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Cultural diversity issues cja 344


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Criminal Justice

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Cultural diversity issues cja 344

  1. 1. Contemporary Cultural Diversity Issues In Criminal Justice By: Mimi Harvill, KJ Eberle, Jesse Palmer, & David Nettles
  2. 2. AGENDA • Review the criminal justice system’s response to public perception • Discuss whether the criminal justice system discriminates • A contemporary issue or event related to each of the two topics to support your arguments
  3. 3. PUBLIC’S PERCEPTION Factors contributing to public perception: •Professional Discourse •Economic Impact •Psychological Aspects •Mass Media
  4. 4. RESPONSE TO PUBLIC PERCEPTION Actions taken: •Federal task forces to monitor race based sentencing •States task forces ensuring racial and gender fairness •Florida- Standing Committee on Fairness & Diversity
  5. 5. FOR DISCRIMINATION Hartford, Connecticut Police Department • Hiring Minorities • Filling in the gap • Public perception Building stronger ties between the agency and the community
  6. 6. AGAINST DISCRIMINATION Equality for hiring • Age, race, gender • Background should not have grounds • Performance
  7. 7. CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES Brian Nichols 33 years old and 6 feet tall (Montaldo) Cynthia Hall 51 years old and 5-foot-2 inches tall (UPI)
  8. 8. CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES Plaid Shirt neimanmarcus 7 for Mankind Jeans neimanmarcus
  9. 9. AFRICAN AMERICANS AND DISCRIMINATION • Criminal Justice System as a whole (Agree or Disagree) • Individual people within the criminal justice system (Agree or Disagree)
  10. 10. QUESTIONS?
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