Changes to your linked in profile 2013


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A guide to help you understand and use the changes made to your LinkedIn profile in early 2013. Use these tool to more easily be found.,

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Changes to your linked in profile 2013

  1. 1. Changes to Your LinkedIn Personal Profile – 2013 by Michael L. Yublosky The “Web Professor” March 18, 2013 connect with me
  2. 2. New Streamlined, Modern Design Profile Highlight Box
  3. 3. Contact Information In Pull Down
  4. 4. Make It Easy To GetIn Touch With You! Email(s) Telephone Web Sites/ Pages
  5. 5. Request a Customized Address(URL) to Remove any Numbers
  6. 6. New Icons Introduced (in “Edit Profile” mode)Edit Add Rich Drag Media Files and Drop
  7. 7. Easier to Edit Profile
  8. 8. Activity – Anchored To TopBelow Profile Highlight Box with “Edit” Icon
  9. 9. Note: Being “Active” (Rather than Passive) on LinkedInEnhances you Chances of Being “Found” in Search Results
  10. 10. Add Your WordPress Blog Articles Automatically to Your Activity Section with Free Jetpack Plugin
  11. 11. Drag and Drop Tool to Position Certain Sections Where You Wish on Your Profile
  12. 12. Sample
  13. 13. Former Applications Integrated into Summary Section (if you used prior) Slideshare (i.e. PowerPoints) Portfolio Display (Graphic Arts)
  14. 14. Experience (Drag and Drop If You Have More Than One Current)
  15. 15. Additional Sections Can Drag and Dropi.e. Projects, Publications, VolunteerExperience and Causes, etc.Education,Additional Information,Honors and Awards,Organizations
  16. 16. Also Drag and DropWithin Certain Sections
  17. 17. Recommendations
  18. 18. Adding Rich Media Files
  19. 19. Documents, audio files, images, presentations, other (i.e. Kickstarter) and videos may be added to: Summary Experience (individual) Education (individual)
  20. 20. Presents a Challenge to Most No Direct Upload Need a URL (Internet address)
  21. 21. Three Ways to Secure a URL For Rich Media Files1. Get an Account on a Web Based (Content Provider) Platform: i.e. Box.Net, SlideShare, YouTube, etc.2. Add to your Web site host server via upload or FTP3. Start a Free Web site/blog and upload to media library
  22. 22. LinkedIn Wants You To EXPAND Your Network
  23. 23. More Information toMake Connections
  24. 24. Anchored to the Bottom of Your Profile
  25. 25. LinkedIns Tool To Help You Share Information
  26. 26. Other Applications or Features Lost or Changed Events (gone 11/26/12) Polls (Moved to Groups) Questions and Answers (gone 1/31/13)Tagging Connections is no longer available on right sidebar
  27. 27. Free Company Pages Enhanced
  28. 28. New Banner Image Size 46 x 220 pixels
  29. 29. Able To Feature Groups
  30. 30. Display Products & Services
  31. 31. Add Link to Web Site and Video
  32. 32. Publish Updates
  33. 33. Add Media Files (New)
  34. 34. Post Jobs, Careers (for a fee)
  35. 35. Thank you!For individual or group assistance with being found on LinkedIn, contact me - Michael Yublosky at 847-634-6535 with your questions.
  36. 36. Free Do It Yourself 22 CategoryLinkedIn Profile Evaluation. Using It Can Help You Be Found!