to reduce electricity consumption and cost.” Jason Balser Director, Consulting
  14. 14. “ We ride bikes to both boys schools .” Lee LoPriore Executive Consultant
  15. 15. “ I try to buy local produce as much as possible – it not only helps to reduce our carbon footprint, but it helps out local farmers as well!” Jennifer Steele Senior Consultant
  16. 16. “ I keep a ceramic coffee mug in my office so I can avoid using disposable coffee cups during my work day.” Carie Hammond Senior Consultant
  17. 17. “ I have gone green by taking 1 or 2 fewer napkins each time I eat out. We also purchase the half size paper towels in our family and consume ½ the paper towels we use.” Bob Tross Senior Consultant
  18. 18. “ We buy as much organic fresh food as we can as well, you can really taste the difference. All those plastic bags from the grocery store, we reuse them as many times as we can.” Steve Papke Director, Consulting Services
  19. 19. “ We’ve changed ALL of the lights in our house to energy-efficient bulbs.” Linda Odorisio Vice President
  20. 20. “ I have recently started using green cleaning products (thanks to Steph!)” Annette Stone Director, Consulting
  21. 21. “ I do my best to eat organic, refrain from using plastic products and try to remember to bring a canvas bag to hold my groceries at the supermarket.” Barbara Birmingham Executive Consultant
  22. 22. “ When I have to buy new light bulbs, I spend a little more to purchase fluorescent ones; they last much longer and are more energy efficient.”   Kari Nagle Consultant
  23. 23. “ I no longer collect piles of paper.  I back up everything to a standalone hard drive or network resources. And, I keep planting trees in my yard…to make up for the paper I have used!  ”     Phillip Lipford Senior Consultant
  24. 24. “ I’ve started investing in companies that have adopted green practices.”   Patrick Knowles Executive Consultant