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Account Evolution


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The major elements of Account & Territory Planning that your Teams will become familiar with include: planning for success, segmenting for focus, “white space” analysis for prioritization, aligning with client strategy and political & competitive landscape management.

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Account Evolution

  1. 1. We’ve offered the Raleigh community space-saving solutions for the past 10 years. We recommend Northwind Traders to anyone who will listen to us. They helped us reclaim over 700 square feet of our house!” - Annie D. Balitmore ACCOUNT EVOLUTION Sputnik-3CustomerCentric Systems 19MedbornStreet,MidstreamEstate Centurion,1692 SouthAfrica Sputnik-3 has three core competencies em- bodied in the implementation, training and coaching of; (1) leadership & organisational development (2) deep sales methodologies and (3) customer facing intelligent software
  2. 2. Account Teams. What do you get? By the end of the program, your organization will be structured to “Sell like the best of them”! Your Account Teams will be aligned to execute in accordance with your overall business strategy, Account and Territory driven metrics and behav- iours will be in place to increase pipeline and close more deals, a sales focused reporting rhythm will drive collaboration in the business and your sales tools will be set up to the support per- formance transformation you are about to go through. The major elements of Account & Territory Plan- ning that your Teams will become familiar with include: planning for success, segmenting for focus, “white space” analysis for prioritization, aligning with client strategy and political & com- petitive landscape management. We’ve packaged the Account EVO to work with your current sales tools and ensure that your Ac- count & Territory Teams have the necessary knowledge at their disposal to think and act more strategically, ultimately brining in more revenue. Account and Territory Planning share a number of similar traits, this program caters for both. How is it done? The Account EVO is a 25 customer hour pro- gram that is: a fixed cost, focused on em- powering you (not requiring us come back to keep reinforcing or tweaking), rapid to im- plement, specific to the way you need to sell and uses the assets you already have. The program follows Sputnik-3’s agile Im- plementation methodology and is divided into five distinct phases: 1) Analyse 2) Define 3) Design 4) Implement 5) Monitor Each phase has a specific set of deliverables that are geared towards ensuring that you have a repeatable Account and Territory management methodology in place that is supported by your business rhythm and provide coaching to your What is it? The Account EVO is a program for organisations that recognize the need to generate revenue from new or existing Accounts or Territories. Typical challenges these businesses may face include:  Not knowing how to successfully enter a new targeted Account  Unable to successfully navigate the political landscape  Unable to maximize revenue potential from an Account  Losing deals to competitors  Unable to speak the customer’s business language  Relationship with a customer is unpredictable What is the philosophy behind the Account Evo? To provide a structured approach for engaging Accounts and Territories to maximize their cap- tured revenue potential. Contact Us Sputnik-3 Customer Centric Sys- tems 19 Medborn Street, Midstream Estate Centurion, South Africa +27 12 661 2142 Sales Success