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LinkedIn Contacts Presentation with Viveka von Rosen and Miles Austin


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This presentatiopn was made on a webinar on May 7, 2013. The video replay of the webinar is available at

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LinkedIn Contacts Presentation with Viveka von Rosen and Miles Austin

  1. 1. LinkedIn Contacts: The Next (R)evolutionProduced by:
  2. 2. Your PresentersViveka von Rosen@LinkedInExpertMiles Austin@milesaustin
  3. 3. LinkedIn Contacts• Why LinkedIn’s New Contacts Feature is Such aBig Deal• How to Prepare for Contacts Before it Arrives inYour LinkedIn Profile• What it Can Do For You• How to Optimally Use It to Build Your Businessand Stay Top of Mind• LinkedIn Mobile
  4. 4. Why It’s a Big Deal• LinkedIn’s “Personal Assistant”
  5. 5. Why It’s a Big Deal• CRM (ish)
  6. 6. Why It’s a Big Deal• If You Suck at Follow Up…
  7. 7. Why It’s a Big Deal• Strategic Networks (Tagging)
  8. 8. Why It’s a Big Deal• Giant Networks (Lost Touch/ Recent Activity)
  9. 9. Why It’s a Big Deal• We can REMOVE connections again!
  10. 10. Getting Prepared• Contacts can pull info from:– Outlook• Email• Calendar• Contacts– Gmail– vCards– iPhone– Yahoo– CSV contact lists
  11. 11. Getting Prepared• Export your Contacts into a .csv file• Review your iPhone contacts for dupes• Know your Outlook Web Access info• Review all contact lists for dupes/accuracy• Have your login information for apps such as:– Tripit– CardMunch– Evernote
  12. 12. Getting PreparedDo these things now andkeep handy so that whenContacts goes live in yourProfile you will be ready.
  13. 13. Downsides Before You Cross Over• The Alphabetical listing is by first name only• You lose the ability to send a message toTagged groups (even those who have less than50 members)• If you are a super connector, the mobile appdoesn’t work• If you are a super connector, the mergefeature doesn’t work
  14. 14. Getting Started
  15. 15. Getting Started
  16. 16. Getting Started
  17. 17. Getting Started
  18. 18. Getting Started
  19. 19. Getting Started
  20. 20. Getting Started
  21. 21. Getting Started
  22. 22. Getting Started
  23. 23. What It Can Do For You• Increase the return on your time investment(ROTI+)
  24. 24. What It Can Do For You• Optimize friendships into businessopportunities (but don’t be gross)
  25. 25. What It Can Do For You• Integrate all yourcontacts into one“dashboard”
  26. 26. What It Can Do For You• NO Twitter and NO Facebook Updates – Noworries 
  27. 27. What It Can Do For You• You choose who gets connected to LinkedInand who stays hidden
  28. 28. Stay Top of Mind• Announcements• Recent Conversations• Communications Archiving• Tagging and Messaging
  29. 29. Combine Contacts and Calendars• Combine and manage all your address books,email contacts and calendars from withinLinkedIn
  30. 30. Sorting your Network• All Contacts (This is based on selections you made in ContactsSettings)• Your Day• Connections (This is your LinkedIn Connections)• Saved• Companies• Titles• Locations• Sources• Potential Merges• Hidden
  31. 31. Sorting Tools to Keep In Touch• Recent conversation• Newly added• Alphabetical• Company• Location• Lost touch
  32. 32. Use Contact’s Profile as Mini-CRM• View recentconversations,meeting and notesright on yourcontact’s profile
  33. 33. Tagging and Messaging• Sort your 1st level connections AND LinkedInnetwork with tags• Choose the method you want to message yourconnections
  34. 34. Announcements• Use the new “announcements” feature to stay ontop of job changes, birthdays, trips and yourcalendar
  35. 35. Mobile App• Manage Contacts from your iPhone with newIPhone app (Android coming soon)
  36. 36. LinkedIn Mobile
  37. 37. LinkedIn Mobile
  38. 38. LinkedIn Mobile
  39. 39. LinkedIn Mobile
  40. 40. Next Steps• Advanced LinkedIn Tactics & Strategies• June 4th at 9:00 am PDT / Noon EDT• Registration Link coming• Replay, Slides & more goodies coming to you• Attend #LinkedInChat each Tuesday evening–