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Day2 1030 kostarev_social games opportunity


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Day2 1030 kostarev_social games opportunity

  1. 1. The Social Games Opportunityin Europe and Russia Alexey Kostarev, co-Founder and CEO
  2. 2. Social Games Axiom: Large LargeAudience Profits
  3. 3. Social Games Axiom #2: Small SmallAudience Profits
  4. 4. Facebook?One can earn big moneyon Facebook if ready forcompetition and hugeinvestments.
  5. 5. Good news:one can avoida ‘sanguinary’competitive warLOCAL MARKETS
  6. 6. Russian social games market 100% per year!* Source: GP Bullhound
  7. 7. In almost every region, local networks are meaningful sizeVznet NK MoyMir20M 20M 30M VKontakteOK 80M Orkut60M 50M
  8. 8. MAU of all main European networks in compare withFacebook
  9. 9. Europe and Russia: Population: ~1 billion people; 40 main social networks – 200 mln users; Facebook audience: 170 mln users.
  10. 10. Social networks in Europe and Russia Open Half-closed mostly Closed
  11. 11. Open social networks open API description; open and unified financial conditions; low quality requirements; few requirements to technical support.
  12. 12. Half-closed social networks open API description; standard financial conditions; contract; applications are checked more thoroughly; technical support in the users’ language 17M 2.5M 4M 1M
  13. 13. Closed social networks API description – only for trusted partners; individual agreements; very high quality requirements, compulsory beta-testing; many technical support requirements (only in the users’ language). 70M 21M 12M
  14. 14. Own funds Publisher• Full control of revenue and game • No worries and significant performance on the network expenses for the game launch• Publisher’s experience and performance on the network • Sharing revenue
  15. 15. Every time you spend money on Solo developers publish their ownhosting, changing API, and technical games onsupport. And costs are growing with 2 social networks or lessevery new social network
  16. 16. Benefits of cooperation with professional publishers in Europe and Russia: larger users’ payments; fast traffic growth; fast distribution; optimization of monetization schemes; no expenses .
  17. 17. Sources:AppData - http://www.appdata.comAppData - http://www.appdata.ruCompete - http://siteanalytics.compete.comCrunchbase - http://www.crunchbase.comDoubleClick Ad Planner | Google - - http://www.facebakers.comQuantcast - http://www.quantcast.comi-Jet Media analytic reports
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention! iJetMedia