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Energy Management
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Energy Management Licensed Trade Brochure


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Energy savings in the Licensed Trade,. Reduce heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration and water costs

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Energy Management Licensed Trade Brochure

  1. 1. AWARENESS GUIDANCE MANAGEMENT heat recovery SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION AUDITING e n e r g y e ff i c i e n t l i g h t i n g TRAINING intelligent lighting Save money and reduce costs through energy effi- renewable energy ciency heat retention Comply with legislation and meet stakeholder expecta- tions waste management Support sustainable devel- opments and environmental smart metering policies water management Enhance the reputation of Embrace your business and win more customers wa t e r h a r v e s t i n g Effciency Reduce HeatandEnergy.Org can help you meet your energy g r e y wa t e r s ys t e m s Emissions objectives, by establishing the systems and processes Reduce required to improve energy behavioral change Costs efficiency leading to reduc- tions in costs and green- house gas emissions through effective energy management Public Houses –Licensed Ovenden Way, Halifax HX3 5NW Tel: (01422) 433821 Mob: 07722 051110 E-mail: Web:
  2. 2. Energy Management C R UC I AL F OR T H E SU C C ESS OF AN Y BU SIN ESS The lights always on, refrigeration units are too cold, the cellar door is propped open and energy costs are escalating. If this describes the situation in your pub, you need our help. Training and specific training information for each of the key energy consuming areas of the pub (kitchens, IN D U ST R Y F AC T S behind the bar, cellars and staff accommodation units) can be used either in a formal training ses- UK industry still wasting al- sion, or simply laminated and placed in key areas to reinforce energy efficiency message. most £7 million per day on Illuminate Your Business poor energy efficiency effective solutions for Savings With Low Energy Lighting Solutions UK businesses could collec- Intelligent and low energy lighting could save you your business needs tively save £2.5 billion over the next 12 months by im- plementing simple energy between 20% and 80% on Heat Recovery Solutions efficient measures your lighting costs Right now the heat that’s being removed by your In other words, you could be dumping Savings are not just for Don’t Pour Your Profits refrigeration and heat extraction equipment is be- almost as much energy as you’re using large organizations, the po- Down The Drain ing vented into the atmosphere and is going to tential energy management waste. At a time when energy bills are rising and Innovative cooling and heating systems re- saving for SME’s alone is Reduce Water Usage by as we all want to be more environmentally friendly, cover and recycle the heat that chilling beer around £1.3 billion. much as 80% Increase Available Hot Water that just does not make sense. creates and uses it to help provide your pub’s hot water and heating. This can significantly For most UK businesses a Reduce Plant & Machinery We recover the heat that you already produce reduce your energy bills, plus it’s a much more 20% reduction in energy use Running Costs (and waste) then use it to heat your hot water and environmentally friendly solution. equates to the same as a your premises. 5% increase in sales We will work with you to im- plement a water management The way our system works is surprisingly sim- plan which will guarantee This way, you use less energy, saving between ple. It’s all about heat pump technology. Source: The Carbon Trust continued saving and reduc- 25% and 35% of your current energy costs, not to tion in water costs. mention doing your bit to save the planet. Heat pumps are used all over the world to re- cover heat. They use heat produced by refrig- What We Do eration processes or low-grade heat – from sources such as the air or the ground. By using Keeping your beer cold could help you keep a heat pump to extract the heat from the cellar your energy costs down. of the pub, the system cools the cellar effec- tively while capturing and harnessing the ex- tracted heat. ENERGY SOLUTIONS How? * Simple, chilling beer and running your cellar cooler produces heat. This heat can then be used elsewhere, which * Heat that currently goes to waste. means that you don’t need your boiler to pro- Ovenden Way, * Right now the heat you take from your cellar is duce so much heat, thus cutting your energy Halifax going into the atmosphere and going to waste bills and saving you money. HX3 5NW Tel: (01422) 433821 Mob: 07722 051110 Even in small pubs, the heat thrown away like this E-mail: We can also capture the energy used to chill in just a year can be almost the same as all the Web: the beer before you dispense it in your in-line heat used to power radiators and provide hot wa- beer coolers. ter.