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BrainActive MR Presentation


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BrainActive MR Credentials

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BrainActive MR Presentation

  1. 1. Go where they go. Follow their minds.
  2. 2. BrainActive Research Who are we?
  3. 3. BrainActive is the online market research expert in the emerging area of Central and Eastern Europe. Using a blend of best quality resources, highly skilled talents and state of the art technology, BrainActive is looking to bring businesses and consumers together in the Central and Eastern Europe by providing deeper and clearer understandings of local communities at all levels. Our mission is to be the steady shoulder for all local and global market research players, whenever comes about unlocking the minds of this very challenged and, at the same time, unique part of the world – Central and Eastern Europe. We have the right tools, the skills and the experience in making this a reality for our partners. Who are we
  4. 4. Our large coverage extends over the vast majority of the Eastern markets, including Russia, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and many others. From online survey programming and hosting until data delivery in the formats you need, BrainActive covers it all. We have grown into a one-stop shop facility for all global market research consumers interested in the CEE, who benefit from the We deliver high quality, motivated online CEE advantages of online methodology over samples to fully support and implement all your traditional ones. global research needs. The deep knowledge of each Eastern market we cover backed up by our managing team’s extended expertise in online market research enables us to have a strong sense of accuracy in determining incidences, finding our hard- to-get targets, providing national representative structures and suggesting caveats or feasible approaches fit to all countries in our portfolio. For our clients that counts as a risk-free way of collecting information in the CEE area, since it saves both time and money resources. Who are we
  5. 5. At BrainActive every second matters. This is why we take pride in using one of the most efficient communication The time zone advantage is on your side. systems in the industry, the Unique Point of Contact The fact that we’re actually located in the (UPOC). CEE gives you the opportunity to have at least one thing off your daily “to-do” list. Forget about contacting five people, located in five We’re working during your off-business different countries and generate an unlimited email hours and we’re producing out of Bucharest, exchange process in approximate English, which often Romania. makes the whole thing lot complicated than it should be. That means lower costs for us and higher Use your time wisely. Get faster, more reliable and cost-flexibility for you. trustful data together with lower risks, lower costs and fewer headaches. And focus on the things that matters most to you. Who are we
  6. 6. BrainActive Research What we do
  7. 7. We provide our clients with dedicated services covering the entire data collection BrainActive is your reliable shoulder whenever running process, from questionnaire design and up research in the Central and Eastern Europe. Our highly to delivering the final reports. skilled staff is ready to assist you in any step of the way from the advice given on questionnaire design and right until the data delivery. We specialize in online market research with a strong focus on data collection, providing our clients with dedicated services that cover the entire process. BrainActive uses own state of the art facility to run online surveys in the CEE countries, managing all from one single place. BrainActive Research What we do we are What we do Who
  8. 8. Since it’s the perfect one-stop shop approach, your main benefit will be that this system works for you rather than against Who’s in charge of what: you. Research design BrainActive will always have one dedicated (objectives, defining the gap to fill, person per each project that will set up a live Client questionnaire design, etc.) 24/7 communication channel and attend your needs in real time. Online data collection create online links extract samples BrainActive set quotas deploy sample deliver raw data Analysis (create complex tables using the raw data, Client prepare PPT presentation forms for the end client, etc.) What we do
  9. 9. Our staff’s vast experience extends over the following types of research: Ad hoc Creative pre and post testing New product and concept testing Tracking Conjoint Diaries In-home usage tests Here is a brief summary of our services: Online data collection Scripting and hosting Sharpening the research tools Translation and coding Data delivery Learn more at What we do
  10. 10. BrainActive Research Who are our clients
  11. 11. Who are our clients? * PR agencies * Market Research companies * Advertising & Media agencies * Blue-chip companies * Internet companies * Other end clients Are you one of them? Let us know at how we can partner with you. Our clients
  12. 12. The industries we have proudly served so far: Telecom Civil Construction Information Technology - IT Banking & Finance Media Pharmaceutical Food & Beverages Consumer Electronic Goods & Home Appliances Apparel Automotive Real-estate Tourism & Leisure Educational Environment Sports Transportation Health & Wellness Our clients
  13. 13. BrainActive Research Online Panels
  14. 14. A short summary of this section: Consumers Panels: facts & trends The duplicate- free policy Specialty Panels: facts & trends Panel and sample quality management Panel recruitment The BAPP quality evaluation process
  15. 15. Consumers panels Fully covering the CEE area BrainActive is the online market research expert across the Central and Eastern European countries. Our extensive network of online panels currently cover all Ask for our latest Consumer Panel Book at the booming markets of the area: Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, which includes: Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary – all members of the select club of top 22 emerging economies worldwide, most recent panel sizes available nominated as such by Morgan Stanley Capital national representative structures, Census International. or Internet caveats and suggestions on what is Besides the 6 big markets, BrainActive also covers the feasible and what is less feasible in each smaller yet very economically active markets of Greece, market Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and the 3 Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Online panels
  16. 16. Consumers panels BrainActive’s goal is to put Central and Eastern Europe area on the online market research map and always ensure representative samples for its clients – either Census, online rep or other. Here below some of our latest figures (updated August 2009): Austria: 189,229 Bulgaria: 22,943 Croatia: 9,572 Czech Republic: 66,291 Ask for our latest Consumer Panel Book at Estonia: 18,302 Greece: 49,714 Hungary: 106,631 Latvia: 16,711 Lithuania: 14,751 Poland: 272,831 Romania: 73,433 Russia: 458,035 Slovakia: 2,000 Slovenia: 29,170 Turkey: 209,381 Ukraine: 43,430 Online panels
  17. 17. Consumers panels Probably wonder how representative these panels are? No need for that – take a look at these facts – in summary: You can easily see that achieving representative • 817.2% is the average growth rate percentage from 2000 to sample across the CEE is not a "no way!" thing 2008 in terms of Internet users across CEE countries that anymore. BrainActive covers (source: Although there may be same regular skews toward • broadband users expand at an impressive pace: 75% increase big cities and younger population found in the other in average only in 2008 show the official statistics (source: emerging markets worldwide (Argentina, Mexico, ITU). Brazil, India, China), however, the large online populations makes it perfectly feasible to run • Russia, Turkey, Poland and Romania are all in the top 10 representative offline (Census) sample structures countries in Europe in terms of Internet users. All 4 account based on online panel. for approximately 25% of all European Internet users. Plus, with the current increase, it's just a matter of time until these caveats will be removed. Want to check out and compare the different representative structures across CEE countries, either Census representative or Online Representative? Our latest Consumer Panel Book is always available at Online panels
  18. 18. Consumers panels Flagged sub-targets Size of the panels would mean nothing if it was a simple bulk resource, a pure number of general population. Today's needs go lot farther than that and we have the tools to address them. BrainActive offers a full array of highly demanded sub-targets, ready to match your specific needs. Amongst our offerings, but not limited to: Basic demographics: age, gender, region (both province and city), income, household size, education, occupation, children in household, primary grocery shopper and marital status. Internet usage: years of using Internet, type of Internet connection, connection frequency, connection durations, connection place, online shopping habits Automotive related: car owners, brand and model, purchase intention Finance: credit card ownership, brand of the credit/debit cards owned Electronic equipment owned: PC, Mac, laptop, cell phone, printer, PDA, DVD, video games, Cable/Satellite TV, Digital Camera etc. Need more info? Let us know at Online panels
  19. 19. Specialty panels Specialty panels More and more, the demand for specialty targets has taken a great development over the past few years in the market research industry. Both clients and researchers together tend to increase focus on interviewing the target which is most likely to be interested in buying a certain product or service, rather than going to a general population sample for that. BrainActive follows the trend and responds to these newly created needs through its highly focused specialized panels. For Poland, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Turkey we can currently provide: Mothers of children: differentiated by child's age Teens: age, gender Health professionals: doctors, nurses, vets, pharmacists Small Business Owners: job title, company size (in terms of # of employees), company annual turnover IT professionals: job title, company size (in terms of # of employees), decision making/influencing area Business Decision Makers: job title, company size (in terms of # of employees), company annual turnover, decision making/influencing area Need more info? Let us know at Online panels
  20. 20. Panel recruitment Panel recruitment BrainActive collects data only from panelists that are recruited in full compliance with the international standards of quality, as specified by EFAMRO and recommended by ESOMAR. All recruits are required to double opt-in Our panel network is continuously recruited through before becoming panelists; at registration, a various channels: user’s email must be both valid and unique. banners However, besides double opt-in panels referrals BrainActive tries to collect data as much as pay per click possible from resources recruited through natural search optimization “by invitation only” methodology, which is a affiliate marketing 4 times opt-in methodology. email online PR. This way we make sure that every Internet user out there has equal chances to become a panelist and take our surveys. Online panels
  21. 21. Panel recruitment The mandatory quality checks Panelists part of the BrainActive Partnership Program are only added to the panels if they meet the following 10 quality checks: Panels used for market research only 1. Automatic online de-duplication with existing panel 2. Email validity checking at time of recruitment 3. Zip code and town list validations at recruitment The panel communities BrainActive uses are 4. Street address checking accessed solely for the purposes of market 5. Logical checking between answers (real time and also in the research. Under no circumstances we either cleaning stage prior to upload in database) share panelist data with external organizations 6. Name, surname and gender checking (real time and during cleaning or serve any form of advertising or direct process) marketing to the panelists. 7. A dedicated cleaning application allows detailed cleaning of the recruitment data before it is uploaded to the Panels database. 8. Real time screen outs: emails from black list (competitors, clients etc) 9. Screening by age, sector of activity (market research and related sectors) 10. Double-opt in or “by invitation only” in process with email confirmation ensure the email is valid and belongs to the person who joined the panel Online panels
  22. 22. Panel and sample quality management Rewarding panelists BrainActive offers a blend of methods to reward the panelists, however the most often met one is a point Besides rewards for surveys, panelists also benefit system. from: The primary factor influencing incentive values for each Monthly emailed newsletters containing survey project is the length of survey, which is generally results, panel news, winner details, panelist converted into a number of points of financial value. contributions, etc. A custom-built website allowing panelists to The points based incentive system enables members to use update their contact information, learn more about their points to exchange for vouchers and gifts from our the panel, find out about results of some studies reward partner network which is clearly highlighted to all they participated to, read our newsletters and members. complete profiling surveys. Access to technical support via email The panelists we use are offered incentives on all our surveys and for some they get the chance to win in prize draws. Online panels
  23. 23. Panel and sample quality management Frequency of contact The BrainActive default rule states that we can send a maximum of History one invitation every 3 days to the same panelist, with a maximum of 10 invitations per month. BrainActive uses own platform to keep track Additional panel usage rules can be easily applied to serve any client on several essential elements which reflect request: panelists can be eliminated from same category surveys for each panelist’s participation history: any length of time (7 days, 3 months, etc). Invitations sent Invitations open Participation frequency Links clicked Screened-outs Our basic rule meant to ensure a high quality level for all data Quota fulls collected states that one panelist can complete up to 3 studies per Drop outs month, plus one tracker. However, for periods of consistent demand Survey completion rate we may allow for up to 5 surveys per month. Survey topic Incidence registered in field for a specific target Please note that figures above don’t take into account the Incentive provided to respondents participation to regular profiling questionnaire and Omnibus-type of surveys. Online panels
  24. 24. BrainActive Partnership Program – BAPP BrainActive Partnership Program – BAPP BAPP is a thorough quality evaluation process done on a continuous basis and aimed at fulfilling two needs: The rigorous system of quality checks the 1. Making sure that the current partners perform within the set following 10 basic quality-wise elements, standards of quality, as defined by BrainActive’s Quality although is not limited to them and can be Management team adjusted case by case: • This is done continuously by collecting feedback from Panel size both BrainActive’s Project Managers and all staff that Panel management policy liaises with panel providers and the providers Panel recruitment methods themselves. Standards of quality met • The evaluation report of current members is issued 4 Project launching time times a year and determines the preferred hierarchy of Available demographics panel suppliers in each country we operate. Available pre-identified targets Client support 2. Approaching and testing new panel providers to be able to Costing policy join BAPP. Reliability If you need more details on this topic, don’t hesitate to let us know at Online panels
  25. 25. The duplicate-free policy The duplicate-free policy Although it is generally unknown whether multi-panel membership All in all, BrainActive has taken the is actually a problem, the market research industry must protect necessary steps to ensure de-duplicating Against having the same person answering more than once in same process whenever using more than one survey. panel source. At BrainActive we strongly believe that the most important step in preventing this is to discourage professional survey takers from We are using a state of the art tool called joining the panel in the first place. And that is something that can PanelShield, a tool that is capable to perform become possible by using the right panel management procedures. digital fingerprinting to flag multi-panel membership and can detect different type of For example, limiting the possibility to receive survey invitations is one basic thing to do. It’s obvious that a professional survey taker Fraudulent panelists such as speeders or would be way more interested in joining a panel that straight-liners. has no limit on the possible number of participations. Online panels
  26. 26. BrainActive Research Why Online Research
  27. 27. Or … why we do things the way we do "How can it make things "Why Online Market work better for me?" research?" "Is it really that safe?"
  28. 28. Translation? The new trio that is already making research more challenging than it ever was: 1. Quicker BrainActive strongly believes that Internet approach has 2. Cheaper the strongest set of advantages of all data collection 3. Better methods, going from faster fieldwork to reaching (almost) impossible targets. 10 reasons why online is better (click on each one to find out more): 1. Faster 2. More cost effective 3. Global reach within minutes 4. Unique Point of Contact 5. Non-intrusive 6. Impressive internet growth generate representative samples 7. Multimedia possibilities 8. Hard to reach targets become accessible 9. Flexibility 10. Real time reporting Why online research
  29. 29. BrainActive Research Focus on fine quality
  30. 30. We believe that quality of service would be nothing without a strong accent put on quality of resources. That is why BrainActive uses a carefully selected Focus on quality network of online panels recruited through our rigorous BrainActive Partnership Program. For us, the concept of Quality means much more than a rigid set of procedures well put in place, stating what is the correct action to implement in the each different stage of the market research process. BrainActive sees quality as a perpetual flow of actions, applied from the earliest “understanding objectives” stage and up to the final report delivery, aiming at providing our clients with the best support to take the correct business decisions. Since in our view there are several subsequent parts that build a successful online market research process, we have named ours “The 6 gates to quality”. Need to learn more? Drop us an email at BrainActive acts in full compliance with all the international quality requirements governing online market research these days, as defined by ESOMAR and CASRO. Focus on fine quality
  31. 31. Who to contact for more info? For any questions on CEE countries, whether it’s feasibility, national representative structures or incidences, and also for quote requests let us know at: This is a collective email address of the sales department - we guarantee that your question will be answered within 30 minutes from receipt during our regular business schedule: Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm UK Time (up to 2 pm New York time). Why Online Research
  32. 32. Thank you very much for your attention & interest. We look forward to see how we can partner with you. BrainActive Research Go where they go. Follow their minds. 28 Rucar, 012257 Bucharest, Romania Tel: +40 743 555 032 Email: Web: