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• Affordable FEE with REAL TIME Online BWBI Training Instructors is a Global Interactive Online Learning Portal started by Data Warehousing Experts with an aim to provide a Job Oriented Training on ETL and BI Reporting Tools.
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Sap BWBI Online Training | SAP BI Online Training | SAP BI Training Online

  1. 1. SAP BW-BI COURSE DURATION: 50 HOURS • Data Ware Housing Concepts • Over View Concepts of BW • Over view of SAP R/3 Types of Applications o OLTP o OLAP • R/3 Architectures • Landscape of SAP • Transportation o Package o Request no o Return codes • Types of Data o Master data o Transaction data • Master Data o Attribute data o Text data o Hierarchy data • Transaction data o Header data o Item data o Scheduline data • Star Scheme Concepts o Classical star schema.(DW) o Extended star schema.(BW) • Modeling & Extraction Objects • Info area • Info objects Catalog • Info objects • Info source • Direct update • Flexible update • Data source • Source system • Application component • Transfer rules • Transfer structure • Communication structure • Info providers • Data
  2. 2. • Info cubes o Standard Info Cube o Real-Time Info Cube • ODS • DSO o Standard DSO o DSO for Direct Update • Write-optimize DSO • Update rules • Transformations • DTP – Data Transfer Process o Standard DTP o Error DTP o RDA DTP o Direct DTP • Info package • Extract structure • PSA o Standard PSA o Error Stack PSA • Data Acquisition o Standard o Real Time • Re-modeling • Re-partitioning • APD – Analysis Process DesignVisual ComposerIP – Integrated Planning • Data loading using flat files o Attribute data o Text data o Hierarchy data o Transaction data o Live concepts of using MDM o Reusability of master data • Designing the transfer rules, transfer structure and communication according to data using different techniques Dynamic calculation ,suppressing data adding new functionality to the data of the transfer rules and update rule level while loading data. • Handling data function while loading data • BW Architecture • PSA Maintenance o Scheduling the
  3. 3. o Data packet by data packet o Complete data scheduling o Scheduling in background o Debugging the Data while loading o Transfer rule level o Update rule level • PSA Processing types o Terminating errors while loading the data o Increasing the data packet size o Application serer file concept _AL11 o Scheduling the data in background • Monitoring the data loading • Scheduling the jobs based on periodic values • Canceling and deleting the back ground jobs • ODS o New data table o Active data table o Change log type • ODS SETTING o Automatic o Manual • Details o 9 cases of deltas with real scenario o Error handling in deltas • Data Mart o ODS – Info Cube o Info Cube _ Info Cube • ODS –ODS • Multi providers • Info set • Partitioning • Line items dimensions • Performance issues o Roll up o Aggregate o Collapse o Reconstruction o Deletion of data from data Targets o Complete deletion of data o Deleting data by request id o Selective deletions • Process Chain o Direct Schedule o Meta chain o Error handling in process chain o Monitoring process
  4. 4. o Message integration o Success o Error o Always o Scheduling process chain based on Periodic values o Cancelling the process chain jobs o Rescheduling the process chain o Folder creation for a specific process chain o Creating a variant for ABAP programs and integrating in process chain o ALE Remote jobs o Attribute change run • Transportation o Assigning object to the requests o Releasing the Request No and their Dependency o Return code o Mail drafting to basis team regarding transportation o Searching objects locally and business o Contents through Meta Data Repository • Fact less Fact TablesSQVI-Quick Views • Business content o Definition o Activation • Open hub service • Info spoke • EXTRACTION o Flat files o LOS o LIS o Generic Extraction o Master data o Transaction data o CO-PA o FI-SI o DB connect o Business content extraction o Generic delta • REAL TIME SCENARIO o Product Issues o Ticket Handling o Ticket tool tracker o Error handling •
  5. 5. o BEX Analyzer o BEX Browser o WAD o BEX query designer • Role maintains o Creating a role o Assigning a role • Variables o Types o Represent o Entry o Process • Conditions • Formula • Calculated Key Figures • Restricted key figures • Exceptions • Filters • Free characteristics • Structures • Cell definitions • Query performance • Brain Errors • Forcing variables • Information broadcasting • Cache inactive • Query Monitoring • RRI (report-to-report interface) • Query properties • Debugging reports while