Christmas - Merry Christmas to all


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For all friends in the world, here is the English version of "Christmas"

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Christmas - Merry Christmas to all

  1. 1. A Christmas reflection Merry Christmas from Guglielmo Imbimbo and the memoris Team
  2. 2. Every time two people forgive each other, it is Christmas.
  3. 3. Every time you show understanding for your children, it is Christmas.
  4. 4. Every time you help one person, it is Christmas.
  5. 5. Every time you decide to live honestly, it is Christmas.
  6. 6. Each time a child is born, it is Christmas.
  7. 7. Every time you decide to give your life a meaning,   it is Christmas.
  8. 8. Every time you seed positive thoughts in your mind, it is Christmas.
  9. 9. Every time you decide to look optimistically into the future, it is Christmas.
  10. 10. Every time you look at each other with the eyes of the heart, with a smile on your lips, it is Christmas.
  11. 11. practical education that inspires Mail: Web: Tel: +41 62 849 71 60 Merry Christmas