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InterVenture is a Swiss nearshore software development company, specialised in the establishment of client-own development teams in Serbia. Our core competence is the recruitment, establishment and support of client-own software developers at our Nearshore Development Center in Belgrade.

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InterVenture Nearshore Software Outsourcing - Your Own Team Model - Company Brochure

  2. 2. NEARSHORING 2.0 InterVenture is a Swiss company which specializes in the establishment of client-own software de- velopment teams in Belgrade. By doing so, we not only offer you time- and cost-efficient access to highly qualified software specialists, you receive your own nearshore center, fully managed by us. WELCOME TO INTERVENTURE
  3. 3. You would like to extend your team with qualified software developers in the long term and thereby save time and costs? By building up your own development team in Serbia, InterVenture offers you a proven nearshoring solution, which enables you to extend your development capacities on a cost- efficient and sustainable basis. We recruit the desired developers in close collaboration with you and establish them at our nearshore development center in Belgrade. Thereby we do not only ensure the perfect match of the required developer profiles, but we also take comprehensive measures in order to secure high performance of your team and to achieve its seamless inte- gration into your existing team- and project organisation. In this way you receive own, permanently employed (near- shore-) staff members, who work for you remotely and under your direct management. You do not have to care about the administration nor about the infrastructure and can reduce your labour costs significantly at the same time. InhouseTeam Client-own NearshoreTeam Remote Collaboration Client office InterVenture Nearshore Center As if everybody is working in the same office Your Own Nearshore DevelopmentTeam The OwnTeam Model 4
  4. 4. “A positive atmosphere, smart and enthusiastic colleagues along with the chance to develop creative solutions make me feel here at home.“ Aleksandar Glavas Software Engineer at InterVenture
  5. 5. By establishing client-own development teams at our nearshore center in Belgrade, we offer an efficient nearshoring solution, which includes a wide set of integrated services ensuring an overall carefree business flow. That way you can fully focus on your core business, while we completely take care of your development team. Needs Analysis & Consulting Collaboration - Support & Coaching Infrastructure - Management Recruiting & Team Formation Client Support HR Services & Administration Our All-Inclusive Service 6
  6. 6. Needs Analysis and Consulting Analysisoftheprofilerequirementsandneedsofourclients Consulting regarding the optimal nearshoring strategy Recruiting andTeam Formation Recruiting and assessment of the candidates through our HR and Team Manager Organisation of the interviews between pre-selected candi- dates and the client Final assessment of candidates and recommendation Infrastructure Management Complete working station with PC according to client‘s specifi- cation and its maintenance Comfortable fully furnished working places Open space working places for client visits Managed fiber internet connection 24/7 IT administration and support Communication systems: Data, video conferencing and audio Free of charge beverages, fruits and snacks Daily office cleaning Collaboration – Support and Coaching Consulting on best-practice tools, processes and collaboration mechanisms Close monitoring and reporting of the progress, particularly during the ramp-up stage HR-Services Regular face to face meetings with all team members Probation period, mid- and year-end appraisals Semi-annual personal satisfaction surveys Diverse employee retention activities Hobbytech-groups Sports groups (jogging, basketball, football) Administration Administration of employment contracts Payroll - salary and social contribution payments Pension fund management Monthly invoicing (salaries and InterVenture fee) Tax and legal services Client Support Local account management Client support on travel arrangements, flight and hotel reser- vations 7
  7. 7. As the world market for ICT continues to evolve and demand for software engineering increas- es, Serbia is well placed both geographically and structurally to provide a cost effective and reliable alternative to other, already established markets. An outstanding pool of intellectual capital, attractive labour costs, excellent worker skills, a good communications network and a high fluency in English are just some of the key com- petitive advantages that have already attracted international software companies to expand to Serbia. Software giants Many leading global IT companies already have an own nearshore development center in Belgrade, Serbia: Microsoft Redhat IBM Oracle Intel Hewlett Packard Siemens SAP Motorola Cisco Systems Ericsson Telenor Population: With approx. 8 million inhabitants one of the largest countries in the region Geographic Position: South East Europe Capital: Belgrade with approx. 3 million inhabitants Time Zone: GMT+1 – same time zone as Zurich, Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm Airport: Belgrade, reachable in less than 2 flight hours from most European cities Why Nearshoring in Serbia? “Serbia has great potential in the IT industry, that is why the world’s biggest software company decided to open a development centre in Belgrade.” “It’s not a coincidence that Intel opened its regional office in Serbia. It has a great strategic position and a capable and well educated workforce.” Mr. Christopher Brennan Central Eastern Europe General Manager, Microsoft Mr. John E. Davis Vice President and Director of the Global Program Development, Intel 8
  8. 8. Great ITTalent Pool at Lower Costs right Next Door BELGRADE
  9. 9. Large talent pool Natural sciences are traditionally very popular in Serbia. Around 4’500 engineers graduate from a Technical Uni- versity each year. Government subsidy programmes and investments support this trend also in the future. Good availability There is no distinct“War for Talent”in Serbia yet, so the availability of highly qualified software developers is much better than in Western Europe. Easy coordination The same time zone, similar cultures as well as a compa- rable working attitude guarantee an efficient collabora- tion. Communication Above average English skills enable easy communication. Competitive costs Labour and operating costs in Serbia are significantly lower than in Western Europe. We pass this substantial cost advantage directly on to our clients. Geographical proximity Belgrade can be reached from the most major Western European airports in less than 2 flight hours.   High Mobility Serbian citizens can travel to the Schengen area without visa. For foreign citizens is the entry to Serbia visa-free as well. Locational advantages at a glance „SerbiaisbecomingoneoftheEurope’smostattractiveIThotspots. Anoutstandingpoolofintellectualcapital,attractivecosts,askilled workforce,agoodcommunicationsnetwork,andahighfluency inEnglishlaborarejustsomeofthekeyadvantagesthatusually attractinternationalcompaniestoexpandICTbusinessesinSerbia.” 10
  10. 10. Zurich Vienna 1h 20’ 1h 50’ 1h 25’ 1h 35’ Munich 1h 30’ Frankfurt Belgrade Roma 2h 40’ 2h 25’ Paris Lisbon Dublin Berlin 1h 45’ 2h 30’ 2h 00’ Oslo Stockholm Copenhagen Helsinki 3hours FLIGHT 2hours FLIGHT London Madrid 2h 00’ Brussels Amsterdam 2h 15’ Belgrade - Your First Software Outsourcing Destination
  11. 11. “Asastartupwerelyoncommittedandcompetentemploy- eesaswellasonreasonablelabourcosts.Withourownde- velopmentteaminBelgradeInterVenturecanofferusboth.” Martin Locher Project Lead Webdeluxe, Livestar GmbH
  12. 12. Software Development in all common programming languages and related technologies Quality Assurance (QA) System Administration Project Management 13 Due to our outstanding reputation within the Serbian IT community and our extensive network, we can quickly support you with top-qualified specialists in the following areas: Technology Expertise
  13. 13. Salary Depending on experience and seniority, education and expertise in a specific programming language, gross monthly salaries in Serbia range from EUR 1,550 to EUR 2,550. Salaries are negotiated individ- ually with each candidate.  Service fee The InterVenture fee is a monthly all-inclusive fee, which covers all operating and administrative InterVenture services together with the infrastructure costs. Only possible travel expenses and special software licences are excluded from the fee. One-time setup fee When hiring a new employee a one-time setup fee is charged. This fee covers all recruiting costs and the provision of a fully equipped workplace. Our services are typically charged with a monthly rate. Thereby we use a transparent pricing model that consists of the developer‘s gross salary and a service fee (InterVenture fee). In this way the client has full transparency and keeps track of the costs at all times. For new employees a one-time setup fee applies in addition. Salaries and Costs 14
  14. 14. Average Cost Comparison In-house vs. Nearshore Costs: 100% vs. 49% Source: „Vergütungsstudie IT Funktion 2013“ ( Salary & Social Contributions InterVenture Service FeeSalary & Social Contributions Recruiting Office & Infrastructure Admin & HR Serbia (Nearshore)Germany (In-house) Morethan CostSavings 50% 15
  15. 15. 1. Sustainable extension of capacities You can extend your development team with highly skilled developers in the long term and according to your specific needs. 2. Shorter times-to-market Based on the good availability of IT specialists in Serbia and the associated short recruiting periods, you can reduce your times-to-market significantly. 3. Significant cost advantages You realise over 50% cost savings compared to the estab- lishment of an equivalent team at your local office. 4. Full project control Due to own management and direct collaboration with your nearshore developers, you remain in full control of your projects at any time. 5. Long-term knowledge build-up With your own, permanently employed nearshore team, you ensure a sustainable knowledge build-up. 6. Focus on core business You can focus on the growth of your core business, while we completely take care of the required resources. 7.Transparent pricing The unique transparent pricing model enables you to apply variable salary components where desired. 8. Spin-off option In case that business requires a different organisational struc- ture, you have the option of a complete takeover of your team. 9. Low exit risk The contractual notice period for the nearshoring coop- eration amounts to 7 days during the first 6 months and thereafter to 3 months. 10. Legal security The contracts are signed with InterVenture Nearshoring GmbH in Zurich and are subject to Swiss law. 10 Reasons for Nearshoring with Us 16
  16. 16. “We link outstanding companies with outstanding people and thereby take part in the creation of outstanding prod- ucts and services.” Michael Walt Managing Partner at InterVenture
  17. 17. InterVenture is a Swiss nearshoring company, special- ised in the establishment of client-own software devel- opment teams in Serbia. With our Own Team Model we offer our clients an effective nearshoring solution, which enables them to extend their development capacities cost-efficiently and sustainably. By doing so we create at the same time a secure future for talented software engineers in Serbia with outstanding career opportunities in an internation- al environment. At InterVenture a competent and motivated team awaits you, which has comprehensive nearshoring know-how and excellent contacts within the Serbian development community. About InterVenture 18 InterVenture Nearshoring GmbH, Zurich Headquarters / Account Management InterVenture d.o.o., Belgrade Nearshore Development Center
  18. 18. DRSdigital AG, Frankfurt (Germany) Technologies: Ruby, JavaScript, Android Number of developers as of December 2013: 5 References “With InterVenture we were able to extend our devel- opment team optimally. Due to daily SCRUM-meet- ings our team in Belgrade is completely integrated in all our projects.“ Frank Rennekamp CTO, DRSdigital AG “After seeing that InterVenture’s Own Team Model works out well for us, we have expanded our initial team in Belgrade from three to seven developers within three months.“ Andre Marenke Head of Development, Mediatech Solutions S.L. Mediatech Solutions S.L., Madrid (Spain) Technologies: .NET/C#, QA Number of developers as of December 2013: 7
  19. 19. InterVenture Switzerland InterVenture Nearshoring GmbH Luegislandstrasse 105 8051 Zurich Switzerland Tel. +41 43 299 69 70 InterVenture Serbia InterVenture d.o.o. Kneza Danila 56 11000 Belgrade Serbia Tel. +381 11 240 58 54 Your Points of Contact Marko Djuric Managing Partner Michael Walt Managing Partner