Social agent Introduction - Find Sales Agents in the Chinese market


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looking to do business in the Chinese market? or already here and need help boosting your sales and marketing? Then check out our new platform - Social is a way for companies to find, manage, and pay their social media sales reps in the Chinese market.

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Social agent Introduction - Find Sales Agents in the Chinese market

  1. 1. Social Agent Limited Sales Presentation Aug, 2013 Watch Mike’s intro video: Michael Michelini
  2. 2. © Social Agent Limited 2013 2  What Social Agent Can Do For You  Solutions demonstration  Use Cases  Next steps Agenda
  3. 3. © Social Agent Limited 2013 3 Chinese consumers want your product!! But, how can you find and reach them? Especially when they want to buy?! Problem your business faces
  4. 4. © Social Agent Limited 2013 4 Why Social Agent is right for your business? You realize social media is a valid sales channel for your business!  We are a custom built platform to turn social media to SALES! Biggest challenge is finding quality prospects  Our sales rep network is always hunting for you! Once found, you need to manage these new relationships  Our agents can follow up on these deals for you!
  5. 5. © Social Agent Limited 2013 5  What Social Agent can do for you  Solutions demonstration  Use Cases  Next steps Agenda
  6. 6. © Social Agent Limited 2013 6 Create Account, Create Your Job Listing
  7. 7. © Social Agent Limited 2013 7 Post Your Job Requirements, Monthly Budget
  8. 8. © Social Agent Limited 2013 8 Review Incoming Sales Rep Applications
  9. 9. © Social Agent Limited 2013 9 Once Agents Are Confirmed, Deposit is Made
  10. 10. © Social Agent Limited 2013 10 Sales Representative(s) Submit Leads to your CRM
  11. 11. © Social Agent Limited 2013 11 Demo Account  Create a free company account!  List your sales opportunity to our network of agents  They will apply and give you ideas and insights about your business in China  You hire those who you want to give a chance to!  Only release payment once you accept their work!
  12. 12. © Social Agent Limited 2013 12 Fill the middle (sales leads) of your sales cycle You
  13. 13. © Social Agent Limited 2013 13  What Social Agent can do for you  Solutions demonstration  Use Cases  Next steps Agenda
  14. 14. © Social Agent Limited 2013 14 Agape Event Team Building
  15. 15. © Social Agent Limited 2013 15  Hired 1 Sales Representative – Monthly deposit paid to Social Agent, and released to agent at end of the month for accepted work.  Agent has 2 tasks: – Book meetings and phone calls w/ Agape Event for businesses in Shenzhen who want a team building service – Arrange a monthly “Wine tasting” team building event and bring 10 – 20 attendees.  After 3 months, there are regular leads coming to Agape Event, and monthly meetings of 10 to 20 people, paying 200rmb for the evening’s event. Use Case for Agape-Event using SocialAgent
  16. 16. © Social Agent Limited 2013 16  What Social Agent can do for you  Solutions demonstration  Use Cases  Next Steps Agenda
  17. 17. © Social Agent Limited 2013 17 Market based pricing- list your job offer!  When posting your sales representative job post, specify how many leads you are looking for , and what your total budget is for that month.  Agents apply and accept or bargain  Social Agent makes a % commission from agent  You pay what you list, so long as agents accept!  (normal rates start at $200usd a month for 10 leads)
  18. 18. © Social Agent Limited 2013 18  Who will be the person(s) who check – This person will be the one who also manages the new leads sent to the company – They will reply in Chinese (or English, depending on lanaguge requested in lead profile)  Complete job profile listing. – Create an online account and post your sales job, our network of agents will review and apply.  Any promotions of free giveaways to offer? – Everyone loves free stuff! Try to incorporate free stuff to give select potential customers you come across during this campaign. Next steps in your company
  19. 19. © Social Agent Limited 2013 19  Now is the time to build more transparency in China business utilizing a part time sales representative in the Chinese market, and Social Agent Limited is the company that will solve this problem and fit this market need  A skilled, persistent, cross border team with on the ground experience Michael Michelini Co-Founder, CEO +86 15816859376 ( ) weibo / twitter @michelini Contact us