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Google Glass Prototype Makes Impressive Debut


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Google Glass Prototype Makes Impressive Debut

  1. 1. Google Glass Prototype Makes Impressive DebutGoogle made history last week by finally unveiling the first official prototype to come off its ProjectGlass R&D program at the recently concluded Google I/O conference. The prototype headwear, dubbedthe Google Glass Explorer Edition, is a realization of the company’s dream to bring augmented reality (orAR) to the mainstream market. Source:TechnGoBlog
  2. 2. For those not in the know, AR is the application of visually interactive computer technology in tandemwith a real-world surrounding. Simply stated, it’s visible HUDs and controllable user interfacessuperimposed on an actual environment via transparent screen. Possibly in the future, these interfacescould even become autosteroscopic 3D, eliminating the need for screens. These sound like somethingright out of science fiction; and until very recently, they were. If you’ve ever seen the Tom Cruise vehicleMinority Report, then you have an idea of how AR looks and functions; or at least, how it would look andfunction if development continues. In the movie, the police department’s PreCrime Division was privy tosoon-to-be-crimes using a computer that could be manipulated seemingly by hand gestures alone on ahuge transparent screen panel. It would seem that director Steven Spielberg was on to something there,introducing a very possible future-tech that – maybe unbeknownst to him at the time (or was it?) –would be seeing real-world fruition sooner than expected. Source:TechnGoBlog
  3. 3. While the Google Glass is nowhere near such sophistication, it is still a pretty nifty device all thesame. Weighing in at less than most sunglasses, the Glass has a titanium frame, giving itoptimum lightness and comfort. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, being that Googleemployee, Isabelle Olsson used to be an eyewear designer. It also has a touch panel at the sideto control it with, and a button at the top for shooting photos and videos that works much likea webcam button does.Gadget specs are still undisclosed. What’s known is that the device has a camera installed, aspeaker, a microphone, some radio channels used for data communication, and an internalgyroscope to indicate a user’s position and orientation.Right now, the Glass’s functions are limited to Google+ hangouts access, video playback, phototaking and video recording, and file sharing. While seemingly not much, expect furtherdevelopment to include the functionality of present day portable gadgets; and maybe evenmore. For all we know, AR glasses could become everyday necessities in the future, much likecellphones.The tech is still unavailable for the moment, even if you pay an arm, a leg, and a usedBlackBerryfor it. The prototype is only available to software developers able to attend GoogleI/O; and even then, it would set them back a cool $1500 apiece, deliverable by early 2013. Therest of us in the mainstream market will just have to wait a bit longer. Source:TechnGoBlog
  4. 4. This release is exciting news indeed, not just for Google, but for the technoverse as a whole.What once was just a mere flight of fancy is now seeing itself become reality, and I, for one,can’t wait to see what the near-future will bring.Posted by Megan Cunningham in Tech NewsTagged: AR glasses, Google Glass, Google I/O conference, Google+, Isabelle Olsson, usedblackberry Source:TechnGoBlog