Doing business as dc outside philippines


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Doing business as dc outside philippines

  1. 1. Momentum DOING BUSINESS AS A DISTRIBUTION CENTER (DC) Plus I. Purchasing Momentum Plus Products for DC 1. IP Phones Must be purchased in the in quantities of 10 or more for the discount 2. IP Phones, Kits, Recharge Loads etc can be purchased online at or by calling Customer Service in the Philippines at Landline 63-2-915-0276 or Cell Number 63-927-558-2554 3. Recharge Loads are 7% Discount purchased by DC 4. Recharge Loads may only be purchased with Bank Deposit for 7% Discount Using the supplied BDO account or Wellsfargo 5. All Purchases come with VAT included and a provisional receipt II. Ordering VOIP PHONES 1. All VOIP Phone Sales are conducted in USD, and must be ordered in quantities of 10 2. The D.C purchase price is $535 for 10 VOIPOD USB Phones. ($52.00 per phone) This price includes VAT / TAX Other Device Pricing is as follows: Broadband Phone $95.00 ATA Adapter $85.00 ** The Initial purchase to establish a DC may only be placed for USB Phones 3. Accepted payment methods include: Credit Card, Cash, Paypal, Certified Check, Personal Check or Bank Wire Transfer 4. Orders for VOIP Phones can be placed and picked up at the following location: US Location Momentum Plus Inc. Philippines Importer: Momentum Plus Phil Inc. Contact Person: Lance Lomako CEO Contact Person: Juvylin Artuz Address: Serendra Phase 2 Unit 818B Address: 1650 S. Amphlett Blvd #226 Fort Bonifacio, Global City Taguig San Mateo, CA 94402 Telephone: 63-2-915-0276 or 0927-574-2000 Telephone: 01- 650-655-2181 Facsimile: Facsimile: 01- 650-648-0500 Office Hours: 9:00AM to 7:00PM M-F Office Hours: M – F 10AM to 7PM PST 5. In case of WIRE TRANSFER / DIRECT DEPOSIT payment, kindly call the importer or MPlus to confirm receipt of funds. 6. For orders needing delivery and shipment, please contact the importer or Service Center for details. The Importer reserves the right to not ship to remote locations. Minimal shipping fees apply for ALL deliveries and are for the account of the D.C III. Managing your Organization 1. Once purchased, phone inventory list and confirmation will be emailed to you within 48 hours after purchase for assignment to new IBO’s. Initial shipment will be delivered within 10 days from order date. 2. All new IBO’s must have their personal information entered into extranet of enrolling sponsor. Should be same information as what is entered onto the distributor application. 3. All IBO’s must have their Direct Deposit information on file with the importer in order to receive commissions. 4. The D.C may charge a handling fee or service fee not to exceed 3% of the purchase price. QUESTIONS? Please contact above mentioned.