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Research career rubric


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Research career rubric

  1. 1. Rubric for Career Project WRITER’S NAME: ________________________QUALITY 6-5: 4-3: 2-1: STRONG AVERAGE WEAKPresentation: Finishedproduct is of superiorquality. The work uses allspace appropriately, is neatand colorful.Bibliography: ALL sources(at least 3) are properlycited.Organization/Task:Order of information clearlymoves reader throughproject. All aspects of taskhave been completed.Punctuation: All sentenceshave end punctuation.Semi-colons, commas andquotation marks are usedcorrectly.Grammar/ Spelling:Writer understands basicrules of the Englishlanguage. Project has FEWto NO errors in spelling.Sentence Variety: Thewriter uses varied sentencestructures.Word Choice: The writerchose his/her wordscarefully. No DEADWords!GRADECOMMENTS: