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Where In York County?


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Published in: Education
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Where In York County?

  1. 1. Where In York County?
  2. 2. Our District is centrally located in York County.
  3. 3. Our school is located in the east end of our district.
  4. 4. Latitude: 39.994930 Longitude: -76.640491
  5. 5. Our school is named after a small creek.
  6. 6. You can walk and get food a block away from our school.
  7. 7. This is our address ...
  8. 8. We have a mall near our school.
  9. 9. We have a playground near our school that looks like a castle.
  10. 10. We ROAR at our school! Respect - Obedience - Achievement - Responsibility
  11. 11. Do you know where we are?