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Mattress : Melbourne Furniture Australia


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Comes with continuous spring or open coil spring systems with low point elasticity to provide all the support to have a restful sleep. High density, high tensile and thick layer of high density natural latex

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Mattress : Melbourne Furniture Australia

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Comprises of pin core latex with superior quality inner shell and the Bonnell springs to provide all the support to have a restful sleep. -Thick Layer of High Density Natural Latex -High density Rubberized Coir Sheet as support Layer - HighTensile, Pocketed Springs made on Swiss Machines
  3. 3.  For Better sleep, we made nature's finest mattress with pure and natural latex.  It is exceptionally resilient and reduces pressure points.  cooler in summer & warmer in winter
  4. 4.  Comprising of Latex support and comfort at an incredible price with Euro top layer and High density Foam. KEY FEATURES: -Comfy Cool Soft and Breathable Cover -Hypo Allergenic & Dust Mite Resistant -Australian Seller & Australian Stock
  5. 5.  Spring mattresses are considered the support part of mattresses and the pillow top comprises of polyester, memory foam and latex, wool etc which gives a super soft layer to give sink feeling to the mattress.
  6. 6.  Memory sleep system products are mostly designed with Bonnell springs to provide all the support to have a restful sleep and give your body the perfect night's rest.
  7. 7.  It is made of high density foam. The pocket spring mattresses comes with pillow top with latex support layer.  No turn technology used.  Luxurious mattresses  Hypo-allergenic material
  8. 8.  We have large collection of pillow top mattresses with Bonenell spring. Polyester, latex, and spring gives the support and comfortable night’s sleep
  9. 9.  Easy to assemble and comes in flat packs for easy transportation. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  Product Dimension (WxLxH) :  Double: 137x187x26 cm, Queen: 153x203x26 cm, King: 183x203x26cm  Box Dimension (WxHxL) :  Double: 200x27x27 cm, Queen: 200x27x27 cm, King: 200x27x27cm  Product Weight (kg) : Double-30, Queen-43, King-49  Packaging type :Vacuum Roll Packed
  10. 10.  Thick bed mattresses with high density spring to go with any kind of bed frame and individual pocket spring support.  Comfort Layer  ONE Sided Mattress.  Quality Damask Fabric Cover.  Needled Felt Pads  Quilted High Density foam layer.  Taped Edge Finish.
  11. 11. Melbournians furniture has a mattresses sale everyday in Melbourne.We have high range of mattress sizes and cheap prizes to suit your needs. Browse your collection and buy online today.
  12. 12. You will get everything on for home decor like Bed Frames, Dining and Kitchen sets as Dining chairs and Dining tables, Lounges and Sofa Beds. We provide Living room furniture's as well, CoffeeTables, TV Units,CornerTables etc
  13. 13. Melbournians furniture has a Bed frame, sofa, chair sale in Melbourne. We have high range of mattress size, comfortable beds, high quality sofas and cheap prizes to suit your needs. Browse your collection and buy online today.
  14. 14. 1.Dandenong Showroom:110-112 Frankston-Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South. Contact No:03 9794 5383 Open 7 Days, 10am-5pm 2. Reservoir Showroom 679-681 Plenty Road,Reservoir. 3073 Contact No:03 9471 1523 10am-5pm Open All 7 Days