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Maritz Canada SCENE Case Study

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Mci scene case study

  1. 1. SCENE ® LOYALTY PROGRAM CASE STUDY© 2012 Maritz Canada Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Combine relevant, strategic, digital abilities with deep consumer insights to build innovative digital communications.© 2012 Maritz Canada Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. SCENE® is the first and only entertainment loyalty program in Canada. It is a unique partnership between Sco abank and Cineplex Entertainment, and has grown into one of Canada’s largest loyalty programs. WHERE DID WE START? Cineplex had no visibility into who its customers were and wanted to get a full view of them. Sco abank lacked a strategy to acquire young bank customers. Sco abank and Cineplex Entertainment formed a partnership to create SCENE, an entertainment loyalty program. SCENE allows entertainment lovers to earn points by presen ng their SCENE card to purchase Cineplex movie ckets, as well as by opening a Sco abank bank account or acquiring a Sco abank SCENE VISA card. Members can redeem points for entertainment rewards, such as movies, music, and restaurant gi cards, par cipate in exclusive contests, and also qualify for a 10% discount on all concession purchases. CLIENT OBJECTIVES Cineplex Entertainment’s objec ve was to iden fy theater patrons, develop and grow a customer database for tailored marke ng, generate revenue and influence movie-going behavior. Studies conducted by the Maritz Research team show that 63% of Canadians aged 12 to 49 go to the movies at least once a month. Sco abank was interested in the loyalty ini a ve as a means to a ract new bank customers and deepen rela onships with exis ng customers, especially those in the 14- to 44-years-of-age market segments, to promote its brand and increase profits. Its goal was to focus on increasing day-to-day accounts and new VISA customers, par cularly in the student “first card in my wallet” market. PROGRAM GOALS The SCENE program objec ves shi ed from an emphasis on enrollment/acquisi on at the end of the first year of opera on to a focus on ac vity and purchase frequency. In 2009, one of the key priori es for SCENE was Member Engagement (i.e., ensuring that members were ac vely par cipa ng with the program). More specifically, engagement was defined primarily as earning and/or redeeming points at Cineplex theaters, as well as using the Sco abank VISA or Sco abank products.© 2012 Maritz Canada Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. OUR APPROACHThe evolu on of the loyalty strategy was to deliver dynamic and real- memessages by email, the content of which was driven dynamically by a member’sindividual recency and frequency of engagement with the program. Theseengagement prompts were triggered emails that either tailored offers specific tolatency or reinforced frequency. The objec ves were to acknowledge and rewardgood behavior and re-kindle behavior to help s mulate engagement. MemberEngagement communica ons were enabled by three key elements:
  5. 5. 1.Adap ve Loyalty Marke ng Engine and targe ng algorithms — by leveraging thispowerful communica on engine, Maritz’ Adap ve Loyalty Marke ng Pla orm, wewere able to develop and deliver triggered real- me one-to-one communica onsin accordance with member behavior data and member preferences. The pla ormmonitors member behavior data in real me with triggered email messagesdeployed to members according to a complex set of business rules and targe ngparameters (including demographics, member value, points balance, recencyof ac vity, etc.), and content priority matrices — all aligned and relevant to themember’s individual lifecycle stage.
  6. 6. 2.Segmenta on Model — we created and refined a customer segmenta on modelto measure the extent to which members are engaged with each of the coreelements of the SCENE program value proposi on. Nine engagement segmentsemerged, the insights from which improved targe ng and customiza on of membercommunica ons, specifically with the objec ves of driving member ac vityacross movie-going frequency, concession spend and payment card usage. Thesegmenta on model directed an increased focus on the “Bankers” and “Movie Buff ”segments to drive further program engagement, while ensuring reten on of themost highly engaged segment. SCOTIA3.Op mized Bonus Offers — mul ple champion-challenger tests were implementedto iden fy the op mal bonus amount and structure for each member segment.Rigorous control-group methodology was implemented to ensure li and ROI couldaccurately be measured.
  7. 7. RESULTS: ACQUISITION & MEMBERSHIP Through strong segmenta on strategies and cluster modeling that informed highly targeted campaigning, SCENE has substan ally exceeded its 3-year member acquisi on goal. The successful program design has resulted in SCENE experiencing a significant year-over-year growth in enrollment, which currently sits at over 3 million members. RESULTS & ENGAGEMENT STATISTICS Since the incep on of the program, SCENE has issued an extensive number of points, with an impressive percentage of those points issued in the last 12 months alone. Similarly, a substan al number of points have been redeemed through the program to date, with a solid por on of those redemp ons occurring in the same last 12-month period. As a testament to the success of the program, SCENE has realized significant increases year over year in the following areas: • Average yearly customer visits • Annual concession spend • Customer ac vity (earn and burn point transac ons) • Customer Communica ons (engagement emails) • Click-through rates on targeted vs. mass emails In a 2011 Na onal Research Study of 6,000 Canadians, SCENE was iden fied as the top-performing retail loyalty program in Canada on the following a ributes: • Freshness of program • Frequency of communica ons • Ability to reach desired rewards • Ease of redeeming for rewards • Quality of rewards • Number of ways points can be obtained Sco abank has exceeded their business plan objec ves. Bank customers with SCENE products have significantly less a ri on, more bank products per customer and higher spend. Cineplex has also exceeded their goals, acquiring a strong understanding of their customers, and driving frequency and concession purchases.© 2012 Maritz Canada Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. This is yourGrandfather’s brand of loyalty. LIKE HE NEVER IMAGINED That personal rela onship that felt real and authen c in every interac on is what characterized the first rela onship between a business owner and a truly valued customer. It’s the founda on of a life-long commitment that lived up to the expecta ons of each gree ng, conversa on and par ng saluta on — un l next me. A true recogni on of the way people relate to one another as human beings — not just as customers — is s ll the fodder for loyalty today. The company we keep will always say a lot about who we are. Now, more than ever, we need that bond pronounced in the brands and businesses we choose to deal with. With progressive strategies, enabled by de ly capable technology and a sensi ve approach to communica ons, we can build a rela onship your Grandfather would be proud of. This is the new loyalty, the next genera on of rela onship.
  9. 9. About Maritz Canada Inc. Maritz Canada Inc., based in Toronto, ON, specializes in true loyaltysm marketing through the design and delivery of Loyalty, Engagement Marketing and Customer Experience solutions. By understanding, enabling and motivating our clients’ employees, channel partners, customers and consumers, Maritz Canada drives business performances for its clients through the integration of Loyalty, Learning, Insights & Analytics, Research, Creative, Event, Incentives and Digital disciplines. Maritz Canada Inc. has been operating in Canada since 1980 with over 400 employees and is wholly owned by Maritz Inc., which is based in St. Louis, Missouri. 8/12© 2012 MCI. All Rights Reserved. SCENE is a registered trademark of SCENE IP LP.