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• Apophis impact revised for 2013 and 2029.
• January 2013 deluge predictions as overlapping with Apophis close-up scenario.
• Venus cycle 2007 – 2017 Hydra – Pegasus revised along its financial curve. #GFC
• Diamond planet versus rogue planet in the horoscope of Daniel Craig 007.
Rogue planet CFBDSIR2149. A rough ephemeris along with rudimental orbital elements for the object is available: in Pegasus, rising with Salacia. Tentative young moving group membership probability "youth indicators" estimated possibility: member of several moving groups and associations (β-Pictoris, Tucana-Horologium, AB Doradus, TW Hydrae, Columba, Carina, Argus, the Pleiades, Q Chameleontis; Hyades and Ursa Majoris.

• Introducing rogue planet CFBDSIRJ214947.2-040308.9 - CFBDSIR2149 for friends.
• Standard 638 planets in your horoscope . A set of 638 planets as presented in lieu of 1008 . Endorsing more than 500 planets becomes routine. A decade ago, a normal horoscope would have but some 50 planets only; as the list expands, so does our knowledge of personal creation [RTRRTv2 Assemblage Points].

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Aeon Chronology

  1. 1. Eon 0H Chronology Curating your zodiac since #Eon #2017 #2012 #1622 Copyright © 2012 by Klaudio Zic.EON TIMELINE 2001 – 9-11 “Osama Moon” in Orion & Eris in Cetus 2002 – Tekton and Orcus Report. 2003 - 2003 EL61
  2. 2. 2004 - 2004 DW | 2004 XP14 2005 – London bombing with Mars in Cetus. 2003 UB313 2006 – Venus in Orion 2007 – Antichrist? Venus in Hydra. 2007 OR10 2008 - 2008 SO218 2009 – 2009 YE7 2010 - 2010 EK139 2011 – Odyssey Dawn with Jupiter in Cetus 2012 – Eon with Uranus in Cetus – Pegasus Point 2013 – Uranus in Pisces bis 2014 - Aion 2017 – Age of PegasusAcademic Zodiac – Entertaining all planets i within your real sky natal zodiac since 1972. 0FCopyright © 2012 by Klaudio Zic. First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2012 The Academic Zodiac is 1HCopyright © 1972 - 2012 by Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The Academic Zodiac is privately owned ©1972 – 2012 by Klaudio Zic.Minute forecast is provided as „fairly reliable personal guesswork“ in disclaiming anyand all warranties, whether express or implied, including - without limitation - anyimplied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  3. 3. MAIN DISRUPTING FACTORSUranus in Cetus and Venus in Pegasus stand for major anomalies, Eon of Cetus and Age ofPegasus; respectfully.MINOR DISRUPTING FACTORSThese factors are accumulated, documented and enlisted mainly around years 2012 – 2013. Endof January 2013 amasses minor disrupting factors around January 20th “deluge”. The delugistwarnings center on the Sign of Jonas, mainly peak of the Eon = Uranus in Cetus. While Uranustakes a minor break in IAU Pisces, it is still in proximity of Cetus stars, thus the caveat.
  4. 4. AMASSING FACTORSThe main antediluvian factors are taken as major dwarf planets conjunctions, especially thosewho have been known for moving large masses of water, earth or air. These are briefly enlistedbelow along with their angular alignments that we sometimes dare call conjunction. 1) Apophis close-up January 9th 2013. 2) Deluge report for January 2013. 3) Kim Kardashian = USA ascendant Serpens Cauda. 4) Kim Kardashian: Sila-Nunam, Stargate, Diamond Planet 55 Cancri e. 5) Moon in Orion – WTC 9-11 Moon. 6) Deluge reports for year 2013 – dwarf planets through nether ascendants. 7) Eris in Cetus western at 0 altitude “9-11 Eris”. 8) Eris conjunct 2000 GM137 in Cetus. 9) 2007 OR10 as e.g. rising with full Moon at NYC Oct 29th 2012. 10) Deucalion aligns with Ceto – and the Sun. 11) 2007 OR10 and the Neptune cluster 1. 0F 12) Salacia especially as aligned with Uranus – Pegasus Point directions. 13) Damocles over trapped 2000 PH5. 14) Venus conjunct Typhon. 15) Pluto at the stargate of hell – challenging the galax (Gamma attack). 16) Jupiter, 2000 GM137 , Nephthys 2, Eris and Uranus in Cetus. 1F 17) 2002 AW197 in Hydra (as e.g. presently conjunct 2002 AA29). 18) Orcus in Sextans. 19) Witchallow, 2009 YE7 (MPEC 2009-Y48), Sedna and Dioretsa experimental cluster (e.g. Cetus III proximity Full Moon with 1996 RX33 and Sphinx). 20) Varuna aspectarian. 21) Pholus and Mars in Ophiuchus as aligned with 2007 JG43 in Corona Australis (experimental).1 This includes Damocles and “the sea shall give up its dead” Nessus in Piscis Austrinus.
  5. 5. Reverse Chronology of Modern Astrology ii & Magick iii 1F 2FFirst published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2011 - 2012 Copyright © 2011 - 2012 by Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this 2Hmaterial may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of theAuthor. The names of dedicated publications are normally given in italics. The incipient magus iv starts at the bottom. 3F • Apophis impact revised for 2013 and 2019. • January 2013 deluge predictions as overlapping with Apophis close-up scenario. • Venus cycle 2007 – 2017 Hydra – Pegasus revised along its financial curve. #GFC • Diamond planet versus rogue planet in the horoscope of Daniel Craig 007.Rogue planet CFBDSIR2149. A rough ephemeris along with rudimental orbital elements forthe object is available: in Pegasus, rising with Salacia. Tentative young moving groupmembership probability "youth indicators" estimated possibility: member of several movinggroups and associations (β-Pictoris, Tucana-Horologium, AB Doradus, TW Hydrae, Columba,Carina, Argus, the Pleiades, Q Chameleontis; Hyades and Ursa Majoris. • Introducing rogue planet CFBDSIRJ214947.2-040308.9 - CFBDSIR2149 for friends. • Standard 638 planets in your horoscope v. A set of 638 planets as presented in lieu of 4F 1008 vi. Endorsing more than 500 planets becomes routine. A decade ago, a normal 5F horoscope would have but some 50 planets only; as the list expands, so does our knowledge of personal creation [RTRRTv2 Assemblage Points]. • New Year 2013: The Moon as it brushes by under Sila-Nunam and thus Diamond Planet 55 Cancri e for a Diamond Year 2013. • Nov 6th 55 Cancri e conjunct Moon.2 Pelion, Pallas, the Apoheles…
  6. 6. • Deluge alert as set for January 20th-25th 2013. Default city: Perth. • 2013-centered deluge scenarios inspected as mainly directed by major dwarf planets’ alignments through nether ascendants. • Deluge times as aligned with 2007 OR10, Salacia, Uranus and Neptune. • Venusian 2007 – 2017 cycle - Mayan priesthood instruction. • Venus enters Ophiuchus for winter solstice 2012. • Saturn is in Libra still for the year 2015 – disambiguation of the zodiacal positions of the planets. • Saturn is in Scorpius in the year 2015 – backdating biblical 2014. • Saturn enters Libra in December 2012 and is back into Virgo for the year eonic 2013. • Diamond planet 55 Cancri e in diamond horoscopes along with Saturn. • Diamond planet 55 Cancri e delineated. • Exalted Ages of Scutum, Auriga and Pegasus revealed. • Age of Hydra revealed. • The Grand Encapsulation of the Grand Ages partially revealed. • Eon of Cetus III revealed. • Averages of Pisces I & II, averages of Aquarius I & (t) II, averages of Capricornus T2 & T1. • Era of Eridanus “new Age” intimated. • Sep 16th 2012; Sol in Virgo – Age of Pegasus III revealed. • Mayan 2017 aka Age of Pegasus I revealed. • At the peak of the Eon of Cetus II, partial encapsulation of ages revealed to outer lodge. • Eon midpoint 2012. The apex of the Eon of Cetus II. • Venus in Orion. • Luna in Sestante. Italy’s (owner of the zodiac) victory makes impact on CERN vii. 6F • Mercury enters Cancer. Moon in Sextans, birth time of the zodiac. Tracking Sextans Moon online minute by minute.Sextans Moon. Birth time of the zodiac. The Academic Zodiac was symbolically borne onlinewith this exquisite lunar position. Too bad there were no astrologers on the planet back in 1972.If there were any, they’d greatly appreciate the birth of a new tool that will prove to be essentialto both astronomy and astrology: the zodiac. + All the usual refinements #VIP 3H 4H 5H
  7. 7. • Mercury with Varuna, Sun in Orion, Mars enters Virgo with Logos.• New Moon in Orion.• 6-6 2012 eonic Venus transit. Dolphin kids 2012 vs Hydra kids.• The Sign of Jonas, Eon, Uranus in Cetus.• Revised sigils for two new centaurs. Planetary interview replaces delineation.• All new dwarf planets (H < 5.5 & named) and centaurs as included within the Illuminati tarot.• Sigils for the latest ( H < 4 ) dwarf planets completed – as undergoing rigorous testing routine.• The amplified Illuminati tarot deck contains a larger number of outer “Nibiru search” guardians.• Eon midpoint as roughly coinciding with midsummer 2012.• Eridanus quake as ricochet from the Era of Eridanus aka New Age.• Eonic ascendental Era marker Eridanus is Po triggered.• Eon earthquake. The incipient earthquake of the Eon as registered near Modena, Italy.• Brindisi bombing. Eridanus towards Orion ascendant announces Eon earthquake.• Facebook IPO delay. Pleiadian eclipse.• Palden Dorje concludes meditation cycle which started with Venus in Hydra.• Venus in Hydra 2007 – 2017 Venus in Pegasus - Global Financial Crisis.• The Pleiadian eclipse 2012 coincides with the Eon: Uranus enters Cetus.• Pegasus Point activation galore in the year 2012 as prelude to the 2nd Age of Pegasus.• The sign of Jonas with Uranus setting in Cetus.• Spiritual Eon peak (“Eon midpoint”) announced as possibly “uneventful”. When Jesus was born, that conferred no special events to most, except for the magi who tracked and visited. At midwife fetching time, just an insignificant “first will be last” star in Aries rose at east – the Lamb of God. No busy midwife would think to record such a phenomenon at all. Nowadays, Aries is not even rising at east and people don’t know their own ascendants.• Mercury @ Cetus III.• Centaurean stargate activation with 9-11 Moon in Orion and immortal centauress known as “lady Pylenor” 1994 TA.• Orcus Report as triggered by an outer guardian; “Tekton” - in Hydra and Moon in Sextans.• Illuminati May Day. Witchallow activated with Eon – Uranus in Cetus – Pleiadian eclipse.• Formal (“calculated”) Eon as expected for year 2014.• Peak of the Eon of Cetus. Measuring Uranus in Cetus II midpoint(s) viii.7F
  8. 8. • Witchallow 2012 with Mercury in Cetus – Illuminati Mayday.• Secondary angular directions of comets, centaurs and dwarf planets across the Axis of Evil and Dark Flux redefined.• Equinoctial Sun conjunct Uranus in Cetus. Equinox of Gods. Pegasus Point activation.• Centaurean conjunction of Eris in Cetus. Missiles fired, drones captured and nuclear submarines deployed.• Mars attacks! Mars close-up.• Venus transit 2012. Venus eclipse.• Definition of the 1st and 2nd averages of Aquarius and Capricornus.• Activation frequency of the Neptune cluster. Trapped and turreted planets galore.• 12000 publications removed from the server. Giga and Terabytes less for the community.• Saturn obscures Spica Virginis.• Mercury in Cetus 2012.• “Super-Earth” Kepler-22b follows Xmas flare GRB 101225A into your own horoscope.• Mermaid Children – magical children as born in the year 2012.• Dolphin Kids publications. Babies exposed to 8 planets in Cetus 2011 – 2012.• Siren child type confrontation as Hydra fights Cetus.• 6-6-2012 as compared to the 2007 Hydra kids.• Hydra kids as confronted with 2012 mermaid children.• Second Age of Pisces, Aquarius and Capricornus.• Whale kids. With Uranus in Cetus, the on of Cetus is at its apex.• Peculiar wandering trespass of Mercury 2011 in Scorpius and Ophiuchus.• Comet Elenin as aligned with 11-9-11.• Salacia defined, delineated & published. Neptune’s wife is a newly named dwarf planet.• 2010 TK7 as delineated in Fornax: a new auxiliary moon of planet Earth: see Apoheles; Earth Trojans.• XP ix Eclipse, one of the 6 eclipses for the year 2011. 8F• Premier marriage planet Salacia delineated. Salacia Full Moon for August 2011.• Salacia is the ideal peace, love and marriage planet for the new Age of Pegasus, ditto in Pegasus.• Jupiter and Mars in Cetus. Operation Odyssey Dawn.
  9. 9. • Mars in Cetus marked London bombing, now war operations in the Mediterranean.• In the cetacean year 2011, much more than in 2005, most planets march through zodiacal Cetus.• 2025: the 144000.• WW4. The tenth and eleventh crusade with Venus in Pegasus.• Age of Pegasus II at its peak. Upcoming Age of Pegasus III.• Kalki, the avatar of the Age of Pegasus II.• 2014 marks the crisis of Vatican, even along with possible hostility from American diplomacy.• Pluto sits at the galax, Neptune stands by T2 Capricorni within the 2010 OR10 cluster.• Uranus enters Cetus. Jupiter and Uranus flirt in conjunction below the Pegasus Point.• Revolutions cause the deployment of a new type of naval anti-submarine fighter aircraft.• LA, Queens, Canada & Alaska war provocations & casualties. Yellow Submarine series.• Nuclear submarine wars with Uranus in Cetus.• Witchallow 2011: quakes, wars and pollution.• 11-9-11 comet Elenin, Ground zero mosque.• Royal wedding with Jupiter conjunct Eris in Cetus.• British royal Witchallow wedding under the auspices of Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Eris in Cetus.• Governmental crisis in the U.S.A. with Mars in Cetus threatens government shutdown.• Atlantis found in the backgarden of Eris with Jupiter in Cetus.• Operation Odyssey Dawn: Libyan crisis due to secondary angular direction of Jupiter in Cetus.• Jupiter enters Cetus.• Sextans Moon in February 2011. Suez crisis. Israeli submarines.• Corvine moons in February 2011. Neptune T2. Pluto @ Galax. Uranus enters Cetus.• Iran war ships approach Saudi in an attempt to enter the Mediterranean, heading towards Syria.• The pale rider of the apocalypse appears at Cairo as predicted within the 2010 Astro Leaks series.• Trapped bloody cluster with Damocles, Nessus and Mars.• British nuclear submarine marooned at Skye.• A series of well-coordinated spontaneous uprisings mostly in North Africa start WW3.• Jet fighters fall over Canada and Alaska.• A Chinese submarine provokes twelve miles from Los Angeles by firing a missile.
  10. 10. • Yellow submarine at LA and Queens, NY. The fall of the Canadian and American fighter jets. • Korean crisis more or less silently provokes the world towards WW3. • Neptune re-enters Aquarius from T2 Capricorni. #jan25 #Cairo #Egypt • Corvine moons along with eclipses. Stirring in #Tunis. • The peak of the Æon of Cetus II with the Jupiter + Uranus conjunct below the Pegasus Point. • Jupiter and Uranus trigger the Pegasus Point close to Cetus. • Turreted Neptune observed in T2 Capricorni. • Trapped and turreted Mercury and Venus defined. • Trapped Moon definition against Turreted Moons T1 and T2. • The special zones of the lunar zodiac revealed, such as Moon in Cetus I, II and II. • Era of Eridanus and the oil spill charts. The global ascendant as it shifts into Eridanus. • Dark planet Okeanos as compared with “Obama planet” 2007 OR10 within the oil spill charts. • Detailed maps produced for the oil spill catastrophe; 100 maps serve as study introduction. • The ascendental Era of Eridanus has Witchallow as its central pivot, besides 2009 YE7. • The global ascendant of the Æon of Cetus during its Eridanus shift: sea-quakes and oil spill. • Orientation of the inner and outer temples as enabled by the six lords of the directions. • Second Renaissance within the southern x Era of Eridanus with Chariklo in Lupus. 9F659495 2010 2009 YE7 [...unnamed...] 4.40659618 2010 2009 YG19 [...unnamed...] 5.90659779 2010 2010 AH2 [...unnamed...] 5.60666469 2010 2010 EN65 [...unnamed...] 6.90666471 2010 2010 EP65 [...unnamed...] 5.50666472 2010 2010 EQ65 [...unnamed...] 6.40666473 2010 2010 ER65 [...unnamed...] 5.40666475 2010 2010 ET65 [...unnamed...] 5.20667235 2010 2010 EK139 [...unnamed...] 3.80667236 2010 2010 EL139 [...unnamed...] 5.20667828 2010 2010 FC49 [...unnamed...] 5.70667829 2010 2010 FD49 [...unnamed...] 6.20667830 2010 2010 FE49 [...unnamed...] 6.50668488 2010 2010 FX86 [...unnamed...] 4.30672348 2010 2010 HE79 [...unnamed...] 5.30674070 2010 2010 JC80 [...unnamed...] 5.60674673 2010 2010 JJ124 [...unnamed...] 6.60674674 2010 2010 JK124 [...unnamed...] 5.40675809 2010 2010 KZ39 [...unnamed...] 3.90 • The six pillars of Masonry as established for the Era of Eridanus within the Venusian Age of Pegasus.
  11. 11. • Proper orientation for a new Masonry means the end of confusion, wars and planetary viceroy.• Hydra dynasties under inspection. Reptilian bloodlines traced down to the Last Unicorn.• National heraldry according to the astronomic skies. The ascendant of the U.S.A. is Serpens Cauda.• The chambers of the south as measured, arranged and delineated according to Yahwehs directions.• Reformation of the pentagram ritual according to the proper cardinal star-angels.• Orientation of Masonic temples according to the six principles of Masonry, ESWNZN.• The intricacies of royal heraldry and triune ascendants as revealed in the Reptilian Heraldry series.• Centaurs in Lupus expose the chambers of the south.• The New Age is at its third level or sub-Age as encapsulated within the Cetus > Pegasus > Eridanus pattern. By secondary angular direction we leave the short permanence of an ascendant in Taurus in order to plunge towards a much deeper and mysterious Age of Eridanus. Thus, within the solar Age of Cetus, the initiate enlivens into the Venusian Age of Pegasus; but within this very Age, we just plunged into an ascendental progression as marked by Eridanus.• New Age as announced in May 2010 with the event of a self-reproducing cell.• The five minutes of Taurus xi are over. The Edge Report announces the New Age, 10F• Orcus and Mars in RA conjunction; Eridanus W, Moon in Sextans: the Edge of New Age.• Low Moon with Jupiter – Saturn “opposition” as scanned for years 2012, 2011 and 2010 xii. 11F• 660685 2010 2009 YE7 [...unnamed...] 4.40 667363 2010 2010 EK139 [...unnamed...] 3.80 668606 2010 2010 FX86 [...unnamed...] 4.30• September 11th 2010 seen as critical. Tsunami alert. Nether ascendants for Tekton and Sedna.• Less control over economy due to the nether rising nature of outer guardians.• After the major nether dwarf planets, global economy bends to the outer guardians.• Nether ascendants in global economy. Eridanus as financial leak. Corvine moons.• 2002 RN109 (MPO 74211) and Lilith in Sextans. Amun in Hydra. Tekton Stonehenge stacks.• Mid-May entry of Sun in Taurus. Bailout to Greece. Eridanus map for the EU.• Market chaos report. Sextans as nether ascendant mediator. Outer guardians’ economy.
  12. 12. • Low Corvine Moons and rising outer guardian in Sextans provoke financial oddities.• The world ascendant leaves Taurus, heading for Eridanus. Bull markets become bear markets.• The Eridanus report triggers the European 2009 YE7 towards a bailout to Greece.• Nether ascendants in war. Eridanus, Cetus and Hydra fight for supremacy over the netherworld.• The world ascendant is ready to jump into Eridanus by secondary angular direction.• Bear markets break open as Eridanus, Hydra and Cetus dispute for supremacy.• Moon in Corvus and Sextans against Orcus in Sextans and 2002 AW197 in Hydra.• LHC Low Moon update. Corvine moons as defining jihad, WW3 and Sea-quakes.• WW3 as determined to the minute by using corvine moons and IAU ascendant ephemeris.• 2009 YE7 enters the year of the Low Moons, 2010. Nether ascendants in juxtaposition.• 2009 YE7 “Gimli” is ascending with Witchallow. Eridanus, Cetus and Hydra in war.• 2010 Low Moon as it dictates jihad, earth and sea quakes and WW3.• Teddy bear market for May 2010 as defined by 2009 YE7.• Gimlis standard Algol contact in May stands for gain on the market amidst global crash.• A year after the delineations for 2007 OR10 and 2007 JG43, 2009 YE7 imposes itself as indicative in important horoscopes such as the scientific natal chart of the FED.• 2009 YE7 “Gimli” xiii has much to say in financial astrology for the year 2010. 12F• Eridanus ascendant people are subject to periods of solitude xiv. Now we know why. 13F• 2009 YE7 in secondary direction with Witchållow provokes great floods.• 2010 has the flavor of a saturnine year, with the standard mid-May Algol – 2009 YE7 activity xv. 14F• Low Moon in Sextans/Corvus with Norwegian spiral lights. Nobel Prize for peace assignation.• Large Hadron Collider astrology updated on occasion of its successful activation.• Ages of Pegasus II and III as the opening gates to the Golden Age of Pegasus.• Venus in Pegasus announces the final end of the Dark Age of Cetus III xvi. 15F• The Age of Pegasus III was announced, while the Age of Cetus III was canceled in an initiate.• The appropriate rites for the opening of the Age of Pegasus II were celebrated.• The Age of Pegasus was proclaimed ipse dixit on November 14th 2009.• The Saturn hexagon and second ring complete the delineation of Saturn and its inorganics.• The Northern Constellations in Astrology were published on Halloween 2009.• The Sun is in Libra on November 23rd. Sai Babas birthday. Three signs of zodiacal offset.• The dawn f the new Age of Pegasus.
  13. 13. • The Sun enters Libra on Halloween when it also opposes Witchallow. • Through the dark ages, people beset by illusion xvii proclaimed themselves as “astrologers”. 16F Those who never dealt or know the true skies did much damage to civilization. This custom stops now. • Witchallow is opposed to Sun on Halloween for Hitler, Mordred and the Illuminati. • Delineations for the Sun in Sextans, Cetus, Orion, Ophiuchus and Cetus. • The O6 upgrade of the O5 Masters Manual reveals further future-changing material. • We retrieved the original O5 Initiation for your Instant Magick pleasure and reference. • Become an O5 Master by designing your own O5 delivery. Get VIP now! • Spiral Trees and Cheshire Catalog RTRRT Initiations. • Verified Identity Package starts with your original natal ascendant. • Have your RTRRT initiations mailed by donating to our Papal address. Download free catalog 6H in order to obtain address. • The Academic Zodiac celebrated its 3rd anniversary in August 2009. Happy birthday! • Besides Sun in Orion and Cetus, Sun in Sextans is added as experimental position. • The 16 Sun-signs complement the 16 eastern ascendants. • The special positions for the Sun are Orion, Cetus and Sextans. Ophiuchus is standard. • The universal Cartesian house system takes Astrology into Outer Space 3. 2F • Stipulation lives its second edition along with precise Moon ephemerides. • The Jupiter Uranus conjunction will trigger the Pegasus Point in the year 2010. • Pegasus Point established as delineated in the traditional twelve houses of the horoscope. • The second coming of Lucifer with Venus in Pegasus in the dawn of the Age of Pegasus. • Venus in Pegasus as planetary challenge after apocalyptic Venus in Hydra and Sputum. • The zodiac gets transparent in order to help the better orientation of Masonic temples. • Complete Works I, II and III by Klaudio Zic. The perfect trilogy for the astrologer-magus. • Academic Astrology Journal, issues I – V. Editorial notes, news and bonus material. • The Zodiacal Commandments of Amen-Re. Egyptian astrology demands resurrection! • The Southern Skies resume what was said on the Meridian Constellations in Astrology. • Taurus Rising report! Taurus is rising at east for five minutes every day at east. • Cetus Report for the year 2009 including the inner planets in Cetus and the Moon.3 Planetocentric Astrology.
  14. 14. • Masonic astrology takes off with Venus in Sextans, and the promiscuous 1967 generation.• Computer less astrology for everyone. Calculating issues in minutes. Hands-free astrology.• Marriage rendering astrology. 20 minutes divination initiation. Marriage rendering tools.• Stellar sign: true natal star sign. Proposed Sun in Orion and Cetus. Age of Pegasus.• Unicorn rising. Triune ascendant in ritual astrology. Lunar magick with Moon in Corvus.• Winter births may have up to six signs of zodiacal offset according to the stellar zodiac.• True star sign debunked as yet another zodiacal fraud after sidereal, tropical & eastern zodiacs.• Six signs of zodiacal error. The zodiacal offset has been reformulated at its bottle neck.• The zodiacal offset as pointing to racial inertia. Serpens Cauda as the ascendant of the USA.• 1 minute Moon ephemerides: Moon in Sextans, Corvus and Auriga.• 20 minutes astrology initiation. Instant marriage prediction technique for everyone.• Astrology for non-astrologers: calculating issues in seconds. Fast horoscope scan.• Axion, Quasar and Jupiter in Ophiuchus dynamism. The Green comet and Masonic TNO.• The zodiacal offset at its bottle neck. Venus in Sputum. 6 minute Sun ephemeris: IAU ingress.• Submersed ascendants. Hydra as representative of the sub-ecliptic ascendants in astrology.• Orcus and Axion report for the financial years 2009 - 2010. Moon in Corvus in the year 2009.• The zodiacal offset in European demonology. Serpens Caputo as ascendant of Italy.• True stellar sign. The zodiac is neither eastern nor western. It belongs to the stars.• 20 minute astrology initiation for the planet as featuring on 7H• Centaurean positions like Pholus in upper Ophiuchus, as well as several recently discovered dwarf planets have been scheduled as “fascist” within a new publication as dedicated to the astrological root of original fascism, an Utopian, even Taoist movement and philosophy.• The H method in horoscope analysis features the 4, 3.5 and 5 classes.• The new dwarf planet candidates are automatically fed into the horoscope wheel chart.• Delineation in the 12 Cartesian houses for all major discoveries in the year 2009, most prominently 2007 OR10. The publication includes half a dozen of “fascist” minor planets.• Zodiacal design extends to our colonies, after a dedicated zodiacal study as concern planet Earth. Cruithne is next, as planetocentric astrology gallops towards a new universe of variegated possibilities.• By keeping an eye on Faustini crater, the astrologer calculates the Moon impact chart xviii. 17F• Obama assassination. Dates when killers failed, along with future warnings for the President.
  15. 15. • 2007 OR10 updated xix for Vatican City, 666, Austin Osman Spare, NYSE, FED and Australia. 18F• 2007 OR10 updated for financial nose down along with potential Obama assassination dates.• 2007 OR10 secondary angular directions. Critical dates for the FED, KKK and Obama.• 2007 OR10 delineated in the 12 houses of the horoscope.• 2007 OR10 receives general as well as particular delineation.• Horoscope noir for Obama and 2007 OR10. Inauguration day with Eris and 2007 OR10.• 2007 OR10 has a specially affinity towards clear relationships as well as ones own reserves.• Houses of betrayal (5), marriage xx (11) and divorce (7) for 2007 OR10. 19F• The character of Unihipili is very determined, victorious and modest.• New giant dwarf planet 2007 OR10 delineated and published. Nickname Unihipili.• 2007 OR10 as our companion through world financial crisis and towards ecological redemption.• Venus in Pegasus and the Dark Age of Cetus III. Pegasus as ascendant for the New Age.• Ophiuchus and the six constellation zodiacal shift. Aton as central zodiacal station.• Satans zodiac. The definition of the zodiac. Pegasus as light bringer.• Queen of heaven. Mayan cults. The bride as projected illusion. Phosphorus.• Venus in Pegasus and the fallen bride of Brahma. Cetus and Middle Earth.• The original bride. Satan as Venus. Samael ET LILIT VERA. Chinese Nibiru.• The Mysteries of the Sith. The Sabbath of Aton. Venus as fallen bride in Cetus.• Horus opposing Eris in Cetus. Aton versus reptilian Venus. Second Epistle to Satan.• Preparing for the major crisis: Prosperity Rendering Tools. Survival with prosperity enabled.• New outer guardians and 2012 peaks. What vexes the USA ascendant? Ophiuchus transits.• Immortal and white centaurs at the Stargate. Centaurean astrology for the year 2012.• Enochian centaurs on the Tree of Life. Evocation of the centaurean Lords of the Æthyrs.• Global financial nosedive and the reptilian centaurs in nether astrology 2012.• The horoscope of the next Lord of the Zodiac. Horus cycle and Osiris precession.• Dante and the reptilian centaurs. Horary charts for the nether journey of Dante.• Age of Orion versus the end of the cycle. 2012 and the polarization of values.• Nether ascendants in Egyptian astrology. Subconscious ascendants in synastry,• Centaurs in Lupus and Centaurus and the prospect of alien life encounter.• Navajo and Hopi expansion of the Academic Zodiac. Chinese equatorial equations.
  16. 16. • Orcus Report as expanded for new outer guardians of our solar system. 2008 SO218.• Predictions xxi for the years 2009 ~ 2012 for the 15 Sun signs & 16 ascendants 20F 8H• 2008 SO218 and the apocalypse. 2012 updated for the traditional USA ascendant in Serpens Cauda.• Precession report. The next set of ascendants. Who survives 2012? New skies 144000 delineation.• Biblical basis for precession and reality rendering. Primordial void (Witchallow). Age of Orion.• Moses and Hipparchus versus Ptolemy and flat Earth. Astronomy versus superstition.• Surviving 2012. A little manual for the 144000. Where are new heavens coming from?• Financial meltdown peaks. 2009 stock market nosedive according to Orcus Report.• Further global financial crisis as caused by post-subprime major real estate market meltdown.• 2012 dates for the USA updated with new outer guardians and 2008 SO218.• WTC, Moon in Orion, Eris in Cetus, Osama bin Laden and the rule of the magi.• Orcus Report as extended to year 2018 after a due NASA data base update on Christmas 2008.• 2002 AW197 and Orcus reports as blended in a special financial package for businessmen.• NASA updates data bases according to our best wishes. Debugging and improved features.• Orcus Report as ultimate financial information for the investor in the year 2009 & decade ahead.• When not to invest in the year 2009? Dwarf planets bis in financial astrology. xxii• Financial analysis for the year 2009 includes refined timing21F according to Orcus. xxiii• Sidereal and tropical astrology for dummies. Guidelines for twenty minutes initiates 22F .• Marriage calculation for dummies. All the loves of your life in minutes.• Financial astrology for dummies. When not to invest? Insolvent factors.• The UK as central demoniac factor of the world economy crisis. Hidden reptilian agenda.• Secrets of the Lion & Unicorn. Hydra initiates, reptilian agenda and world economy crisis.• Financial perspective 2005 ~ 2085. The decade ahead. Hydra and the UK.• Venus in Pegasus in the Dark Ages. Dantes Inferno. Venus in Pegasus, Pisces and Cetus.• Infernal centaurs in Dante horary charts. Three horary charts for Nessus, Pholus, Dante and Cacus.
  17. 17. • Astrological maps for Middle Earth. Dantes Inferno, Mars in Cetus and London bombing.• Venus in Pegasus at the end of the Dark Age of Cetus III. Osculation of Venus in the New Æon.• Osculation of the population of the Stargate. White, reptilian and immortal centaurs.• Moon in Auriga and 1994 TA. Immortal centaurs in the Age of Aquarius. Sylph reports. xxiv• Fool at the Stargate 23F in the Age of Aquarius. Moon in Auriga at the end of the Age of Cetus III.• The lost zodiac of the Moon. The 22 tarot cards and the 22 letters of the alphabet. Moon in Auriga.• The Last Star of Cetus III. The first prophecy of the Age of Aquarius. The bottomless pit.• Dark Flux in the Age of Aquarius. The astrological delineations along the Axis of Evil.• Moon in Auriga and the precession of the Stargate of Gods. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius.• Waning Age of Cetus III. The execution of the False Prophet. Persecution of astrologers. 2012.• The sky is equal for everyone: woman and child, east or west. There is only one true sky.• Full Moon in Auriga as crucial zodiacal position against Sun in Ophiuchus.• The Pegasus works. Venus in Pegasus and the Child of the New Æon.• Pegasus as critical zodiacal constellation in the Age of Cetus. Ascendant Pegasus in the New Age.• The horoscope of the Child of the New Æon. Pegasus ascending and Delphi bis.• Pegasus approach. Venus in Pegasus, the Messiah and the Antichrist. New Æon.• The first prophecy against the False Prophet. Massacre of astrologers in the Age of Cetus.• Zodiacality helps in determining true zodiacal positions against 6 5 4 3 2 or 1 zodiacal sign offset.• Repudiation of pseudo-zodiacal superstition. The zodiac does not rise at east. 1-6 sign of error.• Dark Planets update for the year 2012. Lamia directions. Thanateros and the apocalypse.• Matrix Tarot deck upgrade for the year 2009 with new dwarf planets.• Epochal ascendants as assigned to geomantic figures. The historical Leo Minor problem.• The first prototype of the Orisha tarot approaches 88 ascending Loa.• Compatibility proof of the Aspectarian against spirits, tarot and Sabian system.• Three basic tarot decks as distributed between the 77 initiates.• Enochian attributions of dwarf planets on the Tree of Life.
  18. 18. • The second Book of Enoch. Tracing the correspondences of the Sephira.• Hebrew codex for the 11 dwarf planets on the Tree of Life.• The triune sigil of Eris in Cetus I, II & III. Eris in Sculptor and Phoenix.• Orisha compatibility with the 22/16 Matrix Tarot Deck. 88 voodoo cards.• Every object of interest receives a tarot card with Sumerian sigil.• Graphical upgrade of the zodiac. A minor revision of the centaurean sigil system.• Loa as present within the ritual of the age of Age of Cetus.• The Aspectarian as enriched by three tarot decks. The Kabir card.• 88 ascendants delineated as meridian constellations in their precession cycle.• Delineation for the basic 22 + 16 tarot cards. 38 as holy number.• Kabirian Tarot deck as enhanced with the new Dwarf Planets, comets and centaurs.• The Matrix Tarot Deck includes the 88 ascendants and 22 zodiacal constellations.• Zodiacality of Scutum and the 4-sign error. P-zodiacality and the 6-sign error. Pluto in Serpens.• Progressive repudiation of pseudo-astrology starts with one sign of error towards six signs (sic).• Pseudo-zodiacal error amounts to six signs (sic). A further elaboration on the Academic Zodiac.• Libra, Serpens Caput, Ophiuchus, Serpens Cauda, Scutum and Sagittarius: six signs of error (sic).• Six signs (sic) of zodiacal error debunked with Pluto in Serpens. USA ascendant Serpens Cauda.• Four signs of error with Venus in Scutum. Scutum is a zodiacal constellation. Juno in Scutum.• Three signs (sic) of astrological error demonstrated for the winter Sun. Sun in Libra on Nov 23rd.• Two signs (sic) of astrological error exposed as concern zodiacal positions. E.g. “Scorpio” is Virgo.• Two signs (sic) of error debunked as demonstrated by the proper observation of the ascendant.• Aries, Libra, Capricornus, Gemini and Scorpius do not rise at east at the present epoch.• The horoscope for Dantes Inferno. Delphinus, rising. Venus in Pegasus falling. Equuleus.• Horary maps for Dantes meeting with the three centaurs in Inferno. Central planetary map.• Palden Dorje, Aleister Crowley and Dante compared in April publication. (Work in progress). xxv• Financial analysis of the world economic crisis for the decade ahead from Hydra perspective . 24F• Personal real estate analysis as regulated by Moon in Auriga, Orion and Sextans.• 2002 AW197 in zodiacal Hydra constellation in horary, election and financial astrology.
  19. 19. • Reality rendering in the real estate business. Active dis-creation of the subprime mortgage crisis.• Tipping the dragon scales. Hydra progressions in daily astrology. Nile precession and the spine.• The ascendant set and zodiac are separate units, as in the real sky, so in your own horoscope• Sextans in financial analysis. Moon, Mercury and Venus in Sextans. Orcus in Sextans. xxvi• Ascendant Sextans and Outer Guardians 25F in Sextans. Masonic astrology revised.• Galactic ascendant, Axis of Evil and Dark flux in Anatomic Astrology. The sash of comets.• Daily progression of the 16 ascendants for wearable computers (project). Portable horary astrology.• Reptilian extra-zodiacal astrology. The secrets of Draco. Ascension astrology in orgasm timing.• Dating a reptilian. How does her Venus in Hydra act upon your Mars in Cetus? Monster sex.• Tipping the scales. Reptilian ascendants in daily life. Sexual peaks using Reptilian Astrology VI.• Ascendant compatibility. Hydra versus neighbors and opponents. Short versus long constellations.• Marriage calculator for adolescents as plug-in for the 22/16 system. Supports dating astrology.• Astrological lineage as dating from Menes and Egypt. The legacy of Babylonia, China and India.• Aboriginal astrology on spacecraft. Who were the first astrologers? Alien origin of intelligence.• One minute astrology for children with instant prediction manual. Stock exchange for kids.• Reptilian centaurs in astrology. Dante, Palden Dorje and Aleister Crowley. April.• Alien ascendants compilation for near objects and auxiliary moons.• Spacecraft astrology for Cruithne colons and baby delivery in outer space. Alien guardian angels.• Sun and the planets in 88 constellations. 88 ascendants in solar system astrology.• Kabirian ascendants. Astrology of the inner man. True self in the stars. Stellar origin of the soul.• Mars Venus galactic midpoint and Stargate dynamism in the galactic chart of the USA.• USA Stargate Map dynamism. The galactic ascendant versus the stargates in the year 2012.• The Grand Orient from Age of Orion to Age of Cetus. Astrological orientation in masonry.• Masonic lodge orientation according to the Seal, Reptilia and ornithology. xxvii• New Precession series launched on November 23rd with Sun in Libra 26F , Sai Babas birthday.
  20. 20. • Cygnus and Lyra in American occult astrology. Galactic ascendant and the Federation.• The Irish ascendant of the USA. Galactic ascendant progressions in Irish landscape astrology.• The Astrologer of the Æon. Precession of the initiated soul. Age of Orion – Osiris.• Nether ascendants in sexual and financial astrology. Hit the horoscope below its belt.• Nile precession and Stargate orientation in Nubian galactic astrology. Cygnus and USA.• Progressions of the galactic ascendant. Ornithological astrology of the USA.• Galactic astrology 2012. London and the Great Seal of the USA. Lyran occultation.• Regulus occultation and the New York lodge. The dark reign of the golden infant.• The main 32 dwarf planets in marriage astrology. The seventh galactic house.• The Hydra seal of Great Britain. Royal reptilian horoscopes and precession of the Unicorn.• British court and reptilian descendants in royal marriage horoscopes. Prince William.• Reptilian heraldry. The Last Unicorn and the great Hydra swindle in British Ahriman masonry.• Mundane precession patterns in astrology in the Age of Cetus. Orion kills the Gemini twins.• Galactic ascendant in planetocentric astrology. Juno-centric analysis of marriage charts.• Progression of the galactic ascendant in soul mate horoscopes.• Galactic ascendant in Stargate dynamism. Killer galaxy, Galactic center and Stargate of Evil.• The precession of the Stargate of Hell in personal horoscopes. Killer galaxy in horary.• Gryphon and vulture in basic American astrology. Reptilian dynamism of the Great Seal.• Precession in natal astrology. Natal patterns, dark cults and the dis-creation of the wheel time.• Procession of the main great holes along the Axis of Evil from Bible to the Dark Flux abysmal.• Breaking the 12 spikes. Astrology, superstition, lie and the devil en personal Bodhisattva.• Progressions of the ascendant. Ephemeris ascendant animations for incipient astrologers.• Precession of the equinoxes from Ophiuchus to Cetus. The Age of Orion and the killer Stargate.• Drac & 2002 MS4. Sarah Palin at the killer Stargate. Vampire objects across the galactic center.• The precession of the Stargate of Hell in personal horoscopes. Killer galaxy in horary astrology.• The Axis of Evil and Dark Flow in the Age of Hydra. Personal soul precession horoscope.• The Age of Osiris versus Gemini. Moon in Orion, the WTC and precession of the horoscope.• Precession of gods in sacred astrology. The 15 stations of the Sun in the natal horoscope.• Galactic ascendant in royal marriage astrology. Progressing galactic relationship charts.• Masonic presidents. George Bush, Nephthys and Canis Minor. Sarah Palin and killer Drac.• Secondary angular direction of Eris in Pavo and the American dark totems. USA Dark Flux.
  21. 21. • Moon in Auriga and Venus in Orion as markers in secondary angular Stargate direction.• Natal Sun in Orion in the Age of Cetus. The precession of the soul in the Age of Osiris.• Stargate directions. Primary and secondary angular direction of the Stargates.• Reformed Egyptian astrology: Osiris ascendant and the precession of the Stargates.• Ascendant Unicorn established as main mediator between the Age of Osiris and Leo.• 10 minutes astrology initiation for children: predict your own marriage in seconds.• Precessed secondary angular directions in the Academic Zodiac environment.• Precessed directions. Ephemeris for the ascendant. Precession in daily astrology.• Precession of the Stargates as defined in the personal horoscope.• Horizon- galactic dynamism in astrology. The precession of the galactic horoscope.• Dark Flow integrated with the Axis of Evil and the Stargates.• The Seal of the USA, 2012, London, UFOs, Galactic Federation, Lyra and the dollar:• The horoscope of the Great Seal of the U.S.A. Basic vultures and gryphons in astrology.• Eris Chiron dynamism and the great American crisis. Hydra tail and the civil war.• Regulus occultation path in astrology and ascent of the secret NY Regulus lodge.• U.S.A. ascendants: Cygnus, Serpens, Aquila and Lyra. Galax versus precessed ascendant.• Egyptian 3800 BC synastry as in the Academic Zodiac environment (Project).• Egyptian horoscope for the U.S.A., Iris and Ipy dynamism. Stargate progression 2012.• Vultures in the American horoscope. Kabiria Publications. Reptilian v/s ornithological.• Ornithological astrology follows on the trail of reptilian astrology.• Kingdom of Ra Ver Neit Nubty proclamation as partly published on Youtube. Kabiria established.• ET IN KABIRIA LEGO announces the new astrologer. Who is he and when does he come?• Dark twin horoscope in reptilian astrology. The stranger within intrudes into your own choices.• Detailed astrology of the Killer Galaxy, Stargate of Hell and Galactic Center. Sarah Palin Drac.• Is her Venus in Hydra compatible with your Mars in Cetus? How do your Stargates cooperate?• The dark side of the horoscope. Someone you never knew (but suspected in?) lives within you.• Stargate activation. When is your Stargate active? Secondary angular direction of the Stargate.• Precession of the Stargates. Directing the personal Stargate across past and future incarnations.• Reptilian love affairs. What happens when two reptilian horoscopes meet? Hydra directions.• The intersection of the Dark Flux with the Axis of Evil as alternative Stargate.
  22. 22. • Prosperity astrology. Discreating financial crisis while establishing collective prosperity.• Dark twin horoscope. Using the Axis of Evil. Timing the Dark Flux for gain on the market.• 16 versus Hydra. Reptilian Synastry upgrade. Deucalion/Ceto new moon and global floods.• Annunaki and the outer guardians. Travel schedule with the help of the Dark Flux.• Eris across the Dark Flux. Eris in Centaurus and the Red Ring of Life.• The progression of the American ascendant from reptilian to plumed. Serpens & Aquila.• Mexican heraldry. Aquila snatches Serpens. Occult symbolism of national ascendants.• Your other horoscope. The stranger within gets ones own natal chart.• Dark twin horoscope, the Dark Flux and Axis of Evil as shade and projection.• Plummeted ascendants. Birds and reptilian DNA in horoscopes of giants.• Dark planet Dagon in the horoscope of giants. Dark horoscope and the Loa.• Reptilian astrology test. Are you reptilian? 9H• Masonic constellations in astrology. Keanu Reeves and Mercury in Sextans.• 2002 MS4 as Masonic currents in Serpens Cauda. The 4 rulers of the U.S.A.• Quaoar in Ophiuchus at the 12th cusp of the horoscope of the U.S.A.• The Annunaki cycle and outer guardians, an expansion of the Da Vinci cycle for Eris.• 2004 XP14 and the American elections. Quaoar in Ophiuchus as mainstream propaganda.• Juno in Scutum and the new Masonic order for chaste women. The female white front.• Lacerta in business horoscopes. Meridian constellations in reptilian financial astrology.• Plumed Serpent across the American ascendant. DNA ascendants in scientific astrology.• Chariklo and the red ring of life at the Dark Flux and axis of Evil crossing. xxviii• The Union of the Snake. Exposing the list of countries with reptilian ascendants 27F .• Serpens versus Hydra. The clash between reptilian races and American Civil War II.• Alexandrian plot. The dark fraction, RA Moses 22-zodiac and the treason of Ptolemy.• SIRIVS Lodge and the Owl in Masonic heraldry. Ramming astrology.• The Temple of the Snake. Bohemian Grove astrology. Solstice of the Owl.• The Philadelphia telescope and new American masonry. Plot within the Lodge.• The Mexican heraldry plot. Aquila versus Serpens. Maximilian and the Vatican.• Expansion of Pepin the Short through Hapsburg and Vatican.• The 7 Hills of Hydra. Sextans and the Stargate in Vaticans horoscopes.• Sextans in all Russian horoscopes. The Vatican connection.
  23. 23. • All the U.S.A. presidents with reptilian ascendants. Barbara Crowley Bush.• Sleeping agent. Lacerta and Draco in natal astrology. The second reptilian count.• As above so below. The Great Snake in the sky. Hidden LA and the reptilian zodiac.• Digging in the dirt. Reptilian astrology for Hollywood and its Hebrew legacy.• Aquila and Lacerta in the horoscopes of CEO and grand masons. The tycoon aspect.• Reptilian ascendants in the agendas of the U.S.A. presidential candidates.• Hidden reptilian ascendants of Italy, Vatican, the United Kingdom and U.S.A.• Serpens and Hydra in heraldry, masonry and astrology. The 32nd degree temple.• Reptilian astrology in Australian heraldry. Dorado precession and the Child.• Two signs of error in European astrology presented as work of the Dark Lodge.• Ptolemy debunked. The precession of the ascendants against the “fixed sky”.• The 16 eastern ascendants as confronted with geomancy.• illustrates the precession of the ascendants. 10H• The 22 letters of the Hebrew zodiac as enlivened within the Academic Zodiac.• 32nd degree masonry astrology on youtube announcing the end of times.• Hidden zodiacal cults in Europe. A note on Sun in Orion and Sun in Cetus.• Zodiacal plot debunked down to the roots of anti-Semitism.• Black swan operation. British court and writer David Icke confronted with reptilian astrology.• Examples of Dark Flow and the Axis of Evil in Cartesian house direction.• Witchallow and Witchållow projected into the Dark Flow. The Mordred effect.• The horoscope has two primary axes, the Axis of Evil and experimental Dark Flow.• The Axis of Evil has been rotated to the right around the Dark Flow midpoint.• Eris and the dwarf planets have been directed along the Dark Flow.• Secondary altitude direction along the Dark Flow.• Dark Flow has been entered below the Axis of Evil.• Experimenting with Dark Flow in Centaurus constellation.• Chariklo and the red ring of life reactivated in Centaurus.• WMAP cold spot directed by altitude. Cartesian house directions.• Eridanus direction. Dioretsa as Sedna WMAP midpoint.• Petition to UNICEF for children birth rights. Children have right to their true natal skies.• Asyut Minya precession and the Kabiria concept in planetary exorcism.
  24. 24. • Nile precession maps and Stargate orientation in galactic astrology.• Conception horoscope. The Night & Day house system has 24 houses.• Third version of kabalistic attribution for the 22 zodiacal constellations.• The progressive Hebrew zodiac as dwarf planets scale. 22 musical dwarf planets.• Incantations, sigils and mantrae for the 64 main dwarf planets.• Centaurs in theurgy. Elipinon is Asbolus. (Work in progress).• 360 angel guardian stars receive dwarf planet attribution.• Snow White and the seven dwarfs system. Dwarf planets for children.• The dark planets are integrated into the Tree of Life in 16+1 fashion.• Dozens of Centaurs attributed to the hidden Æthyrs around the Tree of Life.• 64 dwarf planets assigned to the Tree of Life. Ain Soph problem solved.• 32 dwarf planets assigned to the (AaTz ChIIM) Tree of Life.• Sun in Orion and Cetus implemented into native astrology and reformed Egyptian astrology.• Cartesian house system implemented into native astronomy. The default is no house.• Dwarf Planets in the 12 houses updated for the latest H =< 4 objects.• Navaho and Hopi astronomy blended with Egyptian, e.g. Selquit & Rabbit Paws plug-in.• Elevation equations compared between WTC and LHC. Timing catastrophe equation set. xxix• Monsters Typhon, Ceto and Logos updated for LHC 28F .• Makemake and Haumea updated. Haumea enters Bootes. Bailout.• Iah congregation of planets. Spica Virginis bracketed. The fools aspect. Bailout.• Hydra tail and the decline of the Prince of Darkness. Where is hell located?• A decade of economic decay, war lost and “socialistic capitalism”.• 2008 KV42 full delineation published in the 12 houses.• D zodiac defined. The first vampire zodiac. Cross grid with X zodiac. Pavo and Reticulum. xxx xxxi• 2008 KV42 Drac delineated along with Buffy . Vampires in astrology 29F 30F . Outer guardians update. xxxii• Horoscope for the Moon impact. Faustini-centric horoscope for the first impact 31F . xxxiii• Tony Colaprete delays mission. Muddled results predicted. Islamic world alarmed 32F .• Petition to Anthony Colaprete of NASA. Islamic apocalypse.• Anthony Colaprete gives mission details. Moon scheduled for bombarding in the year 2009.• 50 Moon nuke conspiracy disclosed. LCROSS mission swapped.
  25. 25. • 2009 Moon scheduled for double impact. Faustini crater. xxxiv • 2005 FY9 named Makemake. 2003 EL61 becomes Haumea 33F .Record # Epoch-yr Primary Desig Name H-------- -------- ------------- ------------------------- -----50000 2001 2002 LM60 Quaoar 2.6790377 2004 2003 VB12 Sedna 1.5690482 2001 2004 DW Orcus 2.30134340 2006 (undefined) Pluto -0.70136108 2006 2003 EL61 Haumea 0.18136199 2003 2003 UB313 Eris -1.24136472 2006 2005 FY9 Makemake -0.48 • Pluto is redefined as plutoid within the historical P Zodiac. • A minor update for ex pseudo-classes of Earth co-orbitals, Apoheles and Outer Guardians. • The Earth umbra is determined by house and major conjunctions, “Earth in the horoscope”. • The Stargates have been aligned with supervoids along the Axis of Evil. • The Bootes supervoid receives major status within the Axis of Evil. • The WMAP cold spot in Eridanus is paired with the Bootes supervoid. • The Axis of Evil has been determined as standard axis for every horoscope. • Chinese Olympics with bad omens from Vesta, 2002 AW197, Orcus, Jupiter and Saturn. • The 2006 – 2012 subprime mortgage crises have been determined against the fall of the Fed. xxxv • 2014 reestablished as focal year for the world crisis 34F and Christian apocalypse. • Further global economic crisis announced for the year 2008. • Subprime mortgage crisis happens as predicted by 2002 AW197. Black Monday. • A special study is published concerning centaurs in the constellations of Centaurus and Lupus. • Centauress nymph Chariklo has been associated with the discovery of alien life. • The ring of life has been announced in the constellation of Centaurus. • Alien life may be present on Titan as well as reddish centaurs and comets. xxxvi • Witchållow 35F determines the date of the Armageddon according to military analysis. xxxvii xxxviii xxxix • Witchållow 36F has been directed37F , assuming full role in astrological prediction 38F . xl xli • Witchållow receives its delineation in the 12 houses (Night & Day house system). 39F 40F • The WMAP cold spot is ascending in Eridanus. Witchållow introduced into astrology. • The Dark Flux – Axis of Evil dynamism in Stargate astrology. Killer stargate. • World economic crisis with 2002 AW197 in Hydra. Subprime mortgage crisis.
  26. 26. xlii xliii• Venus enters Hydra 41F with Jupiter in Ophiuchus , announcing the Antichrist. 42F xliv• Mercury in Orion 43F follows Mars in Cetus in the year 2007.• The One who Comes is determined in 650 years. Age of Aquarius after Cetus III. xlv xlvi• All dwarf planets 44F with to H < 5 were delineated for the benefit of future astrologers . 45F• The academic zodiac was introduced in August 2006 having 22 IAU constellations.• Hydra tail and triune Cetus astrology. The three ages of Cetus. American civil war. xlvii• Eris receives copious delineation 46F since its appearance as “Xena” (2003 UB313). xlviii• The X Zodiac 47F has been published on August 1st 2005 along with 2003 UB313.• 2005 FY9, 2003 EL61, Orcus, Quaoar, Sedna, 2002 AW197 and Ixion delineated.• Angel guardian and the precession of the ascendant. Occult rising star in personal dharma.• Transneptunian Astrology upgrade. H < 4 with Eris in the 12 houses.• The P Zodiac is valid conclusively with August 2006 as official Academic Zodiac.• The planetocentric systems xlii receive their local zodiacs along with galactic ascendant sets.• Transneptunes in Enochian Æthyrs. Web awards. I Ching Aspectarian integration.• Eris displaced Pluto on the expanded Tree of Life. AIN SOPH redefined.• Reality rendering becomes standard occult procedure. Instant magick for everyone.• The Personal Cosmic Avatar in the RTRRT suite of instant magick initiation.• The “outer guardians” have been delineated within the Nibiru Research project.• All centaurs; SDO, cubewano, plutino, KBO; Apoheles & Earth coorbitals delineated. xlix• The Moon and Mercury received their zodiacal definition . 48F• Lunar, Mercurial and Venusian zodiacs. Martial zodiac. 13th jovial intelligence. l• Venus delineated through the 21 constellations . 49F• The 17 dark planets with further purport. Lamia or Nemesis prominent. li• The Changes have been directed within the “I Ching Aspectarian” . 50F• Riccioli and LILIT VERA in modern times. Last observations of dark moon Lilith. lii• Cassini Lilith , the observed dark moon, delineation & elements disclosed. 51F liii liv• All centaur objects delineated as discovered . 52F 53F• The scientific zodiac and set of current ascendants has been re-determined. lv• The ascendant of the U.S.A. has been determined as Serpens Cauda . 54F lvi• There are nearly 30 zodiacal constellations . The birth of the N2 Zodiac. 55F
  27. 27. • Fed as determined by Phoenix constellation. Da Vinci cycle. Eris and Phoenix. • Reality rendering as planetary exorcism. Breaking the 12 spikes. Astrology debunked. lvii • The set of meridian constellations 56F as delineated for use in financial astrology. • Planetocentric Astrology. Eros, comets and Phobos-centric horoscopes. lviii • The set of meridian constellations 57F was delineated for use in financial astrology. • Planetocentric experiments. Eros, comets, Phobos. NASA JPL HORIZONS. • Detailed scanning of the Earth zodiac and local zodiac. Cruithne zodiac. • The zodiac and ascendant set reformed in the famous half an hour. • The academic zodiac research starts with Moon in Sextans. • The reformation of Egyptian astrology. Early Egyptian synastry studies. • The ascendants determined for the first dynasty. The precession of the ascendants. lix • The set of ascendants for the current epoch determined as 16 IAU constellations. 58F • Astrology debunked: three signs of error. NASA ephemeris versus superstition. • The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools introduced as personal instant magick. lx lxi • 1992 QB1 and centaur objects Pholus, Nessus and Asbolus lxii were delineated. 59F 60F 61F lxiii • The end of sidereal and tropical astrology. Vedic astrology upgrade with awards . 62F • First zodiacal draft (the 28-IAU zodiac). Ascendants for the epoch determined. lxiv • The ephemeris for the Sun 63F was determined according to IAU standards. Klaudio Zici Delineation for all dwarf planets, centaurs, outer guardians, comets, planets, satellites, Apoheles, main belt comets, historical asteroids, earth Trojan moons; stars, deep sky objects, Dark Flux, Axis of Evil, Witchallow, stargates …ii Academic Zodiac, Precessed Ascendant & Cartesian house system.iii RTRRT.iv The initiate is a magus candidate. It will take a lifetime in order to become one, but if one does not already see oneself as one, it may never happen. Thus conflicting words are not conflicting at all. See also Advantage Point, a RTRRT initiation © 2010 by Klaudio Zic.v
  28. 28. <SNIP> <!-- [out of 638] --> 2060 1999 1977 UB Chiron 6.50 10199 2003 1997 CU26 Chariklo 6.40 15789 1996 1993 SC 6.90 15874 2000 1996 TL66 5.40 15875 2000 1996 TP66 6.80 16684 2012 1994 JQ1 6.90 19308 1999 1996 TO66 4.50 19521 2000 1998 WH24 Chaos 4.90 20000 2006 2000 WR106 Varuna 3.70 24835 2001 1995 SM55 4.80 26181 2000 1996 GQ21 5.20 26308 2002 1998 SM165 5.80 26375 2002 1999 DE9 4.70 28978 2005 2001 KX76 Ixion 3.20 33001 2012 1997 CU29 6.60 33340 2001 1998 VG44 6.50 35671 2000 1998 SN165 5.80 38083 2001 1999 HX11 Rhadamanthus 6.70 38628 2005 2000 EB173 Huya 4.70 40314 2002 1999 KR16 5.71 42301 2001 2001 UR163 4.05 47171 2002 1999 TC36 4.73 47932 2002 2000 GN171 6.13 48639 1999 1995 TL8 5.26 50000 2005 2002 LM60 Quaoar 2.48 53311 2012 1999 HU11 Deucalion 6.60 55565 2003 2002 AW197 3.26 55636 2006 2002 TX300 3.21 55637 2003 2002 UX25 3.60 55638 2005 2002 VE95 5.56 58534 2002 1997 CQ29 Logos 6.64 59358 2000 1999 CL158 6.95 60454 2001 2000 CH105 6.26 60458 2012 2000 CM114 6.60 60620 2001 2000 FD8 6.63 60621 2001 2000 FE8 6.82 65489 2005 2003 FX128 Ceto 6.23 66452 2012 1999 OF4 6.90 66652 2000 1999 RZ253 Borasisi 5.86 78799 2012 2002 XW93 5.50 79360 2005 1997 CS29 Sila-Nunam 5.17 79978 2000 1999 CC158 5.74 79983 2000 1999 DF9 6.10 80806 2002 2000 CM105 6.60 82075 2003 2000 YW134 4.77 82155 2012 2001 FZ173 6.10 82157 2003 2001 FM185 6.87
  29. 29. 82158 2003 2001 FP185 6.10 84522 2004 2002 TC302 3.78 84719 2012 2002 VR128 5.70 84922 2005 2003 VS2 4.04 85633 2012 1998 KR65 6.80 86047 2000 1999 OY3 6.74 88267 2012 2001 KE76 6.60 88268 2003 2001 KK76 6.13 88611 2003 2001 QT297 Teharonhiawako 5.47 90377 2005 2003 VB12 Sedna 1.58 90482 2006 2004 DW Orcus 2.30 90568 2004 2004 GV9 3.90 95626 2005 2002 GZ32 6.99118702 2003 2000 OM67 6.30119066 2003 2001 KJ76 6.57119067 2012 2001 KP76 6.60119068 2003 2001 KC77 6.58119070 2002 2001 KP77 6.78119878 2012 2002 CY224 6.00119951 2004 2002 KX14 4.50119956 2012 2002 PA149 6.00119979 2012 2002 WC19 5.00120132 2004 2003 FY128 4.80120178 2004 2003 OP32 3.95120216 2012 2004 EW95 6.70120347 2004 2004 SB60 Salacia 4.21120348 2001 2004 TY364 4.25123509 2012 2000 WK183 6.40126154 2004 2001 YH140 5.50126719 2012 2002 CC249 6.70133067 2012 2003 FB128 6.40134210 2012 2005 PQ21 6.80134340 2006 Pluto -0.70134860 2005 2000 OJ67 5.97135024 2012 2001 KO76 6.70135182 2005 2001 QT322 5.86135571 2012 2002 GG32 6.80136108 2007 2003 EL61 Haumea 0.03136199 2006 2003 UB313 Eris -1.19136472 2007 2005 FY9 Makemake -0.44137294 2012 1999 RE215 6.70138537 2003 2000 OK67 5.96139775 2012 2001 QG298 6.30143707 2012 2003 UY117 6.10143991 2012 2003 YO179 6.10144897 2012 2004 UX10 4.50145451 2012 2005 RM43 4.40145452 2012 2005 RN43 3.90
  30. 30. 145453 2012 2005 RR43 4.00 145474 2012 2005 SA278 6.20 145480 2012 2005 TB190 4.70 148209 2012 2000 CR105 6.10 148780 2004 2001 UQ18 Altjira 5.76</SNIP>vi See on the Tarot of the 1008 planets.vii Below is a log entry by one of the night shiftersat the LHC/ATLAS control board:On 25. 6. 2012 07:03, wrote: Shift Chronology ================ 23:00 Start of shift. 23:30 Italy defeats England on penalties. Looking at todays shift crew, this should have a positive effect on the trigger data quality. 23:30 Beam dump, Post Mortem Analysis looks clean. Returning injection permit. Indeed, the effect was immediate! Another couple of events like this and I will start to believe in quantum entanglement (Einsteins "spooky action at a distance")!viii By various sets of coordinates.ix A special asteroid. A part of its designation being XP, it was tested and used against major anomalies in global computing.x Eridanus in the chamber of the south is a rare ascendant acting as southern constellation.xi This is taken to mean that we enter a deeper Age as by angular direction we wade and partly sink into Eridanus, after a short sojourn in Taurus. Technically we are still in the Age of Cetus II, where the initiates ascend into the Age of Pegasus. The Ages of Cetus and Pegasus enmesh through their II and III phases. In the solar Age of Cetus we enter the Venusian Age of Pegasus, but within the Age of Pegasus II we enter a deeper and larger New Age.xii As published under May 2010 Planet Log.xiii Original nickname “Solo”. The thirteenth edition was published on December 31st 2010.xiv Brahmacarya, but also other forms of isolation and extreme existential solitude.xv Meaning the Damocles sword of world financial crash hanging over home planet.xvi In an initiate, the Age of Cetus III is skipped ipse dixit.xvii Default mind is a yin-yang device, the binary mind; as based on dual illusion. It sells contradiction. It is amazing how humanity, or what was left of it, readily accepted things that were known not to be to the point, such as the general superstition that went under the name of “astrology”: a shameful asinine mockery of the real skies.xviii 2009 is the year when our fist missiles are scheduled to hit the Moon.xix On January 21st, we are speaking of update No #5 for 2007 OR10.xx Also love.xxi Article removed in compliance to Copyright policy.xxii The original publication was immediately debugged with new NASA data for Orcus. The osculating elements for the dwarf planets and objects of interest update frequently, thus all the calculation are subject to prompt revision all of the time.xxiii Article removed because of Copyright issues.xxiv See also Moon in Auriga. The attribution is based on the number 22.xxv From the perspective of Hydra, meaning the portents pertaining to the entrance of Venus and 2002 AW197 into Hydra.xxvi The Outer Guardians are distant objects of the solar system.xxvii The Sun enters Scorpius on November 23rd. See NASA ephemeris below.xxviii Both eastern or precessed and incarnated ascendants. The document is classified even for the 32nd masonry degree.xxix Large Hadron Collider.
  31. 31. xxx Vintage vampire object in early transneptunian astrology.xxxi Drac is of accidental interest to presidential candidate Sarah Palin in that it ascends from Scorpius into Ophiuchus.xxxii Timing estimated by Anthony Colaprete through private correspondence.xxxiii The Prophet has split the Moon into halves. Xingu risks an opened scar. The second splitting of the Moon is Islamic apocalypse. Islamic authorities send alarm signals through youtube.xxxiv The text does not make mention of minor naming of dwarf planets, which are nevertheless included in our extended publication.xxxv 2014 is the crisis before 2020. The year 2014 has been first analyzed in our publication entitled AION, as concern the fall of Vatican. The subprime mortgage crisis may be at its peak in the year 2014.xxxvi WMAP cold spot in Eridanus, the great void.xxxvii The Witchållow materials have been party translated into Italian language. This is our first integral Italian publication dedicated to modern astrology.xxxviii By primary and secondary direction.xxxix The role is twofold. The easiest way to direct Witchållow is to project it for tropical astrology use. In that way the WMAP cold spot becomes a fictitious dot at 10 degrees Taurus tropical. This projection nevertheless yields results in primary direction. The second way as especially applied to secondary progression is to keep the WMAP cold spot in its place of origin in Eridanus while progressing any objects of interest.xl Zic, Klaudio. 2007. Witchållow. Klaudio Zic Publications.xli The Academic Zodiac context includes the concept of the local zodiac as applied to horoscopes of beings, born on other planets. The Night & Day house system was introduced as our direct answer to the challenge of a single house system that would answer the logical needs of the astrologer as well as serve as didactic platform for the initiate. The Night & Day house system reflects the observed sky. While this statement may seem blunt, it nevertheless encapsulates mysterious simplicity. Let us not forget that the WMAP cold spot is rising in Eridanus in the Night & Day house system and nowhere else in all astrology over the past 3000 years. Neither the Chinese nor the Sumerian ever had such a house system, albeit it is the most obvious of all, being the blunt refection of the skies as we observe them from this planet Earth. Something so simple is surely welcome into our own technical culture, especially as able to handle our next step. Which is our next giant leap forward as technical culture? The Night & Day house system is able to handle local zodiacs on spacecraft as fed by the board computer. In other words while obsolete house systems could not handle Oslo in Norway, we are able to process horoscopes at any speed in whatever alien galaxy. The first obvious improvements are of topocentric nature, namely the Night & Day house system is able to analyze the horoscope for an undersea quake, as well as set the houses for the birthplace of Dalai Lama. The Cartesian system works anywhere in the galaxy with equal precision. Altitude is an integral part of the horoscope, as it is based on topocentric standards as implied within the Cartesian system. Depression and altitude affect the position of the Moon as well as other factors in a horoscope, especially when extreme. This point was largely overlooked by amateur astrology programs, which never prompted the operator at entering the altitude of the place. Considering the major difficulties that a superstitious astrology had in the past 3000 years, we can bluntly state that altitude is a minor problem of the past, successfully solved within the Night & Day house system. The Night & Day house system is actually based on azimuth and altitude, as following the logic of the observer. When the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Orion one can see it. Whatever is shown in the house system can be observed in the real sky. Prior to our house system one could not find any relationship with the real sky as astrology was rightfully considered blunder and superstition. The Night & Day house system is not in the least confined to planet Earth only. In extension, we were able to assign local zodiacs to all the planets of the solar system; in addition, experimental areas as ruled by the Earth coorbitals, outer guardians, dwarf planets or comets. The results of our research were published under Zic, Klaudio. 2006. Planetocentric Astrology. Klaudio Zic Publications. Planetocentric astrology thus marks a giant step ahead for humankind ready to be born on other planets and spacecraft with precise horoscopes even horary charts. A baby having Sun in Cygnus within the Night & Day house system is already a reality within the Academic Zodiac framework. The Academic Zodiac namely extends to other planets, alien galaxies and spacecraft.xlii Zic, Klaudio. 2006. Venus in Hydra. Klaudio Zic Publications.xliii Zic, Klaudio. 2005. Jupiter in Ophiuchus. Klaudio Zic Publications.xliv Zic, Klaudio. 2005. Mercury in Orion. Klaudio Zic Publications. As Lady Diana Frances Spencer, late Princess of Wales, has Mercury in Orion in her own natal chart, our special attention was focused to unusual terrorist activity surrounding the princess’ jubilee. In an apocalyptic year such as 2007, even Mars in Cetus is taken into consideration as an incentive to underground terrorism much as it exploded in the London underground in the year 2005.xlv ******************************************************************************** The Academy of Scientific Astrology is based on astronomic principles confirming to the IAU convention. The calculations are performed onthe HORIZONS integrator by Jon Giorgini of NASA JPL, Pasadena CA. Subject headings: solar system – zodiac, astrology – academic zodiac and precessed ascendant set, magick - RTRRT
  32. 32. Online material: Updating list of largest dwarf planets on the site Eris has been delineated as 2003 UB313 in the 12 houses of the horoscope. The original delineation are therefore unaffected by naming or even its nickname, Xena. Furthermore, “Eris in the 12 houses of the horoscope” has been separately applied to kids, the adolescent, women and even pets. This variegated approach to delineation follows on the trail of Quaoar, which has been delineated for love, finance and magick. Our first transneptunian delineation pertains to 1992 QB1. The major breakthrough was to come with 2000 WR106, Varuna; and whatever was written of Ixion, Sedna and 2002 TX300 is history.xlviii The X zodiac has been published on an early date, august 1st 2005. At the time, much as today we were fully operative and ready for analysis after working hard on TNO like Quaoar. Gigabytes of material were written and published around a single transneptunian object because it was so important to reach planetary status from being a mere transneptunian. The race begun silently in 1992 with the first cubewano, when astrologers were generally unaware of the new discoveries.xlix The Moon has a special “last word” within the academic zodiac since it defines the 22nd constellation.l Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Venus in Special Constellations. Klaudio Zic Zic, Klaudio. 2004. I Ching Aspectarian. Klaudio Zic Publications.lii Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Cassini Lilith or LILIT VERA. Lulu Publications.liii Prior to the discovery of the first cubewano, the astrologer had only a couple of centaurs to dabble with. Pholus, Nessus and Asbolus were joined by cubewano 1992 QB1. All delineation was made before the naming thus the original delineation for e.g. Varuna are copyrighted to Klaudio Zic. All TNO and centaur objects were delineated by Klaudio Zic as published on That is, all centaurs were delineated as they were discovered until year 2007. As the centaurs were gradually named, they never really fitted into their original delineation completely, namely all objects were delineated prior to their naming by a committee. We are planning a major revision of the delineation of all centaurs in one volume. The centaurs that have been assigned temporary designation but were re-designated later as e.g. SDO, will be included in this edition. True, we have gradually lost interest in the upcoming centaurean discoveries since giant trans-Neptunian objects kept us transfixed and busy. Gigabytes of material were written and scanned around a single TNO like Quaoar. When a new giant like Sedna appeared it naturally dwarfed any centaur in importance as it commanded respect along with our total Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Genesis Ascendant. Klaudio Zic Publications.lvi The number was reduced to 22 in August 2006.lvii The further studies of Eris in Phoenix (Phoenix Cycle) were based on this work.lviii The further studies of Eris in Phoenix (Phoenix Cycle) were based on this work.lix Sets for various epochs are available from the site.lx The cubewano objects have received their name precisely from their predecessor 1992 QB1. The first cubewano was nicknamed “Smiley”; then came “Karla” with tradition continuing as “Xena” and “Easter bunny” kept on popping up. All the KBO and centaur objects were delineated prior to being named, thus no influence of Greek names or mythology haunts delineation. The incipient delineation included 1993 RO, 1993 SB, 1993 RP, 1993 FW; those were the first steps into the gloriously flowering field of transneptunian astrology. 1992 and 1993 refer to years so transneptunian astrology is now 15 years old with all TNO (transneptunian objects: cubewano, plutino, SDO and the new categories) with H < 5 delineated. Zic, Klaudio. 2006. Transneptunian Astrology VII. Klaudio Zic Publications. See also Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Dwarf Planets in the 7th House. Klaudio Zic Publications. All the enlisted dwarf planets were delineated by year 2006. Special publications were dedicated to 2003 EL61 and 2005 FY. In the meantime the objects were named Haumea and Makemake. Important as well abundant space is dedicated to Varuna, Ixion, Quaoar and Sedna.lxi All centaur objects were delineated as they have been discovered and before being named.lxii Chiron was immediately dismissed as obsolete comet chunk, albeit it was probably thought of as a centaur for a lingering moment. The same people, who fooled themselves into some New Age of Aquarius 1000 years ahead of its time, seem to put great trust in Chiron as some kind of symbol of their power flower. That may paradoxically be true to some respect due to Chirons innate impotence as a castrate of the horoscope. Whenever Chiron is found, there is a doubtful mix of lack of true wisdom in practical matters. Of course, its very naming and initially wrong classification do not make for a trustworthy object and generation at all.lxiii Three awards in Kolkata, India, by the Indian Vedic Heritage.
  33. 33. lxiv Here is an ephemeris strip for the winter sun, showing sun in Libra on November 23rd. 2008-Nov-23 00:00 Lib 2008-Nov-24 00:00 Sco 2008-Nov-25 00:00 Sco 2008-Nov-26 00:00 Sco 2008-Nov-27 00:00 Sco 2008-Nov-28 00:00 Sco 2008-Nov-29 00:00 Sco 2008-Nov-30 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-01 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-02 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-03 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-04 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-05 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-06 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-07 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-08 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-09 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-10 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-11 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-12 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-13 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-14 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-15 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-16 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-17 00:00 Oph 2008-Dec-18 00:00 Sgr The sun spends a week in Scorpius before entering the central zodiacal station of Ophiuchus. It is in Sagittarius during the New Years holidays.