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M idriss portfolio

  1. 1. Mona Idriss109-12 Bideford Avenue • Toronto ON M5M 4C1 • 416-915-8678 • monaidriss@rogers.com Portfolio 2011
  2. 2. Poster for the Touchstone YouthCentre Fundraising Gala. This wasa pro bono design created for theMarketing Manager of Enbridge Gas.The objective was to create a visualthat represented the annual event,as well as the Youth Centre’s missionto help homeless youths.
  3. 3. The Creative Director at Xerox askedeveryone in the Graphics Departmentto submit logo concepts for Enbridge’s160th Anniversary. The lamplighter wasan element we had to incorporateinto the logo.The executives at Enbridge chosemy logo and it was used on variousprojects throughout the entire year.It was etched onto a plaque andmounted to a lantern at the front ofthe building.
  4. 4. More? Are You Spending Too Much How Can I Save Energy – and Money? As your home’s energy efficiency goes up, your costs can go down. on Your Enbridge Bill? Enbridge Gas Distribution wants to help customers do just that. How? Through our Home Weatherization Program. How Do I Apply? Why Should I Take Part? If you’re in financial need, our free program can: Or How Do I Qualify? 1) Lower your bills. 2) Cut your natural gas use. 3) Make your home more comfortable. ENBRIDGE GAS DISTRIBUTION HOME WEATHERIZATION PROGRAM ENBRIDGE GAS DISTRIBUTION HOME WEATHERIZATION PROGRAM I redesigned the Enbridge Gas Distribution Home Weatherization Brochure for the Enbridge Marketing Department to promote the program. The client asked me to find appropriate images and design the brochure within Enbridge’s brand standards.
  5. 5. Our client for Public and GovernmentAffairs at Enbridge came to me andasked me to come up with somethingvisual to create awareness about theEnbridge EMT blog.I suggested that we turn the blogpage into a talk bubble. We put theinformation up on internal monitorsand I recommended a three-sidedtent card for the cafeteria tablesso everyone in the building wouldreceive the new information.The launch of the blog was a success!
  6. 6. Poster for the Annual Celebrate NiagaraEvent. The posters were displayed at thevenue. Menus were also designed tomatch the posters. Menu Salad of Sliced Tomato, Gazpacho Vinaigrette, Rainbow Radishes and Salted Cucumber Noodles Lake Huron Trout Fillet, Local Carrot Risotto, Tarragon and Olive Oil Aioli Quebec Duck Breast and Warm Salad of New Potatoes, Wellington Court Bacon, East West Line Green Beans and Reduced Red Wine Sauce Petite Lemon Mousse with Fresh Raspberry and Crisp Phyllo Double Chocolate Tart with Cherry Crème Fraîche Goats Cheese Panna Cotta
  7. 7. Commercial Incentive Summary I designed this brochure for the Marketing Department. The deadline and budget restriction was tight. I chose all the imagery, created the composition and delivered the final layout on time. The client was very impressed. How Enbridge Can Help Energy Efficiency - For Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency - For New Construction Retrofit Incentives Audit Incentives Design Assistance Program (DAP) 3 * 3 3 New Building Construction Program (NBCP) Monitoring & Targeting 3 3 Water Conservation School Boards To get started on an energy efficiency project for your building or for more information, contact Enbridge Gas Distribution at: 1-866-844-9994 Condensing Boilersproved measures must 3mary only and certain Fax: 416-495-8350on Inc. representative energyservices@enbridge.comojected savings of any www.enbridge.com/business 2008-09-00164 Commercial Incentive Summary 2008
  8. 8. Corporate Christmas Card for theTouchstone Youth Centre.
  9. 9. Breakfast THIS MORNING at The Fairmont Royal York is offered at: Poster for York’s Kitchen at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. This poster appeared in various locations in the hotel to promote the restaurant.York’s Kitchen Avenues Shopping Level below the LobbyBreakfast Enjoy a traditional buffet breakfast.York’s Deli & Bakery Avenues Shopping Level below the LobbyBreakfast on the Run Grab a gourmet breakfast sandwich, fresh fruit, mega muffin or piping hot Second Cup coffee.
  10. 10. The Food and Beverage Managerat The Royal York Hotel asked meto design a poster to promoteBenihana’s complimentary birthdaydinner. The layout had to complywith Fairmont brand standards.This poster was backlit and wasdisplayed in the Pathway leadingto the hotel lobby.