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This is a presentation I gave April 15 at TedXMisison on how we need to encourage experimentation among developers and users in the local context to build the best real-time, useful communciation tools. You can view the presentation here (mid-way): http://www.ustream.tv/tedxmission

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  • MJ: I want start by walking you though a short visualization which I believe will help frame the talk I will be giving today. Imagine a large animal. This an animal that most of you will probably have only heard about in stories of far away lands. Imagine this large animal has 4 long legs that give it its power, prestige and grace. Imagine a long horn coming out of the animal’s head that is unique to ONLY this specific animal. The animal is usually one of a light color and has visible hair only on it’s head and long tail. This animal is most well known throughout the history of the world for the unique horn coming out of it’s head. Does everyone have that imagine in their heads? A large four legged light colored animal heard about mostly through stories that is most well known for the horn coming out of its head?
  • Does the imagine in your head look anything like this?
  • MJ: We are all here today because we want to make a difference. We want to find the solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. We want to alleviate suffering and make the world better than what we’re seeing today. Compassion is in our nature.
  • How do we create meaningful and holistic beneficial change?
  • My idea worth spreading is that if we all started to focus on building the capacity of local communities to develop their own solutions, then we can truly and sustainably grow the value and develop the creativity of real time communication tools to help solve these problems.
  • I believe that in order to really create that meaningful and holistic beneficial change, we need to first harness the power of unique perspectives. By looking at the issues through different lenses, we are able to start to understand the true picture of what it is actually like to experience the problems we’re trying to solve.
  • In the global context, there really is no them. The most pressing problems that we face today are not contained by borders and boundaries.
  • This could have been anyone. That single person could have been you. So in order to merge the reality of traveling though today’s globalized world with the reality of how diseases spread... (next slide)
  • Real time communication is essential for disease containment, prevention and treatment.
  • In order to provide innovative support in the context of emergencies, diseases and disasters, InSTEDD works to harness the power of technology to improve collaboration for global health and humanitarian action.
  • So in this context, how do we “facilitate an en...” And even more, how do we do this thinking about today? tomorrow? and 20 years from now?
  • MJ: Who are your co-creators? What is your value add? What are the local communities value add? What can you uniquely contribute and what can your partners? How can you bring it all together to build a sustainable self renewing model of meaningful and holistic beneficial change?
  • TEDxMission InSTEDD Presentation on Local Innovation

    1. 1. a visualization
    2. 3. a community
    3. 4. we are here because we want to make a difference
    4. 5. a question
    5. 6. HOW do we create meaningful beneficial change?
    6. 7. By harnessing the capacity of local communities to develop their own solutions we can exponentially grow the value of real-time communication tools. IDEA WORTH SPREADING TED
    7. 8. harness the power of perspectives http://tinyurl.com/y3bdkbk
    8. 9. the global context
    9. 10. there is no them http://tinyurl.com/y37vl3d
    10. 12. in order to think global , we must act local
    11. 13. real time communication is essential
    12. 15. a journey
    13. 16. from the bay area
    14. 17. down the mekong river
    15. 18. InSTEDD assignment: To strengthen regional disease surveillance using technology
    16. 19. some challenges in local context
    17. 20. Photo credits: http://bigexperience.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/monks-in-cambodia.jpg language communication style tradition
    18. 21. facilitate an environment that encourages experimentation and innovation at both the developer and user levels HOW?
    19. 22. iLab Phnom Penh
    20. 23. build an innovation culture vs. building gizmos
    21. 24. support local innovation through capacity building
    22. 25. high level negotiation
    23. 26. Support local innovation by leveraging our influence
    24. 27. encouraging experimentation among users
    25. 28. local design around local challenges
    26. 30. systematic support
    27. 31. bar camp yangon: these are just the organizers! support local innovation by supporting the tech eco-system
    28. 32. help develop local superstars
    29. 33. from participant to superstar CHANEE
    30. 34. Mukdahan public health partnership
    31. 35. Mekong separates Thailand & Lao PDR Mukdahan cross-border site
    32. 36. real-time mobile tools to strengthen disease surveillance & response
    33. 37. radical local innovation integrate horizontal peer to peer communication into their hierarchy
    34. 38. encourage a wide range of uses
    35. 39. encourage off label uses
    36. 40. Making a difference...
    37. 41. InSTEDD in Southeast Asia - real-time tools & applications growing exponentially
    38. 42. from the mekong river
    39. 43. back to the bay area
    40. 44. facilitate an environment that encourages experimentation and innovation at both the developer and user levels HOW CAN YOU ?
    41. 45. a closing visualization
    42. 47. Mary Jane Marcus Senior Program Manager Advisor, Women & Communities [email_address]
    44. 50. meet khun punchawee (if time)
    45. 51. remove roadblocks
    46. 52. insights
    47. 53. know...ilab, rockstars, innovation in cultures believe...social dynamic between you and users is more important than the gizmo do...ask yourself how you can support local innovation & experimentation
    48. 54. water buffalo
    49. 55. Think Global, Act Local
    50. 56. Act Local
    51. 57. Supportive tech Local leadership Experimentation Co-creation Off-label uses Culture of Innovation rather than gizmos
    52. 58. 20 year strategy... Where can we add value? Where should we stay away? -options -leverage -tech support -collaboration skills
    53. 60. behind the scenes... partnering to encourage local experimentation
    54. 61. a phone is not set in stone
    55. 62. it’s not the gizmo