4 tg4 - hobbies & sports


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4 tg4 - hobbies & sports

  1. 1. Sportsaerobics football (US) karate soccer (US)archery football (GB) kayak softballathletics gymnastics martial arts swimmingbadminton golf motorcycling syncronizedbaseball handball motor racing swimmingbasketball hang-gliding pentathlon table tennisbilliards hockey pool taekwondoboxing horseracing rowing tennisbowling horse riding rugby track and fieldcanoeing hurdles sailing volleyballcycling ice hockey scuba diving water polodarts ice skating shooting weightliftingdiving javelin skating windsurfingFencing jogging skiing wrestlingField hockey (US) judo snooker
  2. 2. Sports Peopleathlete rugby playerbadminton player skaterbasketball player skierboxer snooker playercyclist squash playerdiver supporterfootballer /football player surfergolfer swimmergymnast tennis playerhockey player volleyball playerjockey weightliftericeskaterracecar driverrider
  3. 3. Sports Places circuit court course gym pitch ring rinkstadium
  4. 4. Free time Readinga book a magazinea cartoon – a comicstrippoetryA fantasy novela novela mysterya thrillera science fiction novel
  5. 5. Free time Going to the cinema / movies Comedy Drama Fantasy, Document Horror ary Thriller Musical ActionScience Fiction (Sci-Fi)
  6. 6. Free time Watching TV/telly The News Shows, Documentaries, Soap Operas, Cartoons, Criminal Investigation Game Shows, Dramas, Sports programs, Medical Dramas, Movies, Reality TV, Political programs,Situation Comedies (Sit- Religious programs. Coms), Talk
  7. 7. Free time Go out with friends go out to the park kick a football around go dancing at a club have dinner at a restaurant play a sport sit down and talk go out for a drinkSleep over at your friend´s house
  8. 8. Free timeto play computer or video (skating) to ride a motorbike games to go swimming to sing to read to go to a disco to skateto spend time with family to go to the cinema to ski to go out with friends to go to the park to sleep to chat to go walking to study to cook to hike (go hiking) to surf the internet to dance to listen to music to watch a film to draw to talk on the phone to watch TV To exercise and play a to play a musical to write sport instrument to go camping to play billiards to go climbing to bowl to go dancing to play chess to go fishing to play tennis to go hunting to play computer games to go ice skating to read to go on a picnic to relax to go shopping to ride a bike to go rollerblading to ride a horse
  9. 9. Tell me about your favourite sport. My favourite sport is…………I play (every week,three times a week) I am in a teamWe play in a sports centre that is near my house.Every Saturday we play a match against another team.
  10. 10. What sports did you play last week? Last week I played …………
  11. 11. Did you watch any live sporting events last year?Yes, I watched a football match in the Real Madrid stadium.
  12. 12. Do you usually watch sporting events on tv? Yes, I usually watch football with my dad.
  13. 13. Are you a good soccer player? Basketball player? Baseball player? Rugby player? Tennis player? Yes, I usually play in a ____ team. No I am not into sports very much. I don t like playing sports.
  14. 14. Do you ever listen to matches on the radio?Yes I do. I prefer listening to the radio to watching the match on TV.No, I don t. I never listen to the radio.
  15. 15. How often do you go jogging?I jog every day for half an hour. I never go jogging.
  16. 16. Have you ever been to a soccer game? AnAmerican football game? A baseball game? Yes, I have. I went to a soccer game with my parents. No I haven t. I don t like sports. No, I have never been to a …
  17. 17. Have you ever tried snowboarding, skiing? Yes, I have. I went skiing/ snow boarding) once, twice… No, I have never tried snowboarding
  18. 18. For more:http://iteslj.org/questions/sports.html
  19. 19. Tell me about your hobbies. My hobbies are… I really like (reading and playingcomputer games)… I also enjoy (playing soccer).
  20. 20. What do you do in your free time?How do you spend your free time? I play…I also go…and I enjoy…
  21. 21. What do you usually do at the weekends? I usually… I sometimes…. I often… I like to… If I have time, I…
  22. 22. Do you have enough free time during the week?Do you have some free time during the day? Yes, I have. We have some play timehere in school and I also watch some TVprograms in the evenings and play sports.No I don t have enough free time during the week I am always very busy.
  23. 23. Do you like to watch movies?Yes, I do I like (Disney, action, cartoon) movies.
  24. 24. Who do you spend your free time with? I spend my free time with …my (friends, neighbours, cousins, pet)
  25. 25. What are you doing this weekend?On (Saturday/Sunday), I am going to visit my grandparents.Also, my father told me that we are going to the park on Sunday if the weather is nice.
  26. 26. Tell me about some good places to hang out in you city. I like going to…If you like shopping the best place to go is ____ You can t miss ____(park, lake).
  27. 27. Are you going to take up, start a new hobby? Yes, I’m going to start (collecting stamps)
  28. 28. For more:http://iteslj.org/questions/freetime.html