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Research pamphlet career


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Research pamphlet career

  1. 1. Bibliography MRS. RUSSELLHere, you list your sources ALPHABETICALLY English Teacher My Dream Profession! ELA Period 4
  2. 2. Successful English Steps To Achieve My Teachers Dream Job: My Dream Job Here, you will bullet information On this panel, Bullet a list of people who have been fa- based upon the steps needed to mous/successful in this occu- In the future, I would like to be- accomplish yourcome an English teacher. Here, I will type a pation:final draft of my perfect paragraph... dream job: • J. Rolince • HS diploma It takes diligence to be • Frank McCourt • Post– HS edu- skilled at anything! cation needed, • What type of degree, if any, • Costs of training/higher edu--ELA teachers must read prolifically... cation, • Specific training necessary, etc.