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  • 比特币基金会版本
  • 根据《2014星河湾胡润全球富豪榜》
  • Yuan Bao Presentation

    1. 1. YUAN BAO First Chinese Crypto Currency
    2. 2. Brief Introduction Launched at June 29th, 2013 Volume: 1.6 million Current Market Cap: 1.8 million USD Daily Trading Volume: 150,000 Trading Markets: 4 Markets Top 1 Chinese Crypto Currency, Top 20 in the world
    3. 3. Market Strategy Born Chinese, facing Asia market Entrepreneur support and eco-system building Charity and Public welfare
    4. 4. Highlight Points First and only successful Chinese crypto currency Open source, no premining POS+POW double safety guarantee One minute per block, faster confirmation Scrypt-Jane Algorithm facing CPU/GPU miner, ASIC proof and 60% energy saving. Successor for Litecoin. Special interest mechanism, balance the interest between investors, miners and developers.
    5. 5. International Coin YBCoin offers simplified Chinese, English and Korean, will soon increase traditional Chinese, and Japanese, cover the whole Asia region. YBCoin has founded Hong Kong company, official trading platform has been moved to HK, will landing in Japan, Korea market soon. YBCoin is now trading on Cryptsy.com, will looking for chance to
    6. 6. POW & POS POW:Proof-of-work,reward miners for computing power POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POS:Proof-of-Stake,reward users for coin age POW POW POW POS POW POW POW POS POW POW POW POW POW
    7. 7. Scrypt-Jane RAM consumption increase with time, ASIC proof algorithm 66% less power consumption than Litecoin
    8. 8. YBEX.CO Crow funding and Digital Asset Trading
    9. 9. Crypto Capital Market Current bitcoin capital market is risky and has no reliable system exist. Example: BTCT (Shutdown) Bitfunder (Shutdown) MPEX (Close) Havelock Reason: No trust 3rd party No connection between investor and the property Legal risk for trading platform
    10. 10. YBEX.CO: Digital Asset Trading Platform More than 50 projects online today and successfully funded 7 projects
    11. 11. Build a Trustworthy System Crow Funding: Personal information record and video announcement (keep confidential unless bad thins happened) Trading Fund: 3rd Party control the trading account, ensure the safety of fund Virtual IPO: 3rd Party holding shares and represent share holders interest, using 2nd Generation Coin to public asset
    12. 12. Digital Asset Trust Structure Property Owner Property Digital Contract CA Certificate Legal Documents 3rd PartyYBEX.CO Revenue TimestampInvestor Funding
    13. 13. Charity and Public Welfare We hope crypto currency can help more people
    14. 14. Distribution by people’s good behavior rather than mining Proof of Contribution
    15. 15. 捐赠者 Donors 数字公益 基金会 Crypto Charity Foundation 公益组织 NGO 现金/物资/公益币捐赠 Money/Goods/Coins Donation 公益币奖励 POC 爱心市场 Love Market 物资捐赠 Goods Donation 被捐助者 People Needs Help兑换所需物资 Exchange for donated goods 慈善流转 Charity Circulation
    16. 16. Thanks! For more information, please visit ybcoin.com or contact dengdi@yuanbao.com