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Gaza Is Planning For A New War With Israel - Prophecy In The News Magazine October 2006


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Gaza Is Planning For A New War With Israel - Prophecy In The News Magazine October 2006

  1. 1. Find us on the Internet - Emboldened by Israel’s Failure to Destroy Hezbollah: Gaza Is Planning for a New War with Israel Because of Israel’s stalemate with the Hezbollah in Lebanon, the terrorist group is convinced that they can defeat Israel. They are currently working with Hamas to turn the Gaza Strip into another “south Lebanon” by smuggling heavy weaponry and rockets, building war bunkers and train- ing Palestinians for a large-scale war with Israel, according to a report from World Net Abu Ahmed, leader of the Al Aqsa Mar- tyrs Brigade terror group said, “We learned from Hezbollah’s victory that Israel can be defeated if we know how to hit them and if we are well prepared. We are importing rockets and the knowledge to launch them and we are also making many plans for battle.” Hamas terrorists in Gaza prepare for a new war with Israel. Southern Lebanon, largely dominated by dealing with Hezbollah and that we are rockets every day we can change the stra- the Hezbollah, has become the prototype receiving training and information from tegic balance with Israel.” for a new plan to destroy the state of Israel. them.” Since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza They had built an arsenal of more than Ahmed went on to say, “The Sinai is an last year, the Hamas and other terrorist 10,000 rockets, some of which were used excellent ground for training, the exchange groups have been regularly firing rockets to bombard Israel for 34 days. Israel was of information and weapons and for meet- at nearby Jewish communities. The terror- not able to eliminate the Iranian-backed ings on how to turn every piece of land ists have used three versions of Qassam terrorist group. into usable territory for a confrontation rockets, improvised steel projectiles filled Yuval Diskin, director of Israel’s Shin Bet with Israel.” with explosives and fuel. Qassam rockets Security Services, told the Israeli Knesset The terror leader also said Palestinian can travel between one and five miles, but that since the IDF withdrew from Gaza, groups are digging war bunkers inside are not guided with electronic devices. the Palestinians have imported hundreds Gaza similar to the underground Hezbollah However, Israel has noted improvements of tons of advanced rockets; anti-tank and tunnels Israel found during its recent war: in the rockets, including double engines for anti-aircraft missiles; rocket propelled gre- “Our preparations include the building of greater distances. nades; raw explosives; rifles; ammunition special bunkers. Of course we are taking Israeli officials say that a number of and other heavy weaponry. He said, “If we into consideration that Gaza is not the same Katyusha rockets have been smuggled into don’t move to counter this smuggling, it topography as Lebanon.” Gaza. Katyusha’s can travel some twelve will continue and create a situation in Gaza Israeli forces destroyed several complex miles and deliver larger payloads. The similar to the one in southern Lebanon.” bunker-like tunnels along the Lebanese side Hezbollah fired more than 2,000 Katyusha Abu Ahmed commented on Diskin’s as- of their northern border. Israeli military rockets into Israel in July and August, dev- sessment: “I think Diskin made those state- leaders were surprised by the large scale astating many northern towns. ments to try to distract the Israelis from their of the Hezbollah bunkers, in which Israeli Recently, a Katyusha rocket was fired losses in Lebanon by focusing on another troops found war rooms stocked with ad- into Israel’s southern territory in the Negev, area, but he is right. We are turning Gaza vanced eavesdropping and surveillance landing in an empty area. In June, a Katyu- into south Lebanon.” equipment. The equipment was clearly sha-like rocket achieved a distance of nine Abu Ahmed also said that his group is labeled as being made in Iran. miles. Abu Ahmed said, “The Katyusha we receiving help from Hezbollah to import Abu Ahmed said that the most important fired shows we can have every weapon we long-range rockets and train in guerrilla tool in the Palestinian arsenal are rockets. need. It is only a matter of a small period warfare tactics: “We have warm relations He said that his group learned from Hezbol- before Gaza is ready for war.” with Hezbollah, which helps with some lah that Israel can be defeated with missiles: Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has of the training programs. We don’t have “We saw that with the capacity to bombard been besieged with calls for his resignation, anything to be ashamed of — that we are the Israeli population with hundreds of since August. (JRC) u 30 Prophecy in the News Find us on the Internet -