Cultural diversity and ageism1


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  • Lebron James and the Miami Heat display their support for Trayvon Martin.They are NOT displaying their race, but they are displaying the youthful popularity of a hoodie.
  • An example of this is calling anolder person “an grumpy old man” or the belief that older people cannot understand computers.I want you to watch this:
  • This is ageism against youth.Note the rage against judgment.This individual never defines their race, only a statement about age.The police are the “bad guys”; take note.
  • I chose a picture of Trayvon Martin from because they tend to reportpop culture with the most objectivity.I am not making an accusation. Zimmerman admits to shooting Martin; the rest is up to the courts.Could it be possible that Zimmerman was reacting to age more than race? The hoodie represented a punk kid, not a black kid. Zimmerman is of a minority race. Although minorities are just as susceptible to racism as majorities, Zimmerman was not acting on the behalf of his race but acting upon his stature in the community as a Neighborhood Watch Captain; an adult law-abiding citizen, protecting the neighborhood from scruffy no-good kids.
  • As a result of Martins death, this target was created.Is this racism?No, this is ageism.There is an absence of race but a prevalence of age; note the skittles and canned tea.An officer brought these targets to an official shooting range. He was fired from the force and then he issued an apology and said these were “NO SHOOT” targets.The truth is up to you to decide.
  • Are these people welcome in your neighborhood?What color are they?What are they hiding?Do they belong near your home?
  • How about these people?As the You Tube wrote: don’t judge a book by its cover, a dark outside might be sheltering a bright inside.These people are not only welcome in my neighborhood, they are welcome in my home.They kid on the far right is my son!
  • Ageism is like racism or sexism or any other “ism”, it is a part of ones being.Employees need to be lead to remove personal beliefs from the criminal justice system.Tolerance does not mean acceptance, but it does allow for true justice to prevail.
  • I love Dr. King. Leadership should ensure that employees’ prejudice does not impede justice.Biasness should be controlled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Questions?
  • Cultural diversity and ageism1

    2. 2. Definition of AGEISM : prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly Merriam Webster writes---
    4. 4. This man, George Zimmerman… …killed this teen, Trayvon Martin.
    5. 5. How may we train our Criminal Justice Employees against ageism? One cannot be trained to deny personal beliefs. Supervisors CAN lead employees to maintain objectivity in the work place. Supervisors CAN lead employees to accept tolerance above prejudice.
    6. 6. “Morals cannot be legislated but behavior can be regulated.” Dr. King Leadership and over-sight prevent the power of prejudice; nothing can stop it.
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