Environmental Brochure


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Environmental Brochure

  1. 1. sProviding business serviceand supplies , whilst reducingyour enviro nmental impact
  2. 2. urYou can Expect More from oen vironmental approach… OfficeTeam is the UK’s leading office supplies and products company. We are dedicated to providing an unrivalled service for the widest range of office services and products from a single trusted source. We are committed to working in partnership with our customers to reduce the impact we all have on the environment and strive to continuously increase our corporate and social responsibility, ensuring we not only look after the environment we live in, but provide help where help is needed for the people within it. Our environmental initiatives and recycling schemes are simple and convenient – making reducing the environmental impact of your business hassle free.
  3. 3. Different from the rest...We’ve saved 224 tonnes of dinternal waste paper from going ta lk a b o u t a nto landfill through our Close the E v e r y th in g w e p r a c ti c e c u s to m e r s w e o f f e r to o u rLoop service. That’s the weight l r o w n in te r n aof 2,036 pigs! o u r s e lv e s th r o u g h o u in it ia ti v e s .Reduced the energyconsumption withinOfficeTeam buildings by10%. Setting our sights higher for 2010 • Increase our internal paper recycling by100%ISO 14001 • Increase the use of recycled, reusable bags in our deliveryaccredited Reduced CO2 emissions within our delivery fleet by 250 50% and the reuse of the bags by 25% service byTeam of Green tonnes this year. • Reduce business mileage by 10%Environmental Specialists • Reduce CO emissions by 20% 2
  4. 4. OfficeTeam Local A delivery service with a differenceThrough an Our unique infrastructure of local stocking points across theoverhaul of our UK enables us to fulfil your orders in the most energy and timelogistics, we’ve efficient way. This is due to our much shorter, carefully planned, van routes. By being near to you we can deliver more quickly,reduced our CO 2 whilst also reducing the volume of traffic on the road.emissions by510 tonnes. Our local stocking points and customer service centres ensure an excellent, personal service and help to minimise the effect your business has on the environment. your company could save - Find out how much CO2 visit www.officeteamcares.co.uk
  5. 5. r im pa ct on th eWe ha ve si gn if ic an tly re du ce d ou yo u to re du ce yo ur s.en vi ro nm en t – le t us he lp a smaller fl eet with A delivery rint carb on footp OfficeTeam is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. We are constantly seeking to find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and have introduced a number of electric vans into our delivery fleet in major cities in addition to a logistics fleet compromising of 220 Euro IV compliant and Euro V low emissions, energy efficient vehicles. By doing this, we reduced our carbon emissions by 260 tonnes of CO . 2 heat your house That’s enough energy to for around 43 years! As new automotive technology develops to help reduce carbon emissions, we will look to introduce them into our fleet, currently we strive to use alternative ‘green’ fuels like electricity, LPG and Bio-fuels.
  6. 6. Environmental services OfficeTeam lead the market by bringing NEW environmental initiatives to our customers. Our range of environmental initiatives and recycling schemes are all easy to set up and convenient to use. amca r e s .c o .u k w w w .o f f ic e te
  7. 7. pact m ental im environ Reduc e your eam. OfficeT by usingRecycling initiatives Packaging Back Reduction of Environmental• Paper initiative CO2 through our appraisals• Toners• Furniture Recycled, reusable packaging localised stocking Implement small changes that for your deliveries will have a big impact on the• Batteries points environment.Reduction of your Environmental products Environmentalsupplier base • Unique EcoTeam product range – produced from minimum of management reports 50% post consumer wasteBy providing an unrivalled Providing your business with • Green approved products / environmental productsrange of services and specific and quantifiableproducts. environmental savings results.
  8. 8. Packaging Back OfficeTeam is dedicated to reducing the amount of packaging that is supplied with your deliveries. Therefore, instead of supplying products in cardboard boxes, which create waste and cannot be reused easily, we will deliver many of your products in OfficeTeam Packaging Back bags. Our bags are: • 100% recycled plastic • 100% reusable • 100% returnable • 100% recyclable g kagin Since introducing Packaging Back bags into our delivery w muc h pac e 179 ld sav process, OfficeTeam has diverted tonnes of cardboardFind out ho siness cou box waste from going to landfill – that’s the equivalent weight r bu 397 British cows!was te you to landfill of ing .co.uk fr om go teamcares This year, we aim to increase the use of Packaging Back bags fice www.of within our delivery service by 50% - Reducing waste to landfill by an additional 51 tonnes.
  9. 9. Close the Loop OfficeTeam‘s market leading paper recycling service ‘Close the Loop’ is exclusively for customers that purchase paper from us. All the paper we recycle is converted back into our EcoTeam 100% recycled paper. By using our Close the Loop scheme you can benefit from: • Actively playing a part in the recovery of materials that would otherwise be buried or burnt • Collection of your paper waste at the same time as delivering your office supplies • Reducing your carbon emissions and costs by removing the need for multiple suppliers and a separate paper recycling company So far OfficeTeam customers have saved 629 tonnes of paper waste from going to landfill. Find out how much paper waste you could save from going to se rv ic e www.officeteamcares.co.ukT he pa pe r re cy cl in g landfillwi th a di ff er en ce !
  10. 10. EcoTeam Products EcoTeam products are a great first step in making a change to your business that will lead to a BIG environmental impact in the future. All products within the EcoTeam range are provided from a minimum of 50% post consumer waste . Therefore, by purchasing EcoTeam products you will be reducing the consumption of precious primary materials by turning material that would usually go to landfill into NEW and exciting products for the future. Just by switching to OfficeTeam paper, your office could save the following amounts of paper waste from going to landfill. Look at the difference you could make: Number of Tonnes London bus weight equivalent employees saved nd you 250 21 anges a t s m a ll c h 500 42I m p le m e n impact! can ma ke a BIG 1,000 84
  11. 11. Reducing y o ur supplier s Use OfficeTeam as your sole supplier for: • Office Supplies • Workwear Solutions • Computer Consumables • Legal & Professional • Print Management Services • Office Furniture • Speech Processing • File & Data Storage • Environmental Services • Business Electronics • Document Production m a s y o u r si n g leBy u si n g O ff ic e T e a n e ss w il lso u rc e su pp li e r y o u r b u sire d u c e it s: - c o 2 e m is si o n s- In c o m in g d e li ve ri e s in g w a st e - E x c e ss pa c ka g u lt ip le su pp li e rs - R e li a n c e o n m
  12. 12. ourT o fi n d o u t m o re in fo rm a ti o n o n onee n v ir o n m e n ta l in it ia ti v e s , s p e a k to 0 orof our Spe c ia li s ts o n 0 8 4 4 8 2 2 17 0 s .c o .u k .v is it w w w .o ff ic e te a m c a re