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4th grade booktalks


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Published in: Education
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4th grade booktalks

  1. 1. * Students Entering 5thGrade Booktalks
  2. 2. *Genre: Fantasy *Plot Summary: Jeremy buys a dragon egg and then the adventure begins*
  3. 3. *Genre: Fantasy *Plot Summary: Adventures of Mercy Watson the pig and his love for buttered toast.*
  4. 4. *Genre: Fantasy*Plot Summary: 4 siblings travel to a fantasy world through a wardrobe to save the world from an evil witch *
  5. 5. *Genre: Realistic Fiction/Fantasy*Plot Summary: Girl who switches bodies (animals & people) due to a magic wind*
  6. 6. *Genre: Historical Fiction/Fantasy*Plot Summary: Time Travelling Baseball Cards*
  7. 7. *Genre: Fantasy*Plot Summary: A mysterious mansion moving pictures of trapped people, and talking cats.*
  8. 8. *Genre: Fantasy *Plot Summary: Owl Kingdom of Good vs. Evil.*
  9. 9. NonfictionPlot Summary: Historyof Bubble Gum*
  10. 10. *Genre: Sports Fiction*Plot Summary: Pedro is a good sport and helps his teammates but they do not always help him. *
  11. 11. *Genre: Humor*Plot Summary: Theteam are on aAnimal Jailbreak!*
  12. 12. *