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MNC 10 Minute Speaker - Mike McNichols with McNichols Handyman Services on 11 23-11


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Want to learn more about Mike McNichols? Check out his PDF file presentation and also watch the video to learn more about how McNichols Handyman Service can work for you, friends, or other people who could benefit from this great Handyman service!

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MNC 10 Minute Speaker - Mike McNichols with McNichols Handyman Services on 11 23-11

  1. 1. Specializing in the small jobs others don’t want to do.
  2. 2. Who are my customers?Who would be good referrals for you? Honey Do List 1)_______________ 2)_______________ 3)_______________ 4)_______________ 5)_______________ 6) Call Mike
  3. 3. Brookfield New Berlin Sliding Door repair Deck stairs repair Fence gate repair Drywall repair & New door bell system texturing Hang wall tapestry Replacement sink & Deadbolts faucet Ceiling fans New GFI outside outlet Bathroom exhaust fan Replacement exterior Strom doors lights
  4. 4. 83 year old widow 40 year old teacher Shed repair New kitchen door Workroom cleanout hardware Faucet repair New garbage disposal Replacement lights Weather striping Light post & mailbox Casement window crank50 Year old professional repair Motion sensing lights Repaint patio furniture New house numbers & Stain new windows mailbox Repair, new locks, stain & Re-caulk bathtub & repair varnish front door faucets Replace bathroom light fixture Re-hang closet doors
  5. 5. New Berlin Family Milwaukee Newly Wed New interior doorway & Budget plan kitchen door to convert den into redo office Replace old backsplash with new ceramic tilesNew Berlin Family Install new vinyl tile New ceramic tile floor bathroom floors Install new bathroom New backsplash in shower door kitchen Install ceiling fans New door locks
  6. 6. 45 year old wheelchair 50 year old man – recentbound woman leg amputee 11 foot wheelchair ramp Grab rails in bathroom Widened bathroom Landscaping doorway Toilet seal Modified floor transition threshold Ceiling fan Picture hanging
  7. 7. New Berlin Homeowner Wauwatosa Homeowner Install new front door that Lived there 13 years had been in garage for past Had 13 projects that where three years 75% completeBrookfield Homeowner Completed wood trim installation They repainted living Hung and fitted doors room and decided to Finish bathroom redo change the wall outlets to Installed the last two a new color shutters Mis-wired outlets Stained last three new Goofed up 3 way switch windows Resulting in no lights or electrical in living room
  8. 8. 80+ New Berlin Couple 70+ West Allis Couple Repair to screen room Hang clock & picture Remove paneling form Rewire curio cabinet and living room wall, repair mount it to wall drywall & repaint wall Exterior light repair Install second handrail Electrical repairs into basement Basket weave fence repairs Repaired broken basement light Replace damaged electrical wall switch Replaced deck rotted skirting
  9. 9. Carpentry Minor plumbing projectsDrywall repair Handicap accessibilityCeramic tile issuesElectrical repairs Landscaping & yard cleanup Working on your home like it was my mother’s and knowing my dad was going to come by and inspect the work.
  10. 10. They say a picture is worth athousand words, so here aresome………….
  11. 11. 17’ Wheelchair ramp
  12. 12. Add steps & landingto a garage entrancedoor
  13. 13. New Sink & Counter
  14. 14. Update the flooring
  15. 15. Detracts from propertyvaluesSecurity issues
  16. 16. Operate on 110 voltpowerBut do not operate ifthere is a power outage
  17. 17. Functions as a back-uppump in the event of: Power failure Main pump failure
  18. 18. Working on your home like it was my mother’s andknowing my dad was going to come by and inspect the work.
  19. 19. Specializing in the small jobs others don’t want to do.
  20. 20. Realtors Interior decorators Drywall repair Hang drapes & pictures Lock sets Furniture assembly Garage service doors Remove 50yr old medicine Soffit repair cabinet Rotted window sills Install new bathroom light80 year old widow & mirror Her Bunco group Pest control Her choir friends Siding repair Friends form nursing home Critter damage repairGutter topper company Plumber Drywall repair Drywall repairProperty/apartment Contractorsmanager Small projects
  21. 21. Needed Painter Landscaper Roofer Senior taxi drivers Physical therapist Home care nurse Property/apartment manager