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Mark Curtis & Debra Birnbaum


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Mark Curtis & Debra Birnbaum

  1. 1. TV Guide Magazine
  2. 2. IntroductionPresident, Editor-In-Chief Founder & CEO TV Guide Magazine enter:new media @TVGMDebra @mcproject2600
  3. 3. Focus of Presentation Can you win the engagement war... – with the fewest fans? – without creating applications? – without prizes, contests or sweepstakes? – without a media budget? Spoiler Alert: The Answer Is Yes. Focus on Wall-Based Engagement Centered On Key Passion Points Discovered Through Content Analysis
  4. 4. Social Situation OverviewJuly 1, 2012• Fans: 83,000• Content: Breaking News, Promote Magazine Content• Mission: Win the engagement battle, Drive To Magazine
  5. 5. Competitive Set Fan Count
  6. 6. Previous Month of Engagement In June, TV Guide Magazine’s ERA was high on a per fan bases, but low in total scale.
  7. 7. Previous Month of Engagement TV Guide Magazine Ranks 5th in terms of Total ERA
  8. 8. Our Mission: Rock July • No major new shows to premiere • Olympics aren’t until the end of the month • Biggest entertainment event = Batman Movie
  9. 9. July Facebook Advertising Budget
  10. 10. Our Ace In The Hole
  11. 11. What To Do? How do we parlay the TVGM presence into a Facebook homerun? Where to turn? • Apps? • Website? • Advertising? • Content?
  12. 12. Content Insights• Optimization Process = Tagging (for both historical and competitive)• Uncover Fan Passion and Play To Them• Audience Loves To Declare Their Love For Their Favorite Show• eg. Save Our Show, Fan Favorites (both apps)
  13. 13. Challenge How Do We Extend A Competition To The Wall?
  14. 14. Challenge How Do We Extend A Competition Beyond The Week of The Event?
  15. 15. What Happened: Week of Comic- Con Best performing posts- Behind the Scenes *Most engaging post of the month
  16. 16. Plan of Action Phase 2 Plan: After the event, we created a photo tournament so fans could vote for their favorite photos on the wall. Semi-Finals Finals
  17. 17. Plan of Action And the winner is… Best performing post of competition
  18. 18. July Engagement TV Guide Magazine Ranks 1st in terms of Total ERA
  19. 19. July EngagementTVGM’s Total ERA Increased by 1,196% from June to July
  20. 20. Post-September Engagement &Growth• Cheers & Jeers App• Fan of the Week App• “What Are You Watching Tonight?” Posts• Fan Favorites Campaign increased fan base by 120% since October 5th.