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Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone: Restore Lost Messages, Contacts, Photos, etc.


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Accidentally deleted important messages, contacts, call list, photos, videos and voice memos from Android phone? Don't panic! Follow the guide here and you'll be able to recover deleted data from Android phone quickly.

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Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone: Restore Lost Messages, Contacts, Photos, etc.

  1. 1. All rights reserved— to Recover Deleted Data/Files from AndroidPhone?Android phone is the joint name for any smart phones that use Android as operatingsystem, such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony and more. Android is becoming more andmore popular for its openness and rich features. However, the problem of data loss onAndroid is also becoming more and more common. Virus attack, system format, softwaremalfunction, mistaken human deletion, etc., all can cause the data loss issue.Do you want to recover deleted data from Android phone? In this article, we are going torecommend you the best Android phone data recovery - iPubsoft Data Recovery, whichis one of the most useful tools for you to restore deleted files from Android phone andother Android devices. With this marvelous software, you can get back messages,contacts, call history, videos, audio, photos and more from Android phone without qualityloss.Tips: iPubsoft Data Recovery for Mac is here to help you recover deleted data fromAndroid phone on Mac OS X.Note: If you plan to retrieve lost data from Android phone, stop using it to prevent the lostdata from being overwritten by new data.
  2. 2. All rights reserved— You Restore Deleted Files from Android Phone Step by StepStep 1: Connect your Android phone to the computerConnect your Samsung, Sony, Motorola or other Android phone to the computer, launchthe program and youll get the interface as follow. You Android phone will be detectedand displayed in the program interface.Step 2: Scan your Android deviceClick the "Scan" button to perform the scanning for the deleted files. The quick scan willonly consume you a few seconds. After that, all found files will be listed here. You canpreview them and choose the files that you want to recover.Step 3: Check your desired files and begin to recoverAfter you preview the found files one by one and make sure which one you want, you canmark the data you need and then click the big button of "Recover" to get them back.We advise you to find another place such as your computer or other external disk to savethe recovered files instead of the original place, for safety reasons.Download Android Phone Data Recovery Free Trial Version >>Download Android Photo Data Recovery for Mac Free Trial Version >>
  3. 3. All rights reserved— More:Pen Drive Data Recovery - Restore Lost Files from Pen DriveHow to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive