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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Bored By Isabella Downe 2014 Fine Arts College Hampstead
  2. 2. INT. KITCHEN. LATE AFTERNOON A young woman with dark, brown, wavey hair is turning on a tap in a reasonably sized, clean and tidy kitchen. She is wearing crocs sandles, dark trousers, short sleeved top and a dirty, unwashed white apron. Her face is pasty white and she has dark circles underneath her eyes, To the left of the kitchen sink there are chipped, red saucepans, without lids are bubbling away on a gas stove. The woman washes her hands which have blood undereneath the finger nails and on the cuticles. She then dries hands with a dirty tea towel. We see a tray containing a corkscrew, knife, scissors, garlic press The woman begins walking towards the pans and inspects the contents of them. she seems to be satisfied with them. A bloody, steel, kitcken knife is accidently knocked off the side, splaterring blood onto the white cupboards. Mollie picks up the knife from a black and white plastic floor that is now splattered with blood, as well as the cupboards. She picks up a cloth and begins to wipe the cupboards clean while still holding the knife. The doorbell chimes We see a hall with a heavy, white, Door with stained glass window Mollie reacts to the doorbell and is shocked, stands with the knife in hand