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Linked in company page set up tips - tactics - pay offs


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Here are some helpful guidelines to prepare and publish your small business company page on LinkedIn. I include some tips, strategies and suggestions. Small business marketing strategies say you should take advantage of this free opportunity to help brand your business. You can also list and promote your products and services.

Courtesy of Michael Yublosky, hands on small business Web marketing strategist, SEO, LinkedIn specialist and WordPress Web site and blog publishing.

Brand yourself, increase your visibility and be found!

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  • Jeannette -

    Thanks. Email me the pixel dimensions required and I am sure I can photoshop something for you in a jiff.

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  • Michael -- excellent tutorial on company pages. My problem is finding an image for the header. My own website masthead and a number of stock images I tried to resize don't fit that awkward mandatory size. I was able to upload my logo which will a nice addition to my updates.
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Linked in company page set up tips - tactics - pay offs

  1. 1. Tips on Setting Up and Marketing Your LinkedIn Company Page by Michael L. Yublosky The “Web Professor” April 15, 2013 connect with me
  2. 2. Set Up Your Company Page
  3. 3. You Need The Following To Set Up A Company PageIn the Experience section of your profile you must list it as a current company (name must match).You need to have a company email address listed on your LinkedIn account.The companys email domain must be unique to the company (i.e. no strength Intermediate or All Star.Have several connections.
  4. 4. Profile Strength - Shown on Right Sidebarin “View Profile” Window Levels: Just beginning Intermediate Advanced Expert All Star
  5. 5. To Start
  6. 6. For Guidelines and Mechanics
  7. 7. Tips - Should Prepare Ahead of Timeand Avoid Publishing in Real Time as You Go.
  8. 8. Banner Image 646 x 220 pixelspng, jpg, gif – 2 Mb max
  9. 9. Also Need Small and Square Logos png, jpg, gif – 2 Mb max 100 x 60 pixels 50 x 50 pixels
  10. 10. Small Logo Appears in Employee ExperienceSquare in Network Updates
  11. 11. Character Limitations for Text Insertion FieldsCompany Name: 100 maximum characters.Description: 200 minimum and 1500 maximum characters.Specialties: 256 maximum characters.Website URL: 256 maximum characters.
  12. 12. Additional Company InformationUp to three separate locations.Up to three “Featured Groups” (group discussions)
  13. 13. Display Products & Services(Treat Each as a Landing Page)
  14. 14. Character Limitations for Text Insertion FieldsProduct or Service Name: 100 maximum characters.Description: 2,000 maximum characters.Features: 50 maximum characters.Disclaimer: 5,000 maximum characters.
  15. 15. Additional Product or Service InformationURL (Web address)Up to three Company contactsSpecial Promotional Offer (title, URL and descriptionYouTube video (title, URL and description
  16. 16. Publish Updates
  17. 17. Able to Send Updates to aSpecific Target Audience
  18. 18. Add Media Files (New) Pictures, Files, etc...
  19. 19. Post Careers, Jobs (Fee Based)
  20. 20. Over All Potential Benefits of Your Company PageEmployees spread your messageFollowers spread your messageMay appear in Google resultsProvide links to Web siteGenerate interest in products/servicesPublished recommendations
  21. 21. Suggested Types of Activity UpdatesCustomer recommendations and testimonials and link to a Web site page with additional or another review site.Promote upcoming webinars, workshops, classes or presentations.Share case studies and success stories.Highlight a blog post and provide a link.Showcase a relevant slide presentation.Promote a relevant video about your business.Drive traffic to a squeeze page to collect email addresses.Share other social media channels and posts.
  22. 22. Words of Advice:Check Out AND Compare to Your Competition – Use the Search Feature and Search for Your “Specialties”.Attract and Engage Followers.Seek out Recommendations.Add a Follow Button to Your Web Site and Email Signature.
  23. 23. Thank you!For assistance with your individual LinkedIn profile or company page: Contact me - Michael Yublosky at 847-634-6535with any questions.
  24. 24. Ask About My Free 23 CategoryLinkedIn Profile Evaluation -Brand Yourself,Become Visible, Be Found!