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Sports go-play-do


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Published in: Education
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Sports go-play-do

  1. 1. SPORTS
  2. 2. Court Pitch
  3. 3. baseball basketball
  4. 4. gymnastics Horse riding
  5. 5. jogging Ice-skating
  6. 6. karate judo
  7. 7. squash badminton tennis
  8. 8. triathlon cycling swimming running
  9. 9. windsurfing surfing
  10. 10. skiing snowboarding
  11. 11. athletics hockey
  13. 13. We use PLAY with sports that use a court or a pitch PLAY baseball basketball badminton football rugby
  14. 14. We use GO with sports that end in _ING GO horse riding swimming jogging running cycling
  15. 15. We use DO with sports that DON`T end in _ing and DON`T use a court or a pitch DO athletics karate judo gymnastics triathlon
  16. 16. do go play baseball gymnastics horse riding ice-skating jogging judo karate squash triathlon volleyball windsurfing basketball badminton swimming athletics gymnastics judo karate triathlon horse riding jogging windsurfing swimming baseball squash volleyball basketball badmintonathletics Ice-skating
  17. 17. do playgo done playedgone I have done gymnastics many times He has gone cycling many times They have played tennis many times
  18. 18. Ask, answer questions, and make sentences Question Answer Sentence 1- Have you ever played hockey? Jamie: Yes, I have Mary: No, I haven`t Jamie has played hockey. Mary has never played hockey. 2- Have you ever gone horse riding? 3- Have you ever done athletics? 4- Have you ever played badminton? 5- Have you ever gone skiing? 6- Have you ever done karate?