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3 tg4 - school and work


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Trinity GESE exam preparation

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3 tg4 - school and work

  1. 1. Work and School JobsAccountant Cook Journalist ReceptionistActor/Actress Dentist Judge SailorBaker Doctor Lawyer Sales assistantBarber Dustman Miner SalesmanBarman Electrician Nurse ScientistBricklayer Engineer Optician SecretaryBuilder Fireman Painter (artist) SingerButcher Fisherman Photographer SurgeonCarpenter Fishmonger Plumber TeacherCashier Flight attendant Policeman- VetChambermaid Gardener woman Waiter-waitressChef Hairdresser Politician WelderCleaner Housewife PorterClown Ironmonger Post/man-woman
  2. 2. Work and School People at schoolTeaching staff Non-teaching staffHeadmaster (Principal) Caretaker (Janitor)Deputy head (Head of Cooksstudies) CleanersSecretary SupervisorsTeachersLanguage assistants Students (pupils) Students´ Parents
  3. 3. Work and School Classroom Objectsblackboard floor picture wastebasketblinds folder poster windowBook game projectorBulletin board glue Hole punchcalendar hanger Rubber (eraser)ceiling light rubber bandchair map rulerchalk materials school bagcoat rack notebook scissorscurtains (drapes) paper clip staplerdesk paintbrush tabledustbin pen tapeenvelope pencil textbookeraser pencil sharpener wall
  4. 4. Work and School Places in the schoolAuditorium soccer fieldbus stop teachers roombasketball court toiletscanteen / the lunch roomclassroomcomputer roomCorridors/hallsgymnasium / gymkitchenlibrarymain gatemusic roomplaygroundprincipals office
  5. 5. Work and School Subjects Alternative to religion Arts and crafts English language Maths P.E. Religion Science Spanish language
  6. 6. Work and School ExamsA listening exam to repeat a year (toa multiple choice test retake the course)a written exam to revisean oral exam to sit/take an exammarks/gradesmemorizeTo be absentTo be home sickTo cheatTo failTo have holidaysto passto prepare for an exam
  7. 7. Do you Know who the (janitor, principal,head of studies, secretary) of the school is? Of course I know. He/she is… Her/his name is…
  8. 8. Do you live near your school? Yes, I do. No, I don t.I live just only three blocks away on …… street.
  9. 9. How do you get to school? I get to school:by car, by bus, by train, on foot.
  10. 10. What s your school s name? My school s name is _______.He was a very famous writer and a poetwho lived during the 20th century. He died a long time ago.
  11. 11. What class are you in? What grade are you in? What Trinity Exam are you taking? I m in 4(A/B) I m in 4th grade.I m taking the Trinity grade (4 or 5) exam.
  12. 12. How long does it take you to get to school?It takes me (five minutes, ten minutes,fifteen minutes, half an hour) to get to school.
  13. 13. How many students are in your class?There are ___ students in my class.
  14. 14. Where is your classroom?My classroom is on the (1st, 2nd/3rd)floor.
  15. 15. Who is your favorite teacher?My favourite teacher is____
  16. 16. What subject does he/she teach? (He/She) teaches… Science , Physical Education, Maths,Religion, Alternative to region, Spanish Language, Music, English, Arts and crafts.
  17. 17. What does she/he look like? He/she looks like… (He s/ She s) got ..... eyes and ..... hair. (He/She) is ..... and .....He s got blue eyes and short, straight and brown hair. He is tall and slim.
  18. 18. Tell me about your schoolIt has 5 buildings, 3 sport courts, a big gym, a canteen and a library. It s a bilingual school. There are more than 30 teachers and more than 300 students.
  19. 19. Where is the music classroom? The music classroom is in the mainbuilding on the first floor and on the right.
  20. 20. Tell me about a typical school day.I get up at…I have breakfast then I brush my teeth. I leave home at… I start lessons at… At 11:00 we have our (play time/ recess/break) The break lasts 30 minutes. Then, we have one more lesson until lunch time.After that, I go (home/ to the canteen) to have lunch. At 14:30 we start lessons again, because we have two more lessons in the afternoon Finally, I go home at 16:00.
  21. 21. Today, what was your first subject? Is it hard?It was maths. Yes, it is quite hard. No, it isn t because I like it.
  22. 22. Tomorrow, what will be your first subject? Is it hard? It will be ___. Yes, it is quite hard No, it isn t because I like it.
  23. 23. What subjects do you have on Monday mornings?We have … English, Spanish Language and Physical Education.
  24. 24. Which subjects do you like the most? Why? I like...because ___ I learn a lot of new things.And I like_____because I m very good at it/them and because It s interesting/fun.
  25. 25. Are you allowed to eat in the classrooms?No, we are not allowed to eat in theclassrooms because it s against the rules.
  26. 26. Do you enjoy studying English?Yes, I do. I really enjoy studying English. Not really. I don t like it very much because it is very difficult.
  27. 27. Which subjects are you good at? What are your strongest subjects?Which subjects are you not good at?Which subjects are difficult for you? I m very good at… My strongest subjects are… My forte is P.E. I am not very good at… Maths were never my forte
  28. 28. What classes do you not like? Why dont you like them?I don t like _____ because I am not very good at ___
  29. 29. Do you have any afternoon classes?Yes, I do. We have two more lessons in the afternoon and the we go home.
  30. 30. How many times have you been absent from school this year?I have been absent three times this year so far. I haven t been absent this year so far.
  31. 31. Have you ever been late for class? Yes, I have. (Yesterday/the day beforeyesterday/last week) I was 5 minutes late.
  32. 32. How much homework do you do every day? I do a lot of homework every day. I do just a little because I try to take advantage of my time in class.
  33. 33. Have you ever cheated on an exam? No, I have never cheated on an exam.Well, I cheated once but the teacher caught me. It was awful!
  34. 34. What does your mother/father do (for a living)? He/she is a … He/ she works in.....
  35. 35. Where does your mom/dad work? He/ she works.....
  36. 36. Does your mum/dad ever take work home?Yes, He/she always has to work at home. No, he/she never take work home.
  37. 37. Does your mum/dad have to work on weekends?Yes, sometimes he/she has to work on ……No he/she never works on the weekends.
  38. 38. How many days a week does your mum/dad work? He/she works (five) days a week.
  39. 39. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a… I d like to be a…
  40. 40. What are some jobs that you think would be boring/fun?I think being a ….would be very boring.
  41. 41. What is the job of a/an ______? They ……
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