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MP09 Digital - REGBuys - Case Study


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Digital media is changing. On one hand, 'Social media' is changing the way people congregate, interact and share; on the other, digital media markets are being transformed by newly emerging trading platforms and targeting techniques. The only certainty in this market is that it will continue to evolve at a rapid pace and thus MP09 Digital is conceptualized back in January 2012 when after working for 6 years in Agency, I thought of next big thing and realized the need to Digital Advertising in a potential market and decided to incubate an agency.

We primarily focus in three aspects, Media, Creative and Technology and makes sure to integrate all these and offline mediums together..

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MP09 Digital - REGBuys - Case Study

  1. 1. Connecting Consumer World! Reasonable Exquisite Great Buys
  2. 2. Target Audience Client Brief To create an e-portal that Shopping freaks & techno-friendly US showcases lifestyle products and based people who are seeking for gifting items and sell them online. convenient shopping and gifting. The To create fascinating brand identity and user-friendly e- Idea Creating a Brand Created Wordpress E-portal, to make it user friendly and easily scrollable Strategy website. Social Networking WebsitesObjective portal and bring traffic on the website via different social like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. networking sites to generate are being used efficiently to bring sale. traffic on website. “ REGBuys, from name to branding, promotion, selling & “ marketing, everything reflects our creativity & efforts to the core.
  3. 3. we did it…HOW Search Search Engine Engine Marketing to Brand Identity optimization Online Reputation Mgmt. SEM bring traffic SEO to make sure Name, Logo & Stationary on website Reputation management is the brand to create the desired and hammer the most important aspect gets proper identity of brand & brand name to filter negative reviews response communicate USP on blogs Social Influence Marketing WordPress Establish two way website & interactive communication via Emailers, Greetings & design to showcase social networking sites Newsletters to maintain varied products and and influence buyers relationship with wide offers at large spread customers Website Development eCRM
  4. 4. REGBuys as Brand!!!REGBuys stands for ‘Reasonable Exquisite Great Buys’ which everyone seeksspecially while shopping online. Considering USP, we incorporated theelements in complete Brand Identity. Gifting Reasonable Shopping Great Offers Blue- Cool & Comfortable Green- Growth & Progress Talking About Exquisite Gift Items Maganta- Feminine & Beautiful
  5. 5. REGBuys as ePortal!!! REGBuys is a user-friendly eportal of San Francisco based company that offers exclusive lifestyle products and exquisite gifting options. It is convenient to operate and easy to shop website. Prominence to Brand Name Web Banner Space for offers Connectivity CornerMenu Bar Talking About Theme Spacehaving for differentdetailed occasions tocategories for createeasy browsing celebration environment
  6. 6. Social Identity of REGBuys!!!To establish two way communication and make brand happeningFacebook, Twitter & Pinterest are really important and they also help inbringing traffic to the website which is basic requirement. Gifting Twitter Facebook 17.7million 14.2million Talking About Pinterest 11.7million Number of Users available
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimization of Website!!!Using golden keywords that help in bringing website on top search results isa science in which we have expertise. It not only requires word art buttechnical proficiency too. US market is having loads of ecommerce websitesoffering lifestyle products and gifting options and in that tough Giftingcompetition, bringing REGBuys in top results is a challenge and we areproudly upto the mark in that. Talking About
  8. 8. Search Engine Marketing on world’s best Search Engine!!!Adverts with attractive ad copies on Google to draw traffic on REGBuys andto crack the best deals via bidding. Gifting 1) Attract Visitors Talking About 2) Convert 4) Measure & Visitors to Optimize Customers 3) Retain & Grow Customers
  9. 9. Customer Relationship Management of REGBuys!!!On various important days & occasions like Mother’s Day, MemorialDay, Father’s Day, etc. we conceptualize the entire theme of celebration andthen design the complete communication accordingly.Emailers, Newsletters and eGreetings are part of routine for REGBuys. Gifting Talking About
  10. 10. Online Reputation Management of REGBuys!!!REGBuys is having its own blog that communicates about different productsand offers. It helps in seeding the positive content about REGBuys and wekeep check on various channels to assure genuine reviews. Gifting
  11. 11. about
  12. 12. MP09 Digital is an agency built for digital. We specialize in campaign strategy and execution across the digital media landscape in its broadest sense. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify and utilize the most effectiveabout us and efficient blend of techniques, from the cutting edge to the traditional, integrating seamlessly with your other marketing activities. This process involves us asking lots of questions, and understanding as much as possible about your business so we can define and deliver to key objectives. While we are a 360Degree Organization, we go a step ahead & aim to achieve 360 Degree- -365 Days approach.
  13. 13. Our service offerings are flexible, as ‘one size really doesn’t fit all’ in digital, and our expertise is delivered in a reliable, honest and grown up way. Our Comprehensive Service list includes:services M – Social, Search and Display P – Media, Technology and Creative 09 – Services 1. Branding and Advertising 2. Interactive Design and Development 3. Social Influence Marketing 4. Online Reputation Management 5. Search Engine Optimization 6. Emerging Media 7. E-mailers and e-CRM 8. Search Engine Marketing 9. Designing and Development
  14. 14. Connect with, Call us @0731-3194141+91 9826020980