B-M Philippines digital landscape INFOGRAPHIC Asia H1 2011


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B-M Philippines digital landscape INFOGRAPHIC Asia H1 2011

  1. 1. Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Social Media #Infographics H1 2011 August 2011 twitter.com/BMAsiaPacific Burson-Marsteller.Asia facebook.com/BursonMarsteller.Asia
  2. 2. Welcome1 Asia-Pacific2 Australia3 China4 Hong Kong5 India6 Indonesia7 Japan8 Malaysia9 Philippines10 Singapore11 South Korea12 Taiwan13 Thailand14 Vietnam References About Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Further Info twitter.com/BMAsiaPacific Burson-Marsteller.Asia facebook.com/BursonMarsteller.Asia
  3. 3. WELCOME The Asia-Pacific region’s rapid uptake of digital media and its sheer diversity of digital platforms and communities is a truly breathtaking phenomenon. In the last few years, with online and mobile penetration increasing rapidly across all Asian markets, and consumers spending more time creating, consuming and sharing information, the Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest-growing digital landscapes in the world.Indeed, as Asian digital communities - from Chennai to Chengdu toCairns - increasingly spend time consuming information and dynamiccontent from online sources, we are witnessing a shift in magnitude inhow companies need to plan and manage communications for thefuture. The possibilities are exciting. Identifying digital influencers andengaging with online social communities has fast become the ‘newnormal’ at Burson-Marsteller in Asia-Pacific.Our region’s diversity is staggering, with 2,000 spoken languages, amyriad of ethnicities, faces, nationalities and geographic landscapes.Perhaps no other continent on this planet is quite as dynamic, andAsia-Pacific’s digital landscape mirrors the momentum towards socialmedia.As the digital infographics presented in this booklet show, thepenetration, platforms and social networks are different in each of ourAsia-Pacific markets. One fact is consistent though - digital is here tostay.I hope you enjoy our Internet landscape infographics compilation -the first of many efforts to share insights and perspectives on thegame-changing ideas and topics that fascinate and inspire us duringthese exciting times.Bob PickardPresident & CEOBurson-Marsteller, Asia-Pacific
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  18. 18. REFERENCESCountry infographicsSources: Google Ad Planner, Internetworldstats.comNote: Google Ad Planner does not include Google.com andlocal Google search sitesRegional infographicsSources: Google Ad Planner, checkfacebook.com,internetworldstats.comMore at: www.bursonmarsteller.asia www.slideshare.net/bmasia
  19. 19. ABOUTBurson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific is the leadingconsultancy for organizations communicating in Asia-Pacific and internationally. With a presence in the regiondating back to 1973, Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacifictoday includes 30 offices and affiliates in 16 countriesintegrated seamlessly into a global network operatingin 98 countries.Our Evidence-Based approach to communicationsprovides our clients with effective, data-drivenprograms delivered through multiple channels andfocused on tangible, measurable results.B-M Digital is Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific’s digital andsocial media marketing capability. B-M Digital enablesorganizations to utilize social media and word of mouthin an integrated, sustainable and measurable manner.D/BM is Burson-Marsteller’s integrated digital andsocial media influencer practice for China. D/BMsupports clients by monitoring digital influencers andcommunities, by nurturing brand advocates, and bycreating programs and campaigns that enablereputation and business. twitter.com/BMAsiaPacific Burson-Marsteller.Asia facebook.com/BursonMarsteller.Asia
  20. 20. FURTHER INFOAbout this booklet, pleasecontactAlbert Periera Gosuke Kumamuraalbert.periera@bm.com gosuke.kumamura@bm.comCharlie Pownall Zaheer Nooruddincharlie.pownall@bm.com zaheer.nooruddin@bm.com . twitter.com/BMAsiaPacific Burson-Marsteller.Asia facebook.com/BursonMarsteller.Asia
  21. 21. Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Social Media #Infographics H1 2011 August 2011 twitter.com/BMAsiaPacific Burson-Marsteller.Asia facebook.com/BursonMarsteller.Asia