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Advanced Skype tips


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Skype has made impressive improvements in it's features and performance. It might be time to dust off your Skype account and give it a fresh test run. Strong video performance, recording capabilities and the ability to integrate with Facebook and mobile devices are all big improvements. Link to a free "Skype Jump-Start Guide for Business and a tutorial video are available at the end of the slide deck

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Advanced Skype tips

  1. 1. Advanced Skype Tips for Power Users
  2. 2. Let People Know Who’s Calling Go to your main Account page online
  3. 3. Keep Your Favorite Contacts Handy Drag ‘n drop, right-click, or star
  4. 4. Personalize Notifications: Windows Windows: Tools > > Options > Notification Settings
  5. 5. Personalize Notifications: Mac Mac: Skype Menu > Preferences > Notifications
  6. 6. Send Video Messages Click on the + symbol > Select ‘Send a video message
  7. 7. Receive and Personalize Voicemail Windows: Tools > Options > Calls > Voice
  8. 8. Receive and Personalize Voicemail Mac: Preferences > Calls > Enable Voice Messaging
  9. 9. Record Calls for Free Download an external Program such as: • MP3 Skype Recorder • • DVDSoft
  10. 10. Add Skype to Your Website It’s just a little bit of code that Skype generates for
  11. 11. Call Forwarding Windows: Tools > Options > Calls > Call Forwarding &
  12. 12. Call Forwarding Preferences > Calls >‘Forward Calls’ > Set up Call
  13. 13. Block Contacts 1. Right click on a username 2. Select ‘Block…’
  14. 14. Enable Hotkeys Tools > Options > Advanced > Hotkeys
  15. 15. Connect to Facebook Contacts: > Contacts List > Facebook > Connect to Facebook
  16. 16. Use Skype Everywhere! On any device: • iPhone • iPad • Android • Windows Phone • Blackberry
  17. 17. ‘Skype Jump-Start Guide for Business’ Want to Learn More?
  18. 18. Watch a video tutorial of this information at: