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Track and Field Pictures


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Track and Field Pictures

  1. 1. CAZENOVIA MIDDLE SCHOOL 6th Grade ays 2012 Track & Field DD e a r Pa re nts , W e t h o u g ht y o u m i g ht e nj o y s o me p h oto sf ro m o u r 6t h G ra d e Trac k & F i e ld D ay s . M a n yt h a n k s to A my Va n ett i f o r t h e s e g re at s h ots ! H ave a g re at s u m me r !
  2. 2. 6th Grade Track & Field Days ResultsGirls 400 Meter Run Girls Long Jump Boys 400 Meter Relay (continued)Katie Robbins 1st 1:16:75 Jenny Downey 1st 11’5” Matt McLaughlin 2nd 1:04:94Jamie Joseph 2nd 1:17:56 Katie Robbins 2nd 11’2” Ryan ModzeleskiAnna Sasser 3rd 1:20:41 Meggie Hart 3rd 11’0” Patrick Nourse Jacob WalburgerBoys 400 Meter Run Boys Long Jump Jacob WellsJack Gabor 1st 1:10:69 Alex Nowak 1st 12’9”Matt Regan 2nd 1:13:53 Thomas Bragg 2nd 11’9” Jack Bookbinder 3rd 1:05:90Jake Doxtator 3rd 1:18:50 Jack Gabor 3rd 11’7.5” Tim Burr Nate RomigGirls 200 Meter Run Girls 400 Meter Relay Kevin StalderCasey Crawford 1st 32:19 Mikhayla Brown 1st 1:03:29 Jake WolseyLizzy Druke 2nd 33:69 Brenna HughesScout Mueller 3rd 33:75 Morgan Hodinger Girls Softball Throw Zoe Shephard Delaney Yorks 1st 117’Boys 200 Meter Run Ryleigh Tilison Jamie Joseph 2nd 107’9”Jack Gabor 1st 32:19 Alexa tillman 3rd 90’7”Nick Barna 2nd 32:44 Julia Barrett 2nd 1:03:91Jake Macheda 3rd 34:28 Ava Brennan Boys Softball ThrowD.J. Hopkins Honorary 33:72 Casey Crawford Matt Regan 1st 178’ Allie Vanetti Jake Macheda 2nd 134’Girls 100 Meter Run Grace Walsh Eric Ketcham 3rd 124’Brenna Hughes 1st 14:72Kirsten Underwood 2nd 15:09 Libby Carroll 3rd 1:06:69 Girls Shot PutMikaylee Whalen 3rd 15:29 Glenn Hartley Choe Willard 1st 17’11” Helen Purcell Casey Crawford 2nd 16’10”Boys 100 Meter Run Kirsten Underwood Lizzy Druke 3rd 15’5”Alex Pezzi 1st 15:69 Anna SasserPatrick Nourse 2nd 16:10 Boys Shot PutJake Doxtator 3rd 16:22 Boys 400 Meter Relay Dennis Muniz 1st 24’1”Griffin Monahan 3rd 16:22 Thomas Bragg 1st 1:02:69 Christian Winkler 2nd 22’8” Joey Gates Alex Pezzi 3rd 20’10”Girls 55 Meter Run Alex NowakRyleigh Tilison 1st 8:56 Alex PezziDelaney Yorks 2nd 8:78 Matt ReganMorgan Hodinger 3rd 8:82Boys 55 Meter RunThomas Bragg 1st 8:53Jake Macheda 1st 8:53Connor Riedl 2nd 8:56Alex Nowak 3rd 8:59