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Yoga for Back Pain


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Surgeries to cure chronic back pain include spinal fusion surgery, facet thermal ablation, and spinal fusion. However, yoga is a solution that can not only cure acute back pain by strengthening one's muscles, but stretching out tight muscles in the back that can eventually lead to chronic back pain.

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Yoga for Back Pain

  1. 1. BACK PAIN RELIEF Acute and ChronicImage: Ambro & digitalart /
  2. 2. Back pain is common. With over 50% of Americans suffering from back pains, it has become the second most common reason for working people to visit a doctor. Each year more than $50 billion is spent on back related health care issues with many cases undocumented or untreated. Often this is caused by work and sport related stress, rather than genetics. Practicing yoga regularly can prevent injury, day-to-day back pains, and possibly the need for surgery.Image: Ohmega1982 /
  3. 3. Acute vs. chronic back pains. Back Pain Treatment can depend on the level and source of the pain. Acute back pain is pain that occurs only for a brief period of time. Generally speaking, this pain can be self-managed through over-the-counter medicine and through exercises that stretch and strengthen back muscles. Chronic back pain is pain that lasts for an extended period of time, usually beyond a few months. When this occurs, a doctor should be consulted and problems such as cervical stenosis will require surgery.Image: Ambro /
  4. 4. Yoga for acute back pain. Yoga for Back Pain can help strengthen back muscles and alleviate acute pain caused by tight muscles. By loosening the muscles, one can significantly reduce the chances of injury, aches, and other acute back pain. Bridge Pose It is recommended that each pose be held for at least 10 seconds for maximum effect. As one becomes more advanced, longer poses should be held. Many of the poses can be difficult for Fish Pose beginners and if discomfort is felt, the exercise should end. It is important to remember to listen to your body and know its limits. Overtime the body will get stronger and be able to adjust to the poses shown here. Locust PoseImage Source:
  5. 5. Yoga for acute back pains. Fire Log Pose Half Lord of the Fishes Pose Upward Bow or Wheel Pose Cat Pose Camel Pose Bow PoseImage Source:
  6. 6. More poses for acute pain. Extended Triangle Pose Warrior II Pose Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose Plow Pose Reclining Big Toe Pose Sphinx PoseImage Source:
  7. 7. Chronic back pain. Cervical spinal stenosis is a type of chronic back pain that can require surgery. It is a rare narrowing of the spinal canal and can appear in any region of the spine. When the spinal canal is narrow, this causes pressure to the spinal cord and extreme discomfort to one’s back. Some patients are born with a spine that narrows, however most cases appear as patients reach the age of 50. This is often caused by continuous stress to the back, or previous injuries to the neck.Image Source:
  8. 8. Surgeries for back pain. Below are common surgeries to relieve back pain. Foraminotomy This operation is used to relieve pressure on the nerves caused by the intervertebral foramen, or the portion of the vertebra where the nerve root exits the spinal canal. It can be done through traditional open back methods or an endoscopic procedure. Laminectomy This is performed when removing the lamina, a plate along the vertebra that covers the spinal canal. The procedure aims to widen the spinal canal to allow more room for the nerves to pass. It is ideal for patients who have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis or a herniated disc in the lower back or neck. Laminotomy A laminotomy is a milder version of a laminectomy where only a portion of the lamina is removed. While it treats the same conditions as a laminectomy, a laminotomy is less invasive and comes with a faster recovery time.Image: jannoon028 & taoty /
  9. 9. More surgeries for back pain. Spinal fusion This surgery is used to increase the strength of the spine and repair broken spinal vertebrae. By fusing vertebrae, persistent lower back pains are relieved and weak spines can be stabilized. Endoscopic discectomy This non-aggressive procedure aims to eradicate herniated discs by removing pain nerves with a lThis aser. Facet thermal ablation Like endoscopic discectomy, this process uses a laser. It will remove the cartilage that encompasses the joints to eliminate pressure from the pain nerves to reduce discomfort.Image: jannoon028 & jscreationzs /
  10. 10. Prevention. Although surgery is effective, it is not hard to take preventative measures to avoid. Medical professionals believe that cervical spinal stenosis can be battled through regular aerobics, neck stretches, and core exercises. Yoga provides this option. If yoga is practiced regularly, core muscles can be strengthened to support the spine and surgeries may be avoided.Image: Ambro /
  11. 11. Back pain can be cured.Image: Ambro & digitalart /