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Jumping pe(n)g uins


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Published in: Education
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Jumping pe(n)g uins

  1. 1. Jumping Pe(n)g-uins The SportCopyright Olga Mougkogianni
  2. 2. What do we need for this sport• 8 Clothe pegs• 8 folding papers to write inside points (1-5)• 1 rope• 2 poles or chairs• A marker to write on the board the points• A gym mattress for protection on the floor• A whistle blower• A gaffer tape for the starting point of players• At least 5 players• A Coach.• A board to write the points of each player by Coach.
  3. 3. How we set the game• Put the two chairs 3 meters apart from each other, facing outwards. Two players must be seated on both when other playing.• Tie the end of the rope around the chair and the other around the second chair. They have to be both tied together.• We write on our 8 folding papers the number-points 1-4 at least once. Players can not see the written info.• We hung them on the rope by using the cloth pegs.• We set the gaffer at the starting point of this game which must be 4 meters away from the chairs.• We set the mattress on the other side of the rope-with-chairs set up to protect the players from getting injured.
  4. 4. How we play the game-sport• Each players starts from the starting point after the coach’s signal.• His goal is to run and take as many papers as he/she can, as he/she jumps over the rope----without letting the cloth pegs fall on the ground.• Each player has three trials to go. If he/she falls the cloth pegs, he/she loses his round.• The Coach is the only one who overviews the game and makes sure the players play as instructed.• The winner is the one who has gathered many papers and many points.• The player has to show to the other players the number-points written in the papers who has got.
  5. 5. • Each player can fall the cloth pegs only once. If more he has to leave the game• Each player has to check the papers of other players.• Each player has to start only after coach’s signal. He/she can miss only once by accident.• Two players must be seated on the chairs to protect the rope from accidental feet touch.
  6. 6. What to wear for the Jumping Pe(n)guins• Each player must were only black and white clothing, Black jeans and white T- shirts (penguins)• Each player must wear sneakers to protect feet from jumping and landing on mattress• No hats• No jewelry• No bandanas