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The armamentarium of local anasthesi

A lecture for third class students of dentistry college

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The armamentarium of local anasthesi

  1. 1. The armamentarium of local anasthesia Dr.Mohamed Rhael Ali 2016 - 2017
  2. 2. The equipment necessary for the adminstration of local anasthesia include: The syringe The needle The local anasthetic cartridge
  3. 3. The syringe Parts of syringe Metal barrel Plunger (piston) Screw hub
  4. 4. Types of dental syringe
  5. 5. Aspirating dental syringe
  6. 6. Aspirating dental syringe
  7. 7. Aspirating dental syringe
  8. 8. Non aspirating dental syringe
  9. 9. Non aspirating dental syringe
  10. 10. Non aspirating dental syringe
  11. 11. Non aspirating dental syringe
  12. 12. Pressure syringe
  13. 13. Pressure syringe
  14. 14. Needle
  15. 15. Factors considerd in selection of needle  The gauge : Refer to the internal diameter of the lumen Small number great diameter Gauge 30 have smaller diameter than gauge 25
  16. 16. Factors considerd in selection of needle Th length : Dental needle available in two length Long ( average 32 ) Short ( average 20 )
  17. 17. Cartilage ( carpule )
  18. 18. Cartilage ( carpule ) Parts of carpule : Glass tube, Stopper (end) , Alminium cap , Diaphragm
  19. 19. Aspirating syringe
  20. 20. Non aspirating syringe
  21. 21. Clinical proplems associated with dental syringe
  22. 22. Leakage during injection
  23. 23. Leakage during injection
  24. 24. Bubbles in the cartilage
  25. 25. Broken cartidge Extruded stopper
  26. 26. Burning on injection Normal response to PH of the drug Old (expire ) cartridge Cartridge contain sterilizing solution Over heated cartridge
  27. 27. Clinical problems associated with dental needle
  28. 28. Pain on insertion Can be avoided by using : Sharp, new , disposible Needles Topical anasthesia at the penetration site
  29. 29. Pain on insertion Repeated use of the needles lead to producing barbs on the tip of the needle making the injection painful
  30. 30. Breakage of needle Occure mainly due to force the needle against resistance ( contact bone ) or due to sudden movement of patient during injection
  31. 31. Pain on withdrawal This occure mainly by fishhook barbs on the tip This barbs may produced during the manufacturing process ,or during hard contact with bone
  32. 32. Injury to the patient or the administrator Occure mainly due to inattention of the operator or sudden movement of the ptient
  33. 33. General Notes • Dental cartidge and needles are disposible and never used in more than one patient . • Needles should be changed after several tissue penetration in the same patient . • Needles should be coverd with a protective sheath when not being used . • Administor should be aware the position of the needle tip ,whether inside or outside patient mouth to minimize the risk of injury to the patient or the operator . • Cartridge should be stored at room tempreture and should never used after their expiry date .
  34. 34. Thank you for listening