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Wake Up Sleepy Head! Tips To Stay Awake At Work

If you've got tons of work to do but struggling to keep your eyes open, here are some tips to perk you up in an instant. But when all else fails, just grab yourself a bottle of energy drink for a quick boost of energy. Visit this site for more information.

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Wake Up Sleepy Head! Tips To Stay Awake At Work

  1. 1. The paper works are piling up on your desk and your manager is waiting for your reports. There you are, struggling to keep your eyes open. Worry no more sleepy head! The following tips will definitely keep you wide awake.
  2. 2. Listen To Music Music has the ability to trigger emotional responses which helps humans engage many parts of the brain. Listen to songs that energizes you and make sure you’ve got your headphones on to avoid distracting others
  3. 3. Take a Power Nap A 15-30 minutes of sleep during your short break can increase alertness by activating the right hemisphere of the brain. This should help you get through the rest of the day until you can finally go home and get a decent sleep.
  4. 4. Use Your Sense of Smell A strong scent - good or bad cam also improve alertness. The smell of a freshly brewed coffee or even your favorite lotion will do the trick.
  5. 5. Chew! Chewing anything tricks your body to think that you are about to eat and as a preparation for food intake, it will release insulin which can improve your alertness. Stock up on chewing gums for situations like this.
  6. 6. Splash Cold Water on Your Face A splash of cold water on your face will force your body to keep you warm by regulating internal temperature to keep all organs working. This happens when it detects ice or extreme cold which also results to alertness.
  7. 7. Use Acupressure Fatigue results to drowsiness and it can be eased by massaging the back of your neck, earlobes, the back of your hands or between the thumb and index finger.
  8. 8. Grab a Bottle of El Lobo Juice Drink + Energy Drink When all else fails, grab a bottle of El Lobo for a quick boost of energy. It has the refreshing taste of juice drinks and has less sugar than other energy drinks so it’s healthier for you.
  9. 9. Hope you’re all energized and ready to get back to work!